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Prevention and treatment of severe acute malnutrition

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Question Vaccination recording310jitendra yadaV18 May 2017
Discussion Percentage of oedematous SAM in South Asia792Preethi NR15 May 2017
Discussion Use of term : Protein Energy Malnutrition?1104mija ververs13 May 2017
Question Screening with referral for SAM but without referral for MAM? 650Anonymous 367710 May 2017
Discussion Average length of stay in Stabilization Center1513Njeri Waigwa3 May 2017
Discussion Call for Data for SAM Incidence study- Deadline Extended to 30 April 20171571Louise Mwirigi20 Apr 2017
Discussion antipyretics for children with SAM?2485Indi Trehan8 Apr 2017
Discussion Provision of monthly RUTF in hard to reach areas2525Anonymous 38358 Apr 2017
Discussion Routine antibiotics in SAM children1844Neha4 Apr 2017
Question Launch of a global research prioritisation exercise for acute malnutrition1320Tamsin Walters3 Apr 2017
Discussion use of lactose free formula milk in F-752243Saba Shahid24 Mar 2017
Discussion Getting RUTF on the WHO list of Essential medicines - Call to sign a letter of support - repost1,44024Sonja Read2 Feb 2017
Closed Getting RUTF on the WHO list of Essential medicines - Call to sign a letter of support3172Sonja Read2 Feb 2017
Discussion Micronutrients for SAM cases4005shima mansor 19 Jan 2017
Discussion Can F-100 been given at home?3792Anonymous 30689 Jan 2017
Question Utilization of F 100 and F 75 Therapeutic Milk to Malnourished Pregnant and Lactating Women 3590Dr Muhammad Nasir20 Dec 2016
Discussion Vitamin A for SAM Children4742Anonymous 13108 Dec 2016
Discussion DEWORMING IN SAM CASES5876Anonymous 40911 Dec 2016
Discussion nutrition assessement3922Asha Abdullahi28 Nov 2016
Discussion Where is MUAC used as the only admission criteria for SAM treatment programmes?4593Natalie Sessions24 Nov 2016
Discussion New article on prevalence, incidence, and caseload of SAM9962Mark Myatt23 Nov 2016
Question Biomarkers for Acute MN3450Hatty Barthorp8 Nov 2016
Question Affect of untreated MAM on SAM3540Ahmad Nawid7 Nov 2016
Discussion Do you know where CHWs are conducting SAM treatment at a community level? Do you have any relevant resources that you can share? 65211Natalie Sessions3 Nov 2016
Discussion Protocol for use of 'Ready to Use Therapeutic Food' (RUTF) for SAM children5704Ajay Ciciliya2 Nov 2016
Discussion MUAC and WHZ and mortality.4614Mark Myatt31 Oct 2016
Discussion RUTF/RUSF dose per child6094Nitsuh Fikir27 Oct 2016
Question Low mid-upper arm circumference identifies children with a high risk of death who should be the priority target for treatment3820André BRIEND22 Oct 2016
Discussion Performance Indicators for SAM OTP with no SFP program5223Anonymous 237112 Oct 2016
Discussion How long to continue RUTF for SAM children enrolled in OTP?5565Neha12 Oct 2016
Discussion Improving Quality in IPC management of Malnutrition5372Naapong Kuuberme Edward2 Oct 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update4190Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Discussion Prepartion of ReSoMal when there is no CMV5787Agnes Aongola30 Sep 2016
Discussion Vitamin A supplementation4691Rain-bow26 Sep 2016
Question Inclusion of non- foods causes of malnutrition in CMAM programming4490Naapong Kuuberme Edward25 Sep 2016
Discussion Recommendations for limiting the recurrence of malnutrition in Africa ?7648Anonymous 389221 Sep 2016
Discussion Information / references about SAM 2 strategy5542Anonymous 338420 Sep 2016
Discussion Research areas for CMAM6907Robert Bob Kawonga9 Sep 2016
Discussion Mother's using MUAC : Results of a large-scale trial5972Mark Myatt6 Sep 2016
