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Adolescent nutrition

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Question Adolescent Nutrition Needs during Menstruation Period1200Sandra Phiri18 Nov 2022
Question Adolescent nutrition indicators: which ones should be included in surveys? 4430Natasha Lelijveld7 Jun 2022
Discussion Weekly Iron Folate Supplementation for Adolescent (WIFS)3,2308ISAAC WACHIRA19 Jan 2022
Discussion Cut off BMI for adolescents up to 19 years old3,6191Anonymous 3593122 Aug 2021
Question Research prioritisation exercise for nutrition of school-aged children and adolescents using the CHNRI methodology. 4,1780Tamsin20 Jul 2021
Discussion Webinar question: Can you comment on how participatory activities for designing adolescent nutrition solutions can consider the gender and religious influences on adolescent nutrition ?4,7075Natasha Lelijveld18 Mar 2021
Question Webinar question: Could the appeal for using social media for improving nutrition knowledge and practices be different in urban areas vs. rural areas?3,9210Natasha Lelijveld18 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: How can an ethnographic, participatory approach to adolescent intervention be scaleable?4,0531Natasha Lelijveld18 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: Given that our school curricular are loaded already, how best can nutrition education be dispensed in schools? What best practice evidence is there?5,1627Stephanie Wrottesley11 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: What major interventions should we focus on to improve adolescent nutrition?4,1251Natasha Lelijveld9 Mar 2021
Question Webinar question: can anyone share guidance to measure the dietary diversity for adolescents ? 3,7790Natasha Lelijveld9 Mar 2021
Question Webinar question: I would be interested to know about any work or insights into eating disorders amongst adolescents in LMICs?3,7740Stephanie Wrottesley5 Mar 2021
Question Webinar question: Is there information, or any studies, on nutrition status among adolescents living with HIV? 3,8060Stephanie Wrottesley5 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: Are there guidelines for the use of food and nutrition in prevention and management of NCDs in adolescence in the context of school and at home?4,2481NATASHA LELIJVELD4 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: What promising practices or evidence-based approaches have been effective in addressing adolescent anaemia?4,0361NATASHA LELIJVELD4 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: 'enabling environments' for adolescent health and nutrition4,1032Stephanie Wrottesley3 Mar 2021
Discussion Question arising from the ENN webinar:3,8481Stephanie Wrottesley3 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: What reference for z-scores should we use for adolescents? 4,0892NATASHA LELIJVELD2 Mar 2021
Discussion Webinar question: Is there any attempt to use MUAC for adolescent?4,1551NATASHA LELIJVELD2 Mar 2021
Question The Effect of Unplanned Pregnancy among Women Collage in Wadajir Distract Moqdisho Somalia4,0750Mohamed Hassan Mohamed1 Feb 2021
Discussion Is there any example of adolescent inclusive nutrition programming in general and in Covid19 situation in particular? - COVID-195,1511Aisha Fatima 12 Jun 2020
Discussion Age group of adolescents4,8431Anonymous 3593115 Feb 2020
Discussion MUAC tape for adults and adolescents6,1771Ikechukwu Eberendu 27 Sep 2018
Discussion Adolescent school age nutrition education5,9813Tamsin1 Aug 2018
Discussion Assessing nutrition knowledge in adolescents6,2523Ursula Truebswasser25 Jul 2018
Discussion adolescent school age nutrition education5,9621Anonymous 238444 Jul 2018
Discussion anthropometry for adolescents?6,1982Emily Mates29 Jun 2018
Discussion adolescent malnutrition6,4341Anonymous 2384421 Jun 2018
Discussion adolescent malnutrition6,3711Anonymous 2384421 Jun 2018
Discussion Teen/adolescent pregnancy and under-nutrition6,2161Anne Holmes19 Jun 2018
Discussion health education intervention among adolescent girls5,8791Anonymous 2384419 Jun 2018
Discussion Reaching out of school adolescents 6,6553Emily Mates18 Jun 2018
Question Launch of research on adolescent health and nutrition6,2790Jo Lofthouse23 May 2018