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Food assistance

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Discussion Information on Emergency Recuperation Ration2112Anonymous 367712 Mar 2017
Question How best to find dietary gaps in micronutrients in a population5170Marie McGrath11 Aug 2016
Discussion Set up of General Food Distribution6485Alexander9 Aug 2016
Discussion Nutritional implications of consumption of unmilled grain8053Megan12 Apr 2016
Discussion Impact of FCS of household on children (U-5) nutrition status1,0916AS4 Feb 2016
Discussion Evaluation of a food for education program9814Anonymous 28526 May 2015
Discussion Integrating nutrition component in cash and voucher programmes9633Judith Mutala1 Apr 2015
Discussion HEBs for young children 6-12 months1,0172Anonymous 9686 Jan 2015
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Discussion standards for kitchens/storage/hygiene for institutional feeding or wet feeding, do they exist?1,2262mija ververs10 Jun 2014
Question Emergency threshold for kilocalories per person per day1,1350Erik Johnson 9 Dec 2013
Question Drought Contingency Planning1,0850Anonymous 224115 Nov 2013
Question Does anyone have an official definition for Diet Quality?1,8770Anonymous 119119 Jun 2013
Question Evaluation of EC’s integrated approach to food assistance and nutrition in humanitarian contexts1,3710Tanya Khara Latimore4 Dec 2012
Question Food Basket Monitoring1,6420Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27 Jun 2012
Discussion Recommended Nutrient Intake2,0952Sophiya Uprety18 May 2012
Question NRG-5 compact food emergency rations 1,9030Bibiana Jumwa28 Oct 2011
Discussion Re: Impact of food aid on agricultural labour supply and productivity3,6871Sam Oluka20 Apr 2010
Discussion Food ration2,1743Kassahun Habtemariam23 Feb 2010
Discussion Sample size considerations for a pilot study2,5661Assumpta Ndumi2 Feb 2010
Discussion Soybean Oil vs. Palm Oil provision5,1035Anonymous 1043 Mar 2009
Closed Average Family Size and WFP Emergency Operation in Kenya 2004-2006 3,5113John Borton18 Feb 2009