Discussion Any available studies on refugee population5331Alexander2 Sep 2016
Discussion ChroSAM study - how can we better support malnourished children to Thrive as well as Survive?7941Dr Marko Kerac27 Jul 2016
Question ALIMA's guidelines for implementing Mother MUAC/PB meres5250Kevin PHELAN26 Jul 2016
Discussion Quarterly distribution plan of RUTF, F100, F75 and ReSoMal6401Moses Cowan21 Jul 2016
Discussion Investigation period necessary for researching effect of sharing in MAM/SAM programming: Senegal6412Eric S. Anderson12 Jul 2016
Discussion We are Working Against "Default Definition, Aren't we?7283Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed21 Jun 2016
Discussion Treatment of SAM with complications using diluted plumpy nut instead of F75 and F100.7383Anonymous 377221 Jun 2016
Question New article on safety of using MUAC in CMAM programs1,1480Mark Myatt15 Jun 2016
Question HIV and infant feeding in emergencies6390Marie McGrath9 Jun 2016
Discussion Protocols for nutritional care and treatment of severely malnourished adult HIV/AIDS patients on ART7461Anonymous 372624 May 2016
Discussion Your input into strategic review of child health programming needed urgently7691Marie McGrath25 Apr 2016
Discussion Discharge criteria when using MUAC for admission 1,1413Anonymous 365119 Apr 2016
Discussion estimated unit cost for establishment of stabilization centre7822Anonymous 354913 Apr 2016
Discussion Stimulation activities for severely malnourished children receiving inpatient treatment8985Allison Daniel1 Apr 2016
Question Is there a need for a scoop for F-75 and F-100?6770Anonymous 14559 Mar 2016
Discussion 'homemade' F75 - supplement of folic acid?7081Sunniva N.3 Mar 2016
Discussion F-75, F-100 packaging9742Anonymous 354629 Feb 2016
Discussion Cost of RUTF1,1282Suhail26 Feb 2016
Discussion RUTF1,43713Anonymous 352723 Feb 2016
Discussion Indicators9572Alexander16 Feb 2016
Discussion Is it possible to have nutrition programs for over 5 who acutely malnourished (SAM) apart from MAM service for only PLW (lactating mothers with kid<6 months and Preg women from her 2nd trimester)?6771Ahmed Ali Issack2 Feb 2016
Question Questionnaire UNICEF sur l’Hygiène et la Sécurité Alimentaire pour l’utilisation du Lait Thérapeutique F75 et F100 8160Maria Elisa Forteza29 Jan 2016
Question Food Safety and Hygiene Questionnaire for the Use of Therapeutic Milk F75 and F1007230Maria Elisa Forteza29 Jan 2016
Question MUAC use in short children: recently published AJCN article7820Kevin PHELAN21 Jan 2016
Discussion discharge criteria1,65020Ahmed-Nur14 Jan 2016
Discussion Improving awareness and adherence on Acute Malnutrition treatment 1,08311Tomás Zaba3 Jan 2016
Discussion Relationship between MUAC and weight changes in children aged 6–59 months1,3588Mark Myatt23 Dec 2015
Discussion Food Safety Questionnaire for use of Therapeutic Milk F75 and F1008631Maria Elisa Forteza9 Dec 2015
Question Updated CMAM Mapping.8260Suhail25 Nov 2015
Discussion replacement for Plumpy net 9363Nini Tun 20 Nov 2015
Discussion Abdominal enlargement for SAM patients treated in ITC7591Anonymous 240817 Nov 2015
Discussion Treatment protocols for Cholera and SAM8091Anonymous 306617 Nov 2015
Discussion Regarding Moved out beneficiaries 8414Syed Raza Shah16 Nov 2015
Discussion RUTF FDA Approved1,0397Suhail10 Nov 2015
Discussion Amoxicillin first line antibiotic1,0476Syed Raza Shah17 Oct 2015
Discussion Transitioning in inpatient care8283Anonymous 243215 Oct 2015
Question Any new global recommendations planned for most effective antibiotics for SAM with complications?7350Wendy Dyment14 Oct 2015
Discussion CMAM 1,2304Anonymous 278513 Oct 2015
