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Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI)

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Question MAMI practitioners: Request to fill in UNICEF mapping survey of MAMI activities in East/South and West/Central African regions4010Kelsey Grey17 Feb 2024
Question MAMI Implementation Tools are Now LIVE!4910Joanne Chui24 Jan 2024
Discussion advice cards for prevention & care of infants5972Amal Ben Ameur15 Nov 2023
Discussion Access to MUAC tapes with cut-off at 110mm9246Marlene Traore-Hebie24 Oct 2023
Question Survey: The feasibility and acceptability of anthropometric measures to identify nutritionally at-risk small infants7240Gael Cronin13 Aug 2023
Discussion MAMI identification Card1,0981Wakari Micah22 Mar 2023
Discussion MUAC in children less than 6 months old3,7944Ilaria Di Modugno15 Feb 2023
Discussion Adaptation of MAMI criteria1,4194Melanie Spears3 Jan 2023
Discussion Survey: Maternal mental health and MAMI1,7932Laura Delfino30 Aug 2022
Discussion MAMI and IYCF-E materials for health workers in FRENCH for francophone Africa1,5572Mija Ververs3 Aug 2022
Question Call for participation: Nutritional Assessment Tool Evaluation 1,3970Meenakshi Monga20 Jul 2022
Discussion MAMI Indicators1,8051Gamal Ali19 Jul 2022
Discussion Management of SAM cases1,82710Anonymous 4088622 Jun 2022
Discussion Introduction of complementary feeding in preterm born infants2,0532Mathieu Nemerimana18 May 2022
Discussion WHO & LSHTM online stakeholder consultation: core indicator set for quality of care for small or sick newborns (Fr/En)1,7941Eleanor Rogers16 May 2022
Discussion Under six months management of SAM and MAM without medical complications2,82631Anonymous_A_W_4011 May 2022
Discussion MAMI maternal mental health screening1,6561Elisa Vanlerberghe19 Apr 2022
Discussion Under six months assessment3,2082Anonymous_A_W_4028 Feb 2022
Discussion MAMI Excel Database4,2864Selam Yohannes4 Feb 2022
Discussion Quality of follow up for small and nutritionally vulnerable <6M.4,7955Maha Basodan2 Nov 2021
Discussion Coverage of MAMI interventions in Ethiopia4,9041Nicoly18 Aug 2021
Question We want your feedback on the MAMI Care Pathway!4,6140Kelsey Grey13 Aug 2021
Question Maternal nutrition: how does your programme identify pregnant women?4,5220Philip James2 Jul 2021
Discussion MAMI: Defining target population terminology and determining discharge criteria. Please share your views on these two aspects of the MAMI Care Pathway in our short survey! 5,5651Ellie Blake 2 Jul 2021
Discussion BMS dosages for mixed feeding infants <6m at discharge from hospitalization5,3224Fabrizio Loddo25 Jun 2021
Question MAMI Care Pathway launch webinar - Friday July 2 @ 1400 - 1530 BST!4,9240Kelsey Grey17 Jun 2021
Question Seminar June 24: Anthropometric deficits in infants aged under six months and its associations with body composition and body proportions: Evidence from Ethiopia4,8930Kelsey Grey16 Jun 2021
Discussion Reminder: MAMI country-level stakeholder survey closes 7th June!4,6891Tabitha van Immerzeel2 Jun 2021
Discussion Request for information on the MAMI approach5,2371Andrianarivo Andriamisaina Toky Tsilavina12 May 2021
Discussion Looking for trainings related to interventions for pre term babies4,8041Neha11 May 2021
Question Please fill out this short survey on MAMI and its implementation in your country!4,7640Tabitha van Immerzeel10 May 2021
Question MAMI Care Pathway Package available May 6!5,0960Eleanor Rogers30 Apr 2021
Discussion New UNICEF classification standards for malnutrition5,5092Anonymous 4059910 Mar 2021
Discussion Maternal Nutrition/Minimum Meal Frequency for Pregnant and Lactating Women 7,7663Yara Sfeir4 Mar 2021
Question Seeking feedback on the MAMI Support Actions Booklet and the Counselling Cards 5,0160Jodine Chase26 Jan 2021
Closed Seeking any evidence/experience of using RUTF to manage wasting in infants <6 months 5,1080Tamsin21 Oct 2020
Discussion Looking for interview partners (one interview, max. 45 min) for study on MAMI! / Call for participants in a research on MAMI (1 interview, max. Duration 45min)!6,9673Magdalena Engl26 Jun 2020
Question Un seminario web sobre programación para el Manejo de madres y niños/as en riesgo menores de 6 meses (MAMI).5,8230Rita Abi Akar12 May 2020
Question Could the C-MAMI Framework extend its reach to include at risk mothers during pregnancy?5,5880Pat Mc Mahon7 Apr 2020
Discussion Webinar on the management of at-risk mothers and infants under 6 months in the community6,2851Alice Burrell25 Mar 2020
Discussion Corrections to C-MAMI Tool, v2, 20187,1501Marie McGrath30 Nov 2018
Question Are you finding high levels of GAM among children under 6 months in your country?6,8640Óscar Serrano Oria17 Sep 2018
Discussion Est-ce que vous utilisez l'outil C-MAMI version 1 (2015) ? 9,6643Nicki Connell9 Sep 2017
Discussion Developmental delay and malnutrition9,0892Didier A Dequatre6 Jul 2017
Question MAMI Research. Barriers to the identification of malnutrition in infants less than 6 months9,0090Laura Moore4 May 2017
Question Nice article describing relactation and supplemental suckling as treatment for AMI8,7670Karleen Gribble25 Feb 2017
Discussion Discharge criteria from inpatient care infants <6 months9,0921Katie Beck28 Nov 2016
Discussion screening criteria for Low birth weight children in malnutrition11,3176Anonymous 394425 Sep 2016
Discussion ReSoMaL (Rehydration Solution for Malnutrition) for children under 6 months with severe acute malnutrition19,9609Boukary SORGHO22 Aug 2016
Discussion Nutritional rehabilitation of MAM infants under 6 months admitted with an illness9,9661Martha2 Aug 2016
Discussion Calculating and making SDTM from F100 for a premature 17,6188Odongpiny Charles27 Jul 2016
Question Re: MAMI (Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants <6 months) review / “Story of Change”9,8150Louise Allen22 Jul 2016
Discussion Perceptions of SAM treatment amongst infants under 6 months 11,0498Marie McGrath26 May 2016
Question Assessment of infants under 6 months in survey8,9810Marie McGrath5 May 2016
Discussion Health and Nutrition Key Messages for special cases10,5353Anonymous 32719 Feb 2016
Discussion Which quantity of infant formula for SAM <6m?12,2023Nathalie AVRIL23 Jul 2015
Discussion Edema is infants <6 months and PLW18,8875Tina Lloren20 Mar 2015
Discussion Review of national guidelines 10,2751Tamsin4 Mar 2015
Discussion treatment of SAM in 2 month old12,8096Suzanne Fuhrman22 May 2014
Discussion birth weight and infant growth9,9451kodom collins joseph8 May 2014
Discussion Recording low birth weight and considering it in SAM diagnosis of infants under 6 months11,9146Tamsin9 Apr 2014
Discussion Resources for management of acute malnutrition in infants less than 6 months11,2171Tamsin3 Apr 2014