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Question Micronutrient Supplementation and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Dengue Fever3250Mija Ververs1 Dec 2020
Discussion I have a concern; do people continue to feed on bio fortified food after overcoming the dietary deficiency?3251Umbreen29 Oct 2020
Discussion Videos on micronutrient interventions in the Middle East6891Farah Asfahani24 Apr 2020
Question WHO Micronutrients Database user survey1,3300Lisa Rogers7 Mar 2019
Discussion MNPs in emergency/humanitarian response1,7704Anonymous 319051 Mar 2019
Question Scaling Up Rice Fortification in West Africa: Sight and Life and World Food Programme Supplement:1,5690Jo Lofthouse19 Dec 2018
Discussion thiamine dosing for infantile beriberi2,0981Anonymous 2834825 Oct 2018
Discussion How many kilos of fruit and veg does one person need per month to make a significant impact on their nutritional status?3,2954Jude12 Jan 2018
Discussion Demande pour du Matériel d'éducation nutritionnelle Carence en iode et iodation universelle du sel faible taux d'alphabétisation 3,8924Janny Goris30 Nov 2017
Discussion Conception de projet pour améliorer IDDS et / ou MDD-W 4,8137Sabine Triemer19 Sep 2017
Discussion Minimum Dietary diversity score and Minimum acceptable diet in areas with mass Micronutrient Supplementation3,9981Ifeanyi Maduanusi16 Aug 2017
Discussion Guidance around post emergency micronutrient supplementation 4,2634Hatty Barthorp21 Jun 2017
Question Nutrients requirements for HIV infected adults3,7970Edem27 May 2017
Discussion Iron and folic acid (IFA) in pregnancy3,9023Khyati19 Apr 2017
Discussion Benefits of MNP over chewable MMN tablets4,0981Anonymous 946 Apr 2017
Discussion MNPs for SAM Children in the absence of RUTF3,9212Dr. Sajid Shafique2 Dec 2016
Question Test kits for micronutrients 3,8130Edem28 Nov 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update3,8460Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Discussion vitamin A deficiency3,9211Anonymous 392520 Sep 2016
Discussion Plumpy mum 5,3717COOPI22 Aug 2016
Question 26 April 2016 - Webinar on Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation of Adolescents in India4,6030Thahira Shireen Mustafa19 Apr 2016
Discussion Clustering of vitamin A deficiency in children4,4773Mary Oyunga14 Apr 2016
Discussion Information on available Micronutrient Powder for home fortification of meals available for the Syria response4,7944Óscar Serrano Oria15 Jan 2016
Discussion MNPs for children and sickle cell anaemia6,8927Emily Mates29 Oct 2015
Discussion Which age group to prioritize when limited MMN available4,6692Anonymous 941 Sep 2015
Discussion Sprinkle Guidelines4,7453Nick24 Apr 2015
Discussion What are the effective micro-nutrient interventions for the prevention and control of micronutrient deficiency disorder (MDD) in emergency?4,7223Anonymous 131015 Apr 2015
Question Micronutrient programmes for TB patients/PLWHA4,1150Anonymous 25642 Mar 2015
Discussion Experiences providing multivitamins to children 6-59 months4,6501Anonymous 28126 Feb 2015
Discussion Concurrent bSFP and MNPs for PLW?4,6551Megan Gayford10 Nov 2014
Discussion Vitamin A for preganant and lactating mothers(PLW)4,4081Issack Yakub31 Oct 2014
Discussion Iron/folic acid supplementation and sickle cell anemia7,0503Anonymous 9427 Oct 2014
Discussion Iron deficiency anaemia - what are the reasons behind differences in prevalence in different countries?4,9021Tamsin Walters10 Apr 2014
Discussion Vitamin D supplementation in infants5,4102Marie McGrath25 Mar 2014
Discussion Zinc supplementation for diarrhea treatment5,5787Judith Haase5 Mar 2014
Question Multi Micro Nutrient Supp & FeFolic Acid- PLW4,6170Dr. W M Khan6 Nov 2013
Discussion zinc status4,6772caroline4 Nov 2013
Discussion Is Folic Acid safe for malnourished children?5,7911Mathias Grossiord12 Feb 2013
Discussion Micronutrients and Low Birth Weight - India6,6437Dr. Ameya Bondre29 Jan 2013
Discussion HemoCue and Rapid Iodine Testing Kit procurement5,0861Anonymous 144520 Sep 2012
Question Hydrated Global Food Pack For All4,5900Rosa Manson18 Aug 2012
Discussion Assessing Micronutrient Status4,9971Leah Richardson24 Jul 2012
Discussion Upto what extend iron flour fortification can increase the Hb level of anemic adolescent women if iron fortified wheat flour is feed to these anemic adolescent women for 3 months? 8,00615Anonymous 63526 May 2012
Discussion methods for testing vitamin A status6,0983Anonymous 8791 Mar 2012
Discussion RR of mortality by degree of anemia 5,0772Abel 19 Jan 2012
Discussion multi-micronutrient sprinkles6,1636REBECCA KATHAMBI18 Jan 2012
Question iron/folic acid supplements for women & children 5,2420Tamsin Walters24 Aug 2011
Question Vitamin A capsule program and acute malnutrition treatment5,2320Benjamin Guesdon8 Aug 2011
Question legislation for anemia control4,5240Anonymous 2881 Jun 2011
Question Why there is more push to commercial nutrient based supplements?4,7100Anonymous 812 May 2011
Question Deworming coverage/ impact survey4,5770Anonymous 5764 Apr 2011
Discussion Benefit cost analysis and cost effectiveness studies of micronutrient interventions5,1741Anonymous 4677 Oct 2010
Discussion Screening and Treatment protocols in Anaemia amongst adolescent girls5,7811Suranjeen Prasad Pallipamula31 Aug 2010
Discussion What is the proper micronutrient composition for supplementation to promote catch up growth in stunted children? 6,2461Yunhee Kang17 Apr 2010
Discussion Sphere Project 2010: Consultation on the Revision of Micronutrient Indicators7,1402Andrew Seal29 Sep 2009