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Management of wasting/acute malnutrition

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Question Survey: Nutrition Support Resource Assessment in Pediatric Inpatient Settings550Laura Vresk22 Sep 2022
Question What are the criteria for exiting the transitional phase in TFC and is a 15% weight gain a criterion for exit?2860MOHAMMED AL-OTHMANI2 Sep 2022
Discussion Determine number of Children treated for period longer than two months in OTP2645Tajudin Ahmed26 Aug 2022
Discussion MUAC increase after admission within one week or 2 weeks for both SAM and MAM1813Angelina Nyibol Akol26 Aug 2022
Discussion Preparation of Therapeutic Feeds3386Anonymous_A_W_408 Aug 2022
Discussion MAM with complications treated as SAM in IPF/ITFC75611Anonymous 3199722 Jul 2022
Discussion Admission Criteria of Acute Malnutrition46010Abdirahim Hussein Jama20 Jul 2022
Question Operational Guideline for wasting - we want to hear from you!3030Natasha Lelijveld14 Jul 2022
Question Post discharge outcomes from CMAM programmes3630Anonymous_A_W_4012 Jul 2022
Discussion a failed response to a child with severe acute malnutrition in OTP, TFC.4444MOHAMMED AL-OTHMANI27 Jun 2022
Discussion How do you calculate acceptable weight gain in a malnourished adult who has been supplied with supplementary food over a certain period?7281Anonymous 4085216 May 2022
Discussion OTP Vs catchment area/caseload6291Abdul Baseer8 May 2022
Discussion Management of SAM patient with Malabsorption94619Anonymous_A_W_4025 Apr 2022
Discussion Appeal for Therapeutic feedings and livelihood empowerment support7611Anonymous 394414 Apr 2022
Discussion Duration of stay in CMAM programs for special children1,2846Anonymous_A_W_4028 Mar 2022
Discussion CMAM centers - scale up1,4861Mustafa22 Mar 2022
Discussion Lancet Global Health OptiMA DRC1,5581Kevin PHELAN16 Mar 2022
Discussion Management of SAM cases1,5703Anonymous 4088612 Mar 2022
Discussion Global average mortality rate for untreated MAM2,9441Colleen Emary24 Jan 2022
Discussion RUTF alternatives in Northern Ethiopia?3,0161Anonymous 4088724 Jan 2022
Question Survey on MAM treatment with local foods2,8250Anonymous 2419 Jan 2022
Question Nutrition Support Resource Assessment in Pediatric Inpatient Settings3,0710Laura Vresk14 Jan 2022
Discussion Hartman solution for Nasogastric tube 3,2251Spencer Rivadeneira9 Jan 2022
Discussion Is there an existing DQA tool for CMAM?3,6685Frederich Christian Tan28 Dec 2021
Discussion Contacts at RUTF production facilities - Madagascar, Burundi, Uganda?3,6073Funding opportunity - nutritional choice 13 Dec 2021
Question New brief: Way forward for wasting programming in light of the evolving Covid-19 situation - COVID-193,4540Natasha Lelijveld11 Nov 2021
Discussion Necessary machinery to produce RUTF3,2461Anonymous 4078611 Oct 2021
Question Peanut weight with shell and without shell3,5540Anonymous 4078611 Oct 2021
Discussion Lessons learned on Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) programmes in conflict settings.3,6081Evert-jan Quak1 Oct 2021
Discussion Average F-75/F-100 per case & frequency of COW training3,5572Lani Trenouth20 Sep 2021
Question Any research work on high GAM rates and good geographical coverage? 3,3270Tammam Ahmed11 Sep 2021
Discussion quality control tools for CMAM reporting : relapses vs. defaulters rates3,6052Alessandro Iellamo9 Sep 2021
Question Best practices for planning, monitoring and managing nutritional inputs3,5510MBAIORNOM ROHITY ISRAEL5 Aug 2021
Discussion Is there a recommended ratio for Community Health Workers to cases?3,6972Heqian K5 Jul 2021
