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Cross-cutting issues

The purpose of this forum area is to launch broader discussions of relevance to the humanitarian nutrition community and provide space for subjects that don’t fit easily into one thematic area. Topics are likely to be less technical or ‘Q&A’ in nature. It is unlikely that discussions will reach precise answers but perhaps a consensus or dichotomy of opinions, which may spur some ideas for progress and new areas of work or research. A discussion may be initiated by anyone and should have some topicality. Anyone who initiates a discussion can write at any length about a subject although the briefer and more succinct the entry the more likely it will be to encourage a response. Examples of broad discussion topics are: how the media has covered the Haiti earthquake response or whether the cluster system as part of the humanitarian reform process has improved emergency nutrition responses.

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Question How can digital platforms and apps contribute to eradicate food insecurity and malnutrition?2580Shaheen Akter26 Mar 2021
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Discussion Demande d'information: Interventions / Recherches en permaculture dans les pays en développement 3,4471Elizabeth Westaway30 Oct 2017
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Discussion Effects of famine on the elderly4,0437Ann Burgess8 Jun 2017
Question Accountability to Affected People 3,7350Barbara 12 May 2017
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Discussion WASH-Nutrition Survey: Your Input4,0521Jona13 Mar 2017
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Question NEWS: General Assembly proclaims the Decade of Action on Nutrition4,2010Richmond Aryeetey1 Apr 2016
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Discussion Field Exchange 48 Syria edition: your views6,7572Marie McGrath1 Dec 2014
Question Nutrition in Emergencies Guidelines for Middle Income Countries4,0900Douglas Jayasekaran4 Nov 2014
Question How can you play your role as a nutritionist in a resource limitted setting?4,8510Francis Xavier Mulwana31 Oct 2014
Discussion Infectious period of Ebola Survivors post-recovery4,7142Genevieve Hutchinson19 Sep 2014
Discussion ENA Vs SUN approaches4,9661Desmond Kamara22 Aug 2014
Discussion Developing multisectoral nutrition planning guidelines5,7853Anonymous 234623 Jul 2014
Question human resources for health and nutrition integration and WASH5,2060Cornelia Wakhanu10 Oct 2013
Question Urban malnutrition - a search for data and programme experiences5,0250Tamsin Walters16 Aug 2012
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Discussion Sexual abuse and exploitation in beneficiary populations perpetrated by humanitarian workers6,4541Tamsin Walters1 Apr 2011
Discussion Writing a university text book on NIE in Arab and Middle East Region, any suggestions, ideas or information? Thank you 5,8873Osama A. Salih12 Mar 2011
Discussion Transitioning emergency nutrition programmes to development5,5061Anonymous 53525 Jan 2011
Discussion Design framework for CMAM programming7,7826Tamsin Walters13 Dec 2010
Discussion evidence of impact of integrating programming5,8001Victoria Sibson18 Nov 2010
Discussion How fair and accurate was the media coverage of the Haiti crisis? Should we, as a sector, try to hold the media to greater account? How could we do this? 6,5832Tamsin Walters4 Jun 2010