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Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)

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Question Regional Roundtables: Building Momentum for the Nutrition for Growth Year of Action2100Tamsin Walters17 Feb 2021
Question Request for Information: New Partnerships Initiative Awards through USAID Advancing Nutrition5530Katie Beck28 Sep 2020
Discussion Can we compare nutrition spending across different years 5841Anonymous 4039020 Aug 2020
Question Target Settings8790mohamed siraji27 Feb 2020
Discussion Is fortified Banspatti Ghee (Trans fat) considered healthy to meet the challenges of malnutrition and health issues in Pakistan? That means trans-fat or hydrogenated is becoming an acceptable part of Pakistani diet….1,1592Umbreen10 Dec 2019
Question Scaling up programing w/ urban farming initiative Orlando1,0610Maeven Rogers28 Oct 2019
Question Call for input to 'Making nutrition an integral part of Universal Health Coverage' Tokyo 20201,4770Tamsin Walters10 May 2019
Discussion Processes and criteria for selection of local elected representatives and champion of nutrition in SUN activities1,6541André BITA8 Jan 2019
Discussion Average Annual Reduction Rate - stunting3,1193Anonymous 125616 Feb 2018
Discussion NEX 9 : Applying the Compendium of Actions for Nutrition - the Myanmar experience3,2161Anonymous 216501 Feb 2018
Question Cross-cutting issues3,0020Gbede Mahounou Sother Aimé6 Jan 2018
Discussion SUN-CSA Experience3,6922Anonymous 320718 Dec 2017
Discussion Les meilleurs systèmes d'information nutritionnelle ??3,7552Dr. M I Bulbul10 Oct 2017
Question CSIS Report Launch July 26 | The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement3,8110Tamsin Walters25 Jul 2017
Discussion Webinar Series in August 2017 On BMS Code and IYCF - SUN Civil Society Network & HKI3,7471Tamsin Walters24 Jul 2017
Discussion SUN Networks 5,1408Dr Charulatha Banerjee18 Jul 2017
Discussion Comment faire contribuer davantage et mieux les collectivités territoriales décentralisées au mouvement SUN ?3,5692MAHAZOASY Roger15 Jul 2017
Discussion Tomorrow: Multi-sectoral Mapping of Nutrition Actions webinar 4,4102Tamsin Walters20 Jun 2017
Discussion Notes from Myanmar - an ENN and NI joint visit4,5943Holly D. Sedutto24 Apr 2017
Discussion Supporting Private Sector engagement in fortification/development of nutritional products?3,8341Anonymous 36776 Mar 2017
Discussion What can we do to better engage youth in the SUN Movement?4,7072Thuy Nguyen11 Nov 2016
Question What can we do to encourage the multi–stakeholder cross sector collaboration that is evident in SUN Countries to have a better impact for nutrition?4,0500Thuy Nguyen11 Nov 2016
Question What can be done, practically, to ensure organizations in the Movement, align behind Government plans to end malnutrition so that there is no overlap, duplication and fragmentation?3,9860Thuy Nguyen11 Nov 2016
Question What can be done to better communicate the economic and social impact of improved nutrition, to the right people, and how can we help mobilize resources for all countries?3,8790Thuy Nguyen11 Nov 2016
Question What can we do to put women and girls at the centre of your efforts to champion improved nutrition and how can we support countries like the Kyrgyz Republic and Uganda to achieve sustainable results?4,3290Thuy Nguyen11 Nov 2016
Question Studies on the transformation of the political and national programming in Comoros4,0430Anonymous 405911 Nov 2016
Question Case Studies at a Country Level on Preventing and Managing Conflict of Interest3,8810breda gavin-smith3 Nov 2016
Discussion Call for your experiences on engaging nutrition champions for a new publication.5,88319Scaling Up Nutrition/ Transform Nutrition Moderator 26 Oct 2016
Discussion Need Nutrition Intervention Mapping Tool/Template 4,7994Imran Ali24 Oct 2016
Question Announcement: Upcoming Inagural National Nutrition Symposium by the Academia and Research SUN Network in Kenya3,7750Faith M. Thuita, PhD30 Sep 2016
Question Provide Input on How Business can Support Children in Emergencies4,0670Marie McGrath2 Jul 2016
Question HIV and infant feeding in emergencies4,2420Marie McGrath9 Jun 2016
Discussion Nutrition Commitments and Accountability5,2062Chris Leather 25 May 2016
Discussion Province level SUN platform4,9822Tui Swinnen13 May 2016
Question How to set up an integrated database for Nutrition, Food security and WASH indicators4,3780Tamsin Walters9 May 2016
Discussion Advice on synergies between SUN and the nutrition cluster at country level4,4091Veronica Tuffrey6 May 2016
Question Learning products AWARD - your thoughts4,0510Cecilia Ruberto6 May 2016
Discussion Funding for SUN CSAs - Financiamiento para las ASCs SUN - please tell us about your experiences to secure funding. 5,44510Claire Blanchard27 Apr 2016
Discussion Your input into strategic review of child health programming needed urgently4,3841Marie McGrath25 Apr 2016
Discussion Who are our "Champions"? how do you recognize them, how are we engaging with them?5,3273Cecilia Ruberto20 Apr 2016
Discussion Do you have experience or materials to share in resource mapping?4,6303Cara20 Apr 2016
Discussion How can we link nutrition better with the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sector in planning? - SuSanA discussion5,3162Tamsin Walters12 Apr 2016
Discussion Technical nutrition online courses5,4936Titus Mung'ou7 Apr 2016
Question Tracking multisectoral investments in nutrition webinar4,4850Anonymous 354425 Feb 2016
Question Check out my article on the Role of Communications and Advocacy in SUN for FEX 514,4730Eneya Botoman Phiri23 Feb 2016
Discussion Notice of publication : Nutrition-sensitive research in Ghana4,8224Richmond Aryeetey12 Feb 2016
Discussion NGOs working in the field of Nutrition in Nepal 4,3881Dr. Prabhat Khanal2 Feb 2016
Discussion ToR5,1064Shishay 1 Feb 2016
Discussion Use of information and evidence in policy-making for nutrition4,6842Sergio Cooper Teixeira4 Dec 2015
Discussion Nutrition Budget Line5,7833Titus Mung'ou1 Dec 2015
Discussion How can multiple Government sectors become engaged in planning and costing national nutrition efforts?5,9903Patrizia Fracassi25 Nov 2015
Discussion How can parliamentarians be mobilized to help achieve national nutrition objectives? 6,34611Maria Pizzini25 Nov 2015