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Discussion Questionnaire for diet-related non-communicable diseases2461Hassen Mahamed2 Mar 2021
Question Factors Influencing Handwashing Practice Among Primary School Children Attending at Altadamun School, Mogadishu-Somalia1310Mohamed Hassan Mohamed [ta'shir]25 Feb 2021
Discussion Physical activity3702Anonymous 4050318 Dec 2020
Discussion Food based dietary Guidelines5871Anonymous 394425 Sep 2020
Discussion Infant and young child feeding interventions8461VICTOR DUODU AMPONSAH14 Mar 2020
Discussion Sanitation and hygiene-safe toilet1,0292Janny Goris19 Jan 2020
Question Non-communicable diseases and food assistance and Rohingya refugees1,4480Mija Ververs25 Jul 2019
Question Malnutrition and reproductive health1,4700Anonymous 1029119 Mar 2019
Discussion Nutrition SBC/education IEC materials in spanish language1,6222Marlene25 Feb 2019
Discussion Duplication in Beneficiaries - How can we solve this phenomenon? Can aggregation method be the solution?2,0601Tammam Ahmed7 Feb 2019
Discussion weight loss1,6112hesbon rasiene11 Dec 2018
Discussion Question to those working on Ebola in charge of feeding patients2,0354Mija Ververs3 Dec 2018
Discussion Evidence on the double burden of malnutrition in humanitarian settings2,1162Tiphaine Boulin15 Jun 2018
Question Food and Nutrition monitoring system (SISVAN in spanish)2,3100Flor Carzon15 May 2018
Question Matériel éducatif 2,9110Anonymous 882118 Dec 2017
Discussion Support nutritionnel pour les survivants à la violence (en relation aux traumatismes et au processus de guérison)3,5756Severine Frison9 Oct 2017
Question Calcul des valeurs nutritionnelles des recettes3,2500Marella Jones6 Oct 2017
Discussion Geriatric nutrition3,8003Sunil Kumar Yadav 28 Aug 2017
Question A Suggestion!!3,5570Tammam Ahmed15 Mar 2017
Question clean water using Sodis system3,2790alan cheshire5 Mar 2017
Question Anyone developed/know - guideline on the management of Cholera outbreak for Haiti? If you have can you share it, kindly?3,7290Lovely Amin7 Nov 2016
Discussion OFSP- Nepal4,4014Anonymous 326122 Sep 2016
Discussion Courses Nutrition Education in Francophone Africa-ENAF4,1282Jean Claude19 Sep 2016
Question IFPRI open data4,0210Ambarka Youssoufane25 Jul 2016
Discussion Launch of Global Nutrition Report 20164,4931Titus Mung'ou12 Jul 2016
Discussion Nutrition and cognition in children5,0515Edem1 Jul 2016
Discussion Membership in professional societies?3,6552Anonymous 367728 Jun 2016
Discussion Diabetes4,6514Nathalie AVRIL2 Dec 2015
Discussion On-line trainings?4,5441Leah Richardson2 Dec 2015
Question Overnutrition4,0120Ahmed9 Nov 2015
Discussion RUTF for stunted children5,0602Anonymous 127827 Sep 2015
Discussion Nutrition Friendly Schools Initiative4,8502Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25 Aug 2015
Discussion Type 1 and Type 2 Nutrients12,5076Yasmin23 Aug 2015
Discussion Pygmy population and anthropometric criteria4,3722Nathalie AVRIL7 Aug 2015
Question Nutrition Mobilization Ressources 4,0550N'DRI Eric-Didier12 May 2015
Discussion Adolescent Nutrition6,1439benylali@yahoo.com20 Feb 2015
Question Use of the Care Group Model in emergency4,5590Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera18 Dec 2014
Question Nutrition Headlines3,8410Annemarie Kueter3 Nov 2014
Discussion chronic malnutrition stunting5,0962Anonymous 247116 Mar 2014
Discussion malnutrition and family planning 6,4973Béatrice Mounier24 Sep 2013
Discussion M&E of CMAM program5,0893Kwamboka 8 May 2013
Question Sample Needs Assessments, competencies and In-Service training for Nutrition4,7670Noreen M Mucha19 Nov 2012
Discussion Stunting4,7191Njeri Waigwa5 Sep 2012
Discussion Ethics in NIE5,0691Linda21 Jun 2012
Question Nutrition throughout the lifecycle4,5830Sam Oluka24 May 2012
Discussion Area of research and Title5,0843NANCY MAINO30 Apr 2012
Discussion Budgeting5,2231REBECCA KATHAMBI1 Aug 2011
Question Nutrition Economics 4,7750Caroline Kanaiza Swahili29 Jul 2011
Question Hard copies of HTP Materials5,1620Ranjith7 Jun 2011
Discussion Introductory lecture on nutrition in emergency (3 hrs)5,4612Linda24 May 2011
Discussion What are the databases that one should look at when doing a literature review on a topic in nutrition?5,2811Ranjith14 May 2010
Question Exit criteria for people living with HIV/AIDS enrolled in supported ART programme5,0760Osama A. Salih30 Sep 2009
Closed Revising the nutrition component of the Sphere Handbook9,1066Susan Thurstans17 Sep 2009
Discussion Clarification - does one "join" - if so how?5,5131Mary Arimond24 Feb 2009