Discussion CMAM protocols in Spanish3,8005Bushra1 Jul 2021
Discussion Z-SCORE of OTP.4,1053MOHAMMED AL-OTHMANI22 Jun 2021
Discussion Using specialized nutrition products for the management of wasting in older children.3,8521Anonymous 1605818 Jun 2021
Question Programme adaptation in the absence of RUF - feedback on information note 13,9770Paul13 Jun 2021
Discussion New WHO RUTF guideline3,8951Anonymous 2410 Jun 2021
Question Acute malnutrition in Rural Communities of sub-Saharan Africa 3,5560Hannah Gibson24 May 2021
Discussion Launch of a private sector engagement and innovation survey for child wasting3,9811Polly Walker22 Apr 2021
Discussion Cure rate of HIV positive patients with wasting/acute malnutrition 3,8181Anonymous 3201220 Apr 2021
Discussion Discharge procedure for TSFP Beneficiary4,2583Naema 18 Mar 2021
Discussion PESO IDEAL EN NIÑOS CON DEFECTO POR REDUCCION / Ideal weight in children with reduction defect3,8861Spencer Rivadeneira24 Feb 2021
Discussion Examples of CMAM capacity mapping/assessment tools3,9791Anonymous 2415 Feb 2021
Discussion Break of international supply chain in F100, North_West Nigeria3,9543Anonymous 405044 Feb 2021
Discussion Relationship between weight and MUAC5,0255Issa 4 Feb 2021
Discussion F-100 or F-75 as an Alternate of RUTF4,2493Anonymous 7394 Feb 2021
Discussion Resources for mapping the "last mile" supply chain for therapeutic food4,2124Lani Trenouth3 Feb 2021
Discussion undernutrition and Gender4,2237Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed3 Feb 2021
Discussion Family MUAC Strategy4,3617Dr Abdoulaye DIALLO8 Jan 2021
Discussion Any protocols or training materials relating to PLW programming4,1102Emily Hockenhull7 Jan 2021
Discussion Tools for country and facility level cMAMI preparedness assessments?4,3174Polly Walker6 Jan 2021
Discussion Therapeutic food preparation4,4323Anonymous 394419 Dec 2020
Discussion Therapeutic food for MDR-TB and HIV patients 4,4845Mhiret Teshome17 Dec 2020
Discussion How to conduct a mortality audit in stabilisation centres?4,2732Anonymous 2412 Nov 2020
Discussion What are the estimated durations of untreated moderate wasting and severe wasting? Are they both still considered to be 7.5 months?5,2663Anonymous 244086 Nov 2020
Discussion Emergency Nutrition trainer training kits or toolkit4,2152EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE2 Nov 2020
Question Seeking any evidence/experience of using RUTF to manage wasting in infants <6 months 4,1030Natasha Lelijveld21 Oct 2020
Discussion Does anyone have an Indicator reference guide with all details for acute malnutrition?4,3873Noreen M Mucha19 Oct 2020
Discussion What is the ingredient ratio for the RUTF recipe? and machinery needs and costs4,5803Alejandro Orendain30 Sep 2020
Discussion App or programme to calculate weight gain (g/kg/day) at each OTP visit5,6756Kirrily de Polnay21 Sep 2020
Question Diarrhea and malnutrition4,0710Mbaye Diop25 Aug 2020
Discussion Minimum flexible discharge criteria for inpatient SAM children4,2621Asfia Azim4 Aug 2020
Discussion Sphere standard for Relapse after severe acute malnutrition - WHO5,0473Joseph Duduka3 Aug 2020
Discussion Inpatient Therapeutic Care (ITC)4,2871Sher Singh Dahit3 Aug 2020
Discussion CHWs toolkit BCC material: does it also include IYCF counselling? 4,4052Anonymous 4036829 Jul 2020
Question Non-compliance factors of Moderate Acute Malnutrition3,9590Anonymous 4036627 Jul 2020
Discussion SAM in a child with ileostomy4,3532Emma Cartmell22 Jun 2020