Discussion Setting up RUTF Production Facility in Africa - Questions1,35914Anand Chauhan28 Sep 2015
Question WANTED! Capture-recapture data from CSAS surveys7410Mark Myatt21 Sep 2015
Question Example of Quantification and Supply Planning for RUTF, F-100,F-75, CMV and ReSoMal8220Wisdom27 Aug 2015
Question DERNIÈRE RAPPEL: Enquête sur une utilisation adaptée de l’ATPE (besoin d'une recette alternative d’ATPE produite localement)8450Hannah Pesu27 Aug 2015
Question FINAL REMINDER: RUTF Suitability Survey - Is an alternative recipe needed? 7280Hannah Pesu27 Aug 2015
Discussion One week missing doses of Plumpy Nut? What to do?1,22416Dina 25 Aug 2015
Discussion In case of No Plumpy Sup.. What is the fate of already admitted MAM cases?9153Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed22 Aug 2015
Discussion Funding for RUTF in Haiti7851Anonymous 281220 Aug 2015
Discussion Quantification and Supply Plan for Management of Acute Malnutrition Products1,1716Wisdom20 Aug 2015
Discussion What first? Medical treatment or Nutritional treatment.8413Suhail12 Aug 2015
Discussion Importance of Measles Vaccine for SAM cases9013Moses Cowan8 Aug 2015
Question Enquête sur une utilisation adaptée de l’ATPE - NEW RUTF RECIPE - IS IT NEEDED?8210Hannah Pesu29 Jul 2015
Question Are diarrheal diseases common in the communities where there is nutritional intervention?8010Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed28 Jul 2015
Discussion Local Production of F75 and F1009241Sura Samman28 Jul 2015
Question NEW RUTF RECIPE - IS IT NEEDED? - 10-15 minute survey to have your say9260Hannah Pesu8 Jul 2015
Question Hot Weather Reduces the Child Appetite...Do you agree???8960Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed1 Jul 2015
Question Examples of meaningful use of empty PlumpyNut sachets?8630mija ververs26 Jun 2015
Discussion iCCM and acute malnutrition1,2464Kris25 Jun 2015
Discussion Reliability of MUAC in monitoring and Percentage of SAM cases developing complications.1,0854Suhail23 Jun 2015
Discussion Exit criteria and length of stay1,1167Suhail17 Jun 2015
Discussion Lactose Intolerance1,0002Anonymous 297922 May 2015
Discussion Urgent question for treatment of AM in besieged areas of Syria with NO access to RUTF1,2735Óscar Serrano Oria20 May 2015
Discussion Nutritional recommendations children > 5 yrs, adolescent, adults, elderly..8332Sunniva N.20 May 2015
Discussion F-75 and f-1001,0652Anonymous 285228 Apr 2015
Discussion Exit strategy for CMAM OTP and SFP Program.1,5403Syed Raza Shah18 Apr 2015
Discussion vaccination contre la rougeole chez l'enfant severement malnutri avec complications medicales associees9391Adamou1 Apr 2015
Discussion Nutrition and rapid response8781Anonymous 286717 Mar 2015
Question Safe ranges for nutritients in F75 and F1008710Anonymous 28523 Mar 2015
Discussion Kwashiorkor...?1,0302steve munyi26 Feb 2015
Question Peanut allergy1,3700André BRIEND24 Feb 2015
Discussion MUAC = Mother Understand And Can do it1,88815Mark Myatt23 Feb 2015
Discussion RUTF and coeliac disease1,1142Iris Bollemeijer13 Feb 2015
Closed Call for Proposals: Relationship between recovery and/or cure rates and relapse, default rates and/or repeated episodes in the treatment of acute malnutrition in humanitarian emergencies1,2910Erin Boyd10 Feb 2015
Discussion Treatment of severe acute malnutrition1,6892Issack15 Jan 2015
Discussion RUTF soon to expire1,1994mona maman6 Jan 2015
Discussion Diarrhoea in children taking F-100 and F-1001,2976steve munyi28 Nov 2014
Discussion quellle est la place de psycho social dans la prise en charge de la malnutrition aigue sévére?1,1162Diallo22 Nov 2014
Discussion Management of SAM cases1,1123Mumuni Abdul-Fataw11 Nov 2014
Discussion Can F75 and F100 be given in the community through a 24-hour health facility or as day care ITP facility?1,1581Anonymous 24085 Nov 2014
Discussion MUAC measurements1,3112Martha.N24 Oct 2014
Discussion Death rate in SC1,1562Anonymous 233920 Oct 2014
Discussion Triggers for deciding on CMAM programming1,6299Tamsin Walters26 Sep 2014
Question Dosage and duration of amoxicillin - do revised WHO guidelines apply to SAM?1,2740Casie Tesfai 22 Sep 2014
Question F100 and F75 in case of Renal failure 9820Mhamoud Bozo17 Sep 2014
Closed What is the most appropriate nutritional support that can be provided for patients with ebola virus disease to promote recovery?1,3522Tamsin Walters5 Sep 2014
Discussion Weight Gaining1,1451Moses Cowan31 Aug 2014
Question How to treat SAM patients with CHD or renal diseases?1,0220Tamsin Walters26 Aug 2014
Discussion supply of RUTF1,2172Dympna Leonard14 Aug 2014
Discussion SAM defaulter returing with MUAC >=11.5cms1,2843Anonymous 59812 Aug 2014
Discussion Body composition to measure malnutrition1,5346Iratxe Ciriza9 Aug 2014
Question vit A and folic acid for SAM treatment in adults who are on PlumpyNut?1,0160mija ververs25 Jul 2014
Discussion What to do when ReSoMal and CMV not available?4,72911Anonymous 9421 Jul 2014
Question UES OF MNT (Medical Nutrition therapy) for Treatment of SAM any evidence 1,0130Anonymous 21518 Jul 2014
Discussion Calculation of weight gain in CMAM1,94010Charulatha Banerjee17 Jul 2014
Discussion Administration of zinc tablets to severely malnourished children1,2881Kristyn26 Jun 2014
Discussion severely malnourished case unable to tolerate plumpu nut1,7567Marie Stephan21 Jun 2014
Discussion Use of RUTF outside of a CMAM program1,1491Cindy Pfitzenmaier20 Jun 2014
Discussion SAM & Vit.A1,3502ahmed salih13 May 2014
Question CMAM Standards1,1380Leah Richardson18 Mar 2014
Discussion Substitute Plumpy'sup for Plumpy'nut in stock out2,0433Anonymous 9413 Mar 2014
Question MOH procuring RUTF: any successful case?1,0690Anonymous 30312 Mar 2014
Discussion Treatment of dirrhea with OSR in internal center (Hospital)1,1383Amadou Maman Sani10 Mar 2014
Question socio-economic status and recovery time in ITCs1,0780Martha.N6 Mar 2014
Discussion Disharge criteria 1,3811Anonymous 5366 Mar 2014
Discussion SAM cases 1,5734Anonymous 5365 Mar 2014
Discussion Inclusion of children with cngenital diseases in the management of acute malnutrition1,7409Marie Stephan18 Feb 2014
Question Infection Control - Training Nurses in a Special Nutrition Unit1,1120Charulatha Banerjee31 Jan 2014
Discussion Use of half strength infant formula instead of F75 Formula4,0056Gail Cummins17 Jan 2014
Question An INGO directly working with the district MoH as its implementing partner to run CMAM program for whole of the district1,1900Dr. Kamal Raj3 Jan 2014
Discussion cost-effectiveness research1,3961Martha.N29 Dec 2013
Discussion Target for U 5 screenng 1,1991Anonymous 53622 Dec 2013
Discussion Do you think your child is malnourished?4,6058Lio16 Dec 2013
Closed Causes of diarrhea in stabilization center 1,0720Anonymous 6359 Dec 2013
Question RUTF in lactose intolerant children1,1370Anonymous 240827 Nov 2013
Discussion RUTF in G6PD children1,58810Anonymous 240827 Nov 2013
Discussion Using of Plumpy nut in SAM with DSTB and MDRTB1,4522Carmen Barra17 Nov 2013
Discussion failing an appetite test2,02312Marie Stephan28 Oct 2013
Discussion Treatment of SAM children without Routine medicine1,2911Anonymous 228723 Oct 2013
Discussion Calculating caseloads-cmam=SAM/or MAM- need for clarification-part of the formula5,10712Cornelia Wakhanu10 Oct 2013
Discussion Vaccination services in OTP1,9344Anonymous 5369 Oct 2013
Discussion Target weight based minimum weight during treatment at OTP sites 2,1865Muhammad Khan 2 Oct 2013
Discussion screening of SAM cases1,6579Anonymous 53630 Sep 2013
Discussion adding skim milk powder to local food mix in community settlings1,3271Anonymous 218026 Sep 2013
Question roasting of peanuts and melting point of RUTF1,2160Anonymous 59824 Sep 2013
Discussion chidren with diabetes 1,3643Anonymous 53610 Sep 2013
Discussion How to estimate SAM in a very insecured area.1,3291Issack10 Sep 2013
Question management of SAM cases 1,1460Tilahun Tolera11 Aug 2013
Discussion Treatment of kwashiorkor child2,2683Anonymous 15898 Aug 2013
Discussion Deworming in a SAM child below 1 year of age1,9591Charulatha Banerjee16 Jul 2013
Discussion discharge criteria of SAM2,1436Anonymous 161223 Jun 2013
Discussion What home made food for children is equal to plumpy nut?5,2256Imran Ali14 Jun 2013
Discussion Amodiaquine and severely malnourish child 1,6326Chantal Autotte Bouchard17 May 2013
Discussion figures for planning purposes1,2731Anonymous 22684 May 2013
Discussion Chlorinated water for SAM/MAM children with rehydratation1,5982Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera23 Apr 2013
Discussion Non-responder rate1,6901Anonymous 134918 Apr 2013
Discussion How to manage a Marasmic Child2,5389Zakayo26 Mar 2013
Discussion Is it possible to add skimmed milk powder to Hyderabad Mix? 1,9811Dr. Ishaprasaf Bhagwat 25 Mar 2013
Discussion Output Monitoring System for Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM)2,5379Roger Mathisen20 Mar 2013
Discussion Criteria for Non-response to treatment in OTP and SFP.1,4931Bheru Lal 14 Mar 2013
Discussion RUTF taste and acceptability: children's perspective 4,2495Anonymous 145521 Feb 2013
Discussion Recommended total population that an OTP should service1,3532Hatty Barthorp12 Feb 2013
Discussion monitoring MUAC change - use for decision making in follow-up visits1,8676Anonymous 75828 Jan 2013
Discussion Sustainabilty of out reach activities in recovery context !1,4323Anonymous 4289 Jan 2013
Discussion NOCEBDA1,4071Anonymous 187523 Dec 2012
Discussion Treatment of SAM and special cases 1,9574Casie Tesfai 16 Dec 2012
Discussion Influence of cold on RUTF quality2,0017Anonymous 135428 Nov 2012
Discussion Maximum GoW and MUAC growth in SAM treatment2,0814Anonymous 13546 Nov 2012
Discussion Treatment of SAM in older people through outpatient2,4689Pascale Fritsch15 Oct 2012
Discussion how common are W/H z-scores <-41,6734Anonymous 15018 Oct 2012
Discussion Discharge Criteria in OTP: 15% GoW vs. W/H>-1.5SD2,3038Anonymous 135427 Sep 2012
Discussion Monitoring of a child with severe acute malnutrition with bilateral oedema1,4462Anonymous 157026 Sep 2012
Discussion RUTF Research1,4681Adele Rankin24 Sep 2012
Discussion Probiotics and ORS2,4555Kiran Deshpande Shukla17 Aug 2012
Discussion Sugar water on admission to a CMAM programme 1,9125Kat Pittore16 Aug 2012
Discussion Treatment of SAM children in the absence of RUTFs2,3809Rachel Fuli4 Aug 2012
Question Causes of Kwashiorkhor ?1,4060Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2 Aug 2012
Discussion The implication of the New 12.5cm MUAC OTP discharge criteria2,6885Anonymous 818 Jul 2012
Discussion academic research topic1,2401Alexander19 May 2012
Discussion Ideas to prevent Mothers from starving their children in order to benefit from the nutritional treatment2,72919Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera7 May 2012
Discussion Local production of RUTF1,6491Paul30 Apr 2012
Discussion Ambulatory Therapautic Feeding Centre1,6612Melaku Begashaw30 Apr 2012
Discussion LNS for pregnant and lactating mothers 1,5302Kiran Deshpande Shukla22 Apr 2012
Discussion Siblings of SAM children1,3541Anonymous 134221 Apr 2012
Question New WHO guidelines for severe acute malnutrition managment1,8820Anonymous 13509 Apr 2012
Question Centre-Based Care for Children with SAM: Challenges1,3130Bhami2 Apr 2012
Discussion When to stop admitting children if a CMAM programme closing1,9524Alison Donnelly22 Mar 2012
Discussion A COMPLICATED CASE OF KWASHIORKAR+ NEPHRITIS1,8729Kiran Deshpande Shukla2 Mar 2012
Discussion Selection of CMAM implementing facilities in a development context1,3721Anonymous 121414 Feb 2012
Question Is there scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of protection rations?1,3370Anonymous 1188 Feb 2012
Question follow up nutritional support post RTUTF1,3810Kathleen Lamaute20 Jan 2012
Discussion how much does it cost on average to treat one child for SAM in OTP1,8893Anonymous 11819 Jan 2012
Question Still SAM w/h after 8 weeks of treatment ???1,3540Kiran Deshpande Shukla7 Jan 2012
Discussion What are the MUAC changes in Treatment of SAM?2,2683Kiran Deshpande Shukla5 Jan 2012
Discussion Milk based micro-nutrient supplement for pregnant and lactating women1,6232Mara Nyawo22 Dec 2011
Discussion RUTF effect and Length of stay in OTP1,8501Henock11 Dec 2011
Discussion What is the average LOS of a child submitted into OTP programme?2,0334Anonymous 6512 Dec 2011
Discussion edematous malnutrition2,8356Naïma Hammami 22 Nov 2011
Discussion Z-scores1,6673Anonymous 24913 Oct 2011
Discussion Dosage of RUTF2,4942Joseph13 Sep 2011
Discussion Organisation of an integrated CMAM programme2,53710Anonymous 30312 Sep 2011
Discussion Effect of rapid dehydrtaion on MUAC in young children1,5382Stefano Fedele7 Sep 2011
Discussion Admission of children 5 to 10 years - criteria to use in famine situation2,2742Erin McCloskey-Rebelo2 Sep 2011
Discussion Dilution of F100 to be used as F752,4911Anonymous 39423 Aug 2011
Discussion Caseload calculations (incidence rate)4,47816Sarah Butler18 Aug 2011
Discussion Catch Up Growth in SAM - what process?1,6112Cécile Salpéteur18 Aug 2011
Discussion Use of metronidazole in malnourished children1,6452Mordecai Kiplangat 2 Aug 2011
Question THERAPEUTIC MILK - new sachet/carton sizes2,3350Marie McGrath2 Aug 2011
Discussion behaviour change1,3291Anonymous 6602 Aug 2011
Question New CMAM Forum Terms of Reference3,1390Tamsin Walters21 Jul 2011
Discussion Weight gain in SC, is it a performance indicators?2,12410Jean NADEMBEGA21 Jul 2011
Discussion Admission criteria MUAC under 115 mm and RUTF shorfall in SC nutrition program in Burkina1,6552Jean NADEMBEGA21 Jul 2011
Discussion Highest possible Rate of weight gain for SAM patient between 6 to 59 months1,6902Fortune Maduma15 Jul 2011
Discussion Evidence of CMAM working in Asia2,1125Anonymous 66115 Jun 2011
Discussion Tanahshi Botleneck Analysis applied to Integrated Managemement of Severe Acute Malnutrition 1,9681Biram Ndiaye2 Jun 2011
Discussion Discharge criteria for OTP in areas with both therapeutic and supplementary feeding2,2503Paul12 May 2011
Discussion MSc Dissertation on Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods 1,4701Amy Deptford5 May 2011
Discussion should children on RUTF be given other foods1,8912Steve Kegoli 14 Apr 2011
Discussion CMAM Performance1,9282Rogers Wanyama9 Apr 2011
Discussion Yearly program coverage calculation for SFP/OTP/ SC in CMAM Protocol1,8961Hassan31 Mar 2011
Discussion RUTF or a cow1,6361Casie Tesfai3 Mar 2011
Discussion RUTF sell2,93813Abel 2 Mar 2011
Discussion Announcement: Release of CMAM Costing Tool2,1102Dorothy Mora1 Mar 2011
Discussion Treatment of infants <6m with SAM in the community?1,8361Anonymous 5571 Mar 2011
Question Maximizing coverage of CMAM programmes1,2290Rashid Abdulai27 Feb 2011
Discussion Monthly program coverage calculation for TFP / SFP2,0303Hatty Barthorp7 Feb 2011
Discussion Implementation of 2006 WHO child growth standards1,9552Rogers Wanyama2 Dec 2010
Discussion Lenght of stay in OTP2,8882Anonymous 4221 Dec 2010
Question Amount of ReSoMal to be given per loose stool1,5040Anonymous 39030 Nov 2010
Discussion CMAM and routine medicine2,89911Anonymous 8130 Nov 2010
Discussion Intergrating CMAM in routine health services2,3023Rogers Wanyama16 Oct 2010
Discussion Cost per DALY averted for CMAM programs2,4765Mark Myatt27 Sep 2010
Discussion Cost of CMAM and TFC per child1,8141Mordecai Kiplangat 20 Sep 2010
Discussion What's the spontaneous recovery rate for SAM?2,28811Victoria Sibson18 Sep 2010
Discussion What to do when tx for SAM is impossible but MAM possible?1,5161Brent Scharschmidt2 Sep 2010
Discussion Variance in number of children admitted to OTP using MUAC < and WHZ <-3SD2,76411Daniel Muhinja3 Jul 2010
Discussion MUAC only programming2,4085Tarig Abdulgadir1 Jul 2010
Discussion Local production for alternative RUTF in Burundi4,60712John Villiers8 Jun 2010
Question In inpatient management of Severe Acute Malnutrition, when do you discharge a child as NON-RECOVERED? 1,3250Anonymous 1057 Jun 2010
Discussion Discharge criteria for SAM infants <6m who are not breastfed?2,2235Anonymous 16927 Mar 2010
Discussion MUAC sufficient to monitor weight gain during OTP follow up visit?2,2893Regine Kopplow16 Mar 2010
Question Sodium and iron levels in F751,3510Anonymous 36210 Mar 2010
Discussion CMAM admission by MUAC gender biased?3,23612Regine Kopplow10 Mar 2010
Question RUTF1,6700Kamar18 Dec 2009
Discussion Vitamin A supplemntation for severe wasting9,52716Anonymous 8115 Dec 2009
Discussion Multiple treatment failure in TFP - what to do?1,9203Brent Scharschmidt10 Sep 2009
Discussion Prevention activities1,5772kamal raj7 Sep 2009
Discussion Supplimentary Feeding Programme2,0523Dr Mohammad Najeeb4 Sep 2009
Discussion MUAC and Age2,8283Anonymous 25727 Aug 2009
Discussion Thresholds for CMAM response based on SAM prevalence2,9743Kate Golden18 Aug 2009
Question Is volume-based preparation of HEM possible?1,5300Brent Scharschmidt16 Aug 2009
Question High Energy Milk (HEM) storage1,7550Anonymous 10610 Aug 2009
Discussion Publications on the efficacy of Plumpy nut1,9501Chantell Witten3 Aug 2009
Discussion Plumpynut use in patients with hepatitis1,9382Lizzy Berryman23 Jul 2009
Discussion Zinc supplementation to SAM and/or MAM with acute diarrhoea?2,9685Elise Becart20 Jul 2009
Discussion Validation of sphere standards in a normal integrated CTC setup3,47110Wahdati Mohibullah16 Jul 2009
Discussion Why is nutritional oedema (kwashiorkor) localized in specific area?2,3662Anonymous 8116 Jul 2009
Discussion treatment of heart failure in SAM;treatment of dehydration/shock in oedematous malnutrition;target weight;sympathetic activity in hypoglycemia & shock2,0652Dr. satish raghuwanshi15 Jul 2009
Discussion Treatment of malnourished adults and the elderly3,1512Fiona Watson7 Jul 2009
Discussion Therapeutic feeding for infant younger than 6 month with HIV positive care giver2,4562Tarig Abdulgadir6 Jul 2009
Closed Vitamin A related mortality study in patients with eodema2,3142Tarig Abdulgadir22 Jun 2009
Discussion Extra F75 use1,7621Anonymous 19518 Jun 2009
Discussion MUAC and WFH 2,4553Nick28 Apr 2009
Closed Calculating cost of CMAM2,7762Anonymous 817 Mar 2009
Closed Treatment of Preg/Lact women with F100/RUTF?2,8652Hatty Barthorp2 Mar 2009
Closed RUTF made with locally available products3,3915Caroline Wilkinson19 Feb 2009