Question Looking for current national and international SAM/CMAM/IMAM guidelines for study! 4,6280Magdalena Engl8 Jun 2020
Discussion Do we need to reconsider the CMAM admission and discharge criteria?; an analysis of CMAM data in South Sudan4,9542Anonymous 671422 Apr 2020
Question 2018 UNICEF NutriDash data added to the State of Acute Malnutrition website4,9150Abhilasha (Vini) Vaid20 Apr 2020
Discussion I'm looking for assessment tools for evaluating an SC?4,5372Colleen Thomas8 Apr 2020
Question How can we treat a case, in the current conditions, when the parents aren't cooperating? 4,2630Baba cheikh. ONG 2 Apr 2020
Discussion GAM Among OTP cured 4,9536Anonymous 532411 Mar 2020
Discussion Definition of "clinically well" for discharge from OTP 7,2091Alison Donnelly6 Mar 2020
Discussion MAM recovery criteria?5,0853Anonymous 396453 Mar 2020
Discussion RUTF and iron supplementation5,2942Spencer Rivadeneira28 Feb 2020
Question Modified RUTF4,5940Spencer Rivadeneira22 Feb 2020
Discussion NOn Responder. 4,8502Mohammed Mudarrifu21 Feb 2020
Question Bonjour. Je suis nutritionniste exerçant au Cameroun et j'aimerais avoir le protocole nationale de prise en charge de la malnutrition aiguë au Cameroun, cela m'aiderais dans mon travail. Voici mon email merci d'avance4,5950Pouene 5 Feb 2020
Discussion OTPs affecting SAM prevalence....4,9012Anonymous 160583 Feb 2020
Discussion Toolkit request or physiopathology training module for acute malnutrition5,0221EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE21 Nov 2019
Discussion Treatment of SAM for children with Thalassemia. 5,2871Brooke26 Sep 2019
Discussion A new publication on efficacy of RUTF reduced dose in Burkina in PLoS Med5,4742Cécile Salpéteur6 Sep 2019
Discussion OTP - Reduced frequency of visits in insecure areas or non-functioning health system5,2934Anonymous 3252428 Aug 2019
Discussion Summary of cost per child treated and cost per child recovered5,9098Lani Trenouth21 Aug 2019
Discussion Where can I find data on death, default and cure rates from as many CMAM programmes globally?5,7634Anonymous 332027 Aug 2019
Discussion Counting of PLW admitted to TSFP5,4052Stephen1 Aug 2019
Discussion RUTF stuck in a closed container over 90 days, is this safe to use? 5,1853Anonymous 74824 Jul 2019
Discussion Home-made rehydration solution for the management of diarrhea 5,6983Edem20 Jul 2019
Discussion How to manage a SAM inpatient case with F75 intolerance5,5327Charity20 Jun 2019
Discussion OTP Discharge Criteria in CMAM programme 5,4611Lovely Amin12 Jun 2019
Discussion Coping strategy for use of RUTF6,0957Anonymous 325811 Jun 2019
Discussion Iron folic acid supplementation in MAM children in SFP7,1882Anonymous 325247 Jun 2019
Discussion Association between treatment outcome and length of stay 5,1403Anonymous 38005 Jun 2019
Discussion Routine antibiotics in community management of SAM 5,4341Spencer Rivadeneira29 May 2019
Discussion RUSF and RUTF - malnourished PLW6,7505Anonymous 2440824 May 2019
Discussion studies regarding relationship between the age of the mother and child acute undernutrition incidence5,0941Ana María García16 May 2019
Discussion RUTF - SAM treatment5,6523Anonymous 2440815 May 2019
Question Call for input to 'Making nutrition an integral part of Universal Health Coverage' Tokyo 20205,1280Anonymous 2410 May 2019
Discussion The new Therapeutic milk 5,5312Desalegn2 May 2019
Discussion MUAC vs W/H 6,5046Anonymous 2440828 Apr 2019
Discussion The Harmonized Training Package (HTP): Resource Material for Training on Nutrition in Emergencies (in French)5,8305EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE24 Apr 2019
Discussion Allergic Reactions to RUTF6,2656Andrew23 Apr 2019
Discussion malnutrition surveillance system + food stamps4,8981Caroline15 Apr 2019
Question Biometric Registration in CMAM4,9940Anonymous 319018 Mar 2019
Discussion Newly approved IMAM Guideline for Somalia7,7827Mohamed Billow18 Mar 2019
Discussion RUTF supply forecasting 5,6691Alison Donnelly12 Mar 2019
Discussion CMAM Reports. What happened between admission and discharge?6,4855Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed7 Mar 2019
Discussion MAM vs. appetite test correlation 5,8381Anonymous 53246 Mar 2019
Discussion Simplified protocol - kwashiorkor cases?5,8944Anonymous 244085 Mar 2019
Question Acute phase and HIV4,8900DIALLO27 Feb 2019
Discussion Why GAM (SAM+MAM) Rates are high in lowland areas more than highland areas?7,1929Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed14 Feb 2019
Discussion INICIO Y PROGRESION DEL EDEMA EN KWASHIORKOR6,2114Spencer Rivadeneira9 Feb 2019
Question WHO Emergency threshold SAM5,3700Anonymous 244087 Feb 2019
Question What the signs of damaged RUTF/RUSF/other food commodities5,1160Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed24 Jan 2019
Discussion FTLC EN FASE DE ESTABILIZACION / RUTF use in stabilisation phase6,5933Spencer Rivadeneira8 Jan 2019
Discussion Does Low MUAC treated with RUTF result in children becoming obese?5,8273Mark Myatt13 Dec 2018
Discussion Brachial perimeter - variation6,1463Caroline André22 Nov 2018
Discussion Alternative forms in which to administer RUTF5,7304Spencer Rivadeneira13 Nov 2018
Discussion Plumpy nut - replacement - local preparation5,6672Caroline André26 Oct 2018
Discussion CMAM Report and CMAM reporting 6,0583Victoria Sibson24 Oct 2018
Discussion MNPs and RUTF at the same time?5,9392Jen Hatchard12 Oct 2018
Discussion How to establish Care Groups6,8613Ange 9 Oct 2018
Discussion materials / books for field monitors5,9843Caroline André27 Sep 2018
Discussion Coartem administration to SAM children in malaria endemic area6,1352Anonymous 27295 Sep 2018
Discussion inpatient SAM management6,2823Ruba Abu-Taleb4 Sep 2018
Discussion MUAC and oedema5,8033Mark Myatt30 Aug 2018
Discussion Cash for nutrition and Nutrition & health service utilization6,2313Edgar 30 Aug 2018
Discussion Case fatality rate for SAM and MAM with reference6,7653Anonymous 224329 Aug 2018
Discussion Medical treatment of malnutrition5,8262Mbaye Diop9 Aug 2018
Question Cochrane Special Collections on Acute Malnutrition published 5,4480Celeste Naude8 Aug 2018
Discussion MUAC cutoff to screen SAM7,70314Wondayferam Gemeda Guluma7 Aug 2018
Question Risk factors for SAM (nutritional causal analysis) - Study from Chad5,4250Mark Myatt2 Aug 2018
Question Chemical water quality5,4930Matt Arnold1 Aug 2018
Discussion Open access Linear Programming tool used in East Africa6,2823Katie Beck31 Jul 2018
Discussion RUTF ration at the time of discharge6,6501Anonymous 352711 Jul 2018
Discussion Skin changes in severe acute malnutrition -global distribution5,9024Sofine Heilskov7 Jun 2018
Discussion MUAC and mortality in India6,2632Mark Myatt4 Jun 2018
Discussion Manuscript reviewers6,5143Alexander7 May 2018
Discussion Cochrane Special Collection of systematic reviews: SAM & MAM6,3144Celeste Naude24 Apr 2018
Discussion Recovery and relapse from SAM6,9892Mark Myatt10 Apr 2018
Discussion CMAM Interventions7,1274Winnie Alando9 Apr 2018
Question Some experiences of MUAC only programming in Nigeria5,6740Mark Myatt9 Apr 2018
Question OTP Admission 7,1820Lovely Amin12 Mar 2018
Discussion Concerns regarding guidance on MAM included in WHO overweight/obesity guideline7,0123Marie McGrath27 Feb 2018
Discussion Monitoring with MUAC on admission7,99611Casie Tesfai21 Feb 2018
Discussion Closes tomorrow: input into the new CMAM Training Guide6,6571Alice Nkoroi1 Feb 2018
Question Calculating expected number of MAM Children with medical Complication 6,3950Sinksar 23 Jan 2018
Question Take a Survey to Contribute to the New CMAM Training Guide6,5600Alice Nkoroi22 Jan 2018
Question Take a Survey to Contribute to the New CMAM Training Guide6,3510Alice Nkoroi22 Jan 2018
Question 5 star enriched porridge7,2160Anonymous 1029116 Jan 2018
Question Request for contributions of grey literature on wasting prevention6,9700Anonymous 2414 Jan 2018
Discussion Do we have "SAM Cure Rate" in health facilities running CMAM program10,22715Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed9 Jan 2018
Discussion Administering Folic Acid for MAM children with Anemia6,9442Anonymous 42197 Jan 2018
Discussion Request for Community Nutrition programming Documentation/toolkits7,4201EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE23 Nov 2017
Discussion Cooking demonstrations9,3392Anonymous 1029122 Nov 2017
Question Help us improve the State of Severe Malnutrition Website / Help us improve The State of Severe Malnutrition website6,7460Anne Salter20 Nov 2017
Discussion Trouver la médiane pour le dépistage de la malnutritoin par le périmètre brachial (PB) 7,6325Alison Donnelly16 Nov 2017
Question Suppléments nutritionnels prêts à l'emploi (RUSF) pour personnes handicapées ?? 6,5660Anonymous 1736615 Nov 2017
Discussion Prédire le nombre de cas7,3522Mark Myatt9 Nov 2017
Question Consommation de RUSF pour les femmes enceintes et allaitantes6,5580aisha mohamed24 Oct 2017
Discussion Comment réduire la mortalité des cas de MAS en hospitalisation 7,2153Anonymous 1620820 Oct 2017
Discussion Traitement de cas grave de Kwashiorkor7,8683Severine Frison9 Oct 2017
Question Traitement de la MAS en situation de choléra/diarrhée aqueuse aigue.7,7680Marie McGrath6 Oct 2017
Discussion Possibilités accrues de support Tech RRT pour les organsations individuelles pour les programmes CMAM7,1831Andi Kendle25 Sep 2017
Question Possibilités accrues pour le soutien Tech RRT à des organisations individuelles pour les programmes CMAM7,5780Andi Kendle25 Sep 2017
Question Pouvez-vous partager le protocole ou expérience en double dosage pour le traitement de la malnutrition aiguë. 7,1870Anonymous 29421 Sep 2017
Discussion FEX 55: Training of health workers on the management of SAM in hospitals, Mali8,1563Hamadoun Almahadi HAIDARA9 Sep 2017
Discussion Estimations de cas pour lesquels les critères de MUAC ont changé7,9035Marie McGrath5 Sep 2017
Question Réponse aux surgescences de besoins de prise en charge communautaire de malnutrition aigue sévère (CMAM) dans les communautés pastorales6,9790Marie McGrath5 Sep 2017
Discussion Measle vaccine 7,6842Anonymous 724715 Aug 2017
Discussion MAM PLW ENROLLMENT 8,56712Anonymous 724714 Aug 2017
Discussion Plumpy'Doz age limit8,1231Marwa Alsubaih20 Jul 2017
Discussion Approvisionnement en Plumpy Nut 7,0911David Dawson18 Jul 2017
Discussion CMAM Programmes in Southern Malawi7,6224Anonymous 102976 Jul 2017
Discussion Linked between major medical complications and malnutrition9,3805Anonymous 96393 Jul 2017
Question Nutritional Inputs Supply Cycle7,2780BESSO Ernest MAHAMAT23 Jun 2017
Discussion Important question to all involved in Planning and Implementing Nutrition Programmes 7,9862Mija4 Jun 2017
Question Theory of Change diagram for CMAM approach7,6300Colleen Emary24 May 2017
Question Vaccination recording6,7190jitendra yadaV18 May 2017
Discussion MAM Management7,3611Sosena 17 May 2017
Discussion Percentage of oedematous SAM in South Asia7,2202Preethi NR15 May 2017
Discussion Use of term : Protein Energy Malnutrition?8,4855Mija13 May 2017
Discussion Screening with referral for SAM but without referral for MAM? 7,8021Anonymous 367710 May 2017
Discussion Average length of stay in Stabilization Center9,2313Njeri Waigwa3 May 2017
Discussion Call for Data for SAM Incidence study- Deadline Extended to 30 April 20177,3561Louise Mwirigi20 Apr 2017
Discussion Preparation of WFPs Corn-Soy products7,6381Isabel Potani11 Apr 2017
Discussion antipyretics for children with SAM?11,9708Indi Trehan8 Apr 2017
Discussion Provision of monthly RUTF in hard to reach areas8,0175Anonymous 38358 Apr 2017
Discussion Routine antibiotics in SAM children8,1444Neha4 Apr 2017
Question Launch of a global research prioritisation exercise for acute malnutrition7,7250Anonymous 243 Apr 2017
Discussion Acceptable length of stay in TSFP8,6801desta zeweldi29 Mar 2017
Discussion use of lactose free formula milk in F-758,8513Saba Shahid24 Mar 2017
Discussion quality of plumpy nut when the consistency of sachet got firmed? 8,1603Nini Tun 17 Mar 2017
Discussion Getting RUTF on the WHO list of Essential medicines - Call to sign a letter of support - repost13,66827Sonja Read2 Feb 2017
Closed Getting RUTF on the WHO list of Essential medicines - Call to sign a letter of support8,2532Sonja Read2 Feb 2017
Discussion Micronutrients for SAM cases8,7385shima mansor 19 Jan 2017
Discussion Can F-100 been given at home?8,1172Anonymous 30689 Jan 2017
Question Utilization of F 100 and F 75 Therapeutic Milk to Malnourished Pregnant and Lactating Women 7,9440Dr Muhammad Nasir20 Dec 2016
Discussion Management of children suffering from Moderate acute malnutrition during the supplies pipeline break8,6373Anonymous 6359 Dec 2016
Discussion Vitamin A for SAM Children10,9586Anonymous 13108 Dec 2016
Discussion DEWORMING IN SAM CASES14,9856Anonymous 40911 Dec 2016
Discussion nutrition assessement7,6042Asha Abdullahi28 Nov 2016
Discussion Where is MUAC used as the only admission criteria for SAM treatment programmes?8,6623Natalie Sessions24 Nov 2016
Discussion New article on prevalence, incidence, and caseload of SAM14,6412Mark Myatt23 Nov 2016
Question Biomarkers for Acute MN8,1620Hatty Barthorp8 Nov 2016
Question Affect of untreated MAM on SAM7,4730Anonymous 32587 Nov 2016
Discussion Do you know where CHWs are conducting SAM treatment at a community level? Do you have any relevant resources that you can share? 9,69011Natalie Sessions3 Nov 2016
Discussion MUAC and WHZ and mortality.8,6214Mark Myatt31 Oct 2016
Discussion RUTF/RUSF dose per child11,4714Nitsuh Fikir27 Oct 2016
Question Low mid-upper arm circumference identifies children with a high risk of death who should be the priority target for treatment8,3250André Briend22 Oct 2016
Discussion Performance Indicators for SAM OTP with no SFP program9,5423Anonymous 237112 Oct 2016
Discussion How long to continue RUTF for SAM children enrolled in OTP?9,7435Neha12 Oct 2016
Discussion Improving Quality in IPC management of Malnutrition8,0002Anonymous 39442 Oct 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update7,6490Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update7,4200Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Discussion Prepartion of ReSoMal when there is no CMV10,2937Agnes Aongola30 Sep 2016
Discussion Vitamin A supplementation8,1961Rain-bow26 Sep 2016
Question Inclusion of non- foods causes of malnutrition in CMAM programming7,3950Anonymous 394425 Sep 2016
Discussion Recommendations for limiting the recurrence of malnutrition in Africa ?9,1468Anonymous 389221 Sep 2016
Discussion Information / references about SAM 2 strategy8,1512COOPI20 Sep 2016
Discussion second generation TSFP8,8764Atif Ismail14 Sep 2016
Discussion Research areas for CMAM9,6077Robert Bob Kawonga9 Sep 2016
Discussion Mother's using MUAC : Results of a large-scale trial8,5342Mark Myatt6 Sep 2016
Discussion Any available studies on refugee population8,0331Alexander2 Sep 2016
Discussion SFP: return of exited beneficiaries7,9892Anonymous 390731 Aug 2016
Question Protein content in diluted skimmed milk 7,2690Anonymous 388118 Aug 2016
Discussion Can Plumpy Sup be used for blanket supplementary feeding program (BSFP) in the scarcity of Plumpy Doz?10,4398Anonymous 131015 Aug 2016
Discussion ChroSAM study - how can we better support malnourished children to Thrive as well as Survive?8,2581Dr Marko Kerac27 Jul 2016
Discussion ALIMA's guidelines for implementing Mother MUAC/PB meres8,8853Kevin PHELAN26 Jul 2016
Discussion Quarterly distribution plan of RUTF, F100, F75 and ReSoMal7,9831Moses Cowan21 Jul 2016
Discussion Investigation period necessary for researching effect of sharing in MAM/SAM programming: Senegal8,5052Eric S. Anderson12 Jul 2016
Discussion We are Working Against "Default Definition, Aren't we?9,2553Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed21 Jun 2016
Discussion Treatment of SAM with complications using diluted plumpy nut instead of F75 and F100.8,8803Anonymous 377221 Jun 2016
Question New article on safety of using MUAC in CMAM programs9,7010Mark Myatt15 Jun 2016
Question HIV and infant feeding in emergencies7,9330Marie McGrath9 Jun 2016
Question nutrition supplements after surgery7,9430A Beckingham3 Jun 2016
Discussion Protocols for nutritional care and treatment of severely malnourished adult HIV/AIDS patients on ART7,9811Anonymous 372624 May 2016
Discussion Innovative ideas to contribute in Malnutrition reduction9,1895AS20 May 2016
Discussion Your input into strategic review of child health programming needed urgently8,5981Marie McGrath25 Apr 2016
Discussion Discharge criteria when using MUAC for admission 10,5893Anonymous 365119 Apr 2016
Discussion estimated unit cost for establishment of stabilization centre9,1272Anonymous 354913 Apr 2016
Discussion Stimulation activities for severely malnourished children receiving inpatient treatment8,4875Allison Daniel1 Apr 2016
Discussion Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program(BSFP) Does it need anthropometric measurements?30,34517Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed17 Mar 2016
Question Is there a need for a scoop for F-75 and F-100?8,3120Anonymous 14559 Mar 2016
Discussion 'homemade' F75 - supplement of folic acid?8,6702Sunniva N.3 Mar 2016
Discussion F-75, F-100 packaging9,7082Anonymous 354629 Feb 2016
Discussion Cost of RUTF13,6004Suhail26 Feb 2016
Discussion RUTF14,46913Anonymous 352723 Feb 2016
Discussion Indicators9,9522Alexander16 Feb 2016
Discussion Is it possible to have nutrition programs for over 5 who acutely malnourished (SAM) apart from MAM service for only PLW (lactating mothers with kid<6 months and Preg women from her 2nd trimester)?7,8991Ahmed Ali Issack2 Feb 2016
Question Questionnaire UNICEF sur l’Hygiène et la Sécurité Alimentaire pour l’utilisation du Lait Thérapeutique F75 et F100 8,0850Maria Elisa Forteza29 Jan 2016
Question Food Safety and Hygiene Questionnaire for the Use of Therapeutic Milk F75 and F1007,9650Maria Elisa Forteza29 Jan 2016
Question MUAC use in short children: recently published AJCN article8,0450Kevin PHELAN21 Jan 2016
Discussion discharge criteria15,16622Ahmed-Nur14 Jan 2016
Discussion Preparation of Soup for treatment of SAM & MAM at emergency sites9,0873Anteneh Berhane6 Jan 2016
Discussion Improving awareness and adherence on Acute Malnutrition treatment 9,50011Tomas Zaba3 Jan 2016
Discussion Relationship between MUAC and weight changes in children aged 6–59 months11,5669Mark Myatt23 Dec 2015
Discussion Food Safety Questionnaire for use of Therapeutic Milk F75 and F1008,4071Maria Elisa Forteza9 Dec 2015
Question Updated CMAM Mapping.8,0530Suhail25 Nov 2015
Discussion replacement for Plumpy net 9,3413Nini Tun 20 Nov 2015
Discussion Abdominal enlargement for SAM patients treated in ITC8,5431Anonymous 240817 Nov 2015
Discussion Treatment protocols for Cholera and SAM9,0801Anonymous 306617 Nov 2015
Discussion Regarding Moved out beneficiaries 9,1504Syed Raza Shah16 Nov 2015
Discussion products price8,2803fatemeh14 Nov 2015
Discussion RUTF FDA Approved9,2737Suhail10 Nov 2015
Discussion Is it correct to say one beneficiary in BSFP, if absent for 3 or more weeks visit, to say defaulter ? as we labeled in OTP/ TSFP ?8,5882Zelalem Tilahun20 Oct 2015
Discussion Management of MAM in HIV adults9,1754Ahmed20 Oct 2015
Discussion Amoxicillin first line antibiotic10,8177Syed Raza Shah17 Oct 2015
Discussion Transitioning in inpatient care8,3523Anonymous 243215 Oct 2015
Question Any new global recommendations planned for most effective antibiotics for SAM with complications?8,1950Wendy Dyment14 Oct 2015
Discussion CMAM 11,8414Shishay 13 Oct 2015
Question Can goat milk be processed to be used as a therapeautic subsitute for those children in the onset of moderately malnutrition in our low income communities?8,0350Bertha Munthali11 Oct 2015
Discussion MAM incidence over hungry season in Chad7,5931Anonymous 32024 Oct 2015
Discussion Setting up RUTF Production Facility in Africa - Questions12,32928Anand Chauhan28 Sep 2015
Question WANTED! Capture-recapture data from CSAS surveys8,3590Mark Myatt21 Sep 2015
Discussion Only MUAC for admission and discharge?16,05550Anonymous 31015 Sep 2015
Question Example of Quantification and Supply Planning for RUTF, F-100,F-75, CMV and ReSoMal7,7070Wisdom27 Aug 2015
Question DERNIÈRE RAPPEL: Enquête sur une utilisation adaptée de l’ATPE (besoin d'une recette alternative d’ATPE produite localement)8,1280Hannah Pesu27 Aug 2015
Question FINAL REMINDER: RUTF Suitability Survey - Is an alternative recipe needed? 7,6040Hannah Pesu27 Aug 2015
Discussion One week missing doses of Plumpy Nut? What to do?9,82016Dina Jardaneh25 Aug 2015
Discussion In case of No Plumpy Sup.. What is the fate of already admitted MAM cases?8,4653Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed22 Aug 2015
Discussion Funding for RUTF in Haiti7,8931Anonymous 281220 Aug 2015
Discussion Quantification and Supply Plan for Management of Acute Malnutrition Products9,7536Wisdom20 Aug 2015
Discussion What first? Medical treatment or Nutritional treatment.8,0073Suhail12 Aug 2015
Discussion Importance of Measles Vaccine for SAM cases8,7263Moses Cowan8 Aug 2015
Question Enquête sur une utilisation adaptée de l’ATPE - NEW RUTF RECIPE - IS IT NEEDED?8,0630Hannah Pesu29 Jul 2015
Question Are diarrheal diseases common in the communities where there is nutritional intervention?7,8080Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed28 Jul 2015
Discussion Local Production of F75 and F1009,0411Sura Samman28 Jul 2015
Question NEW RUTF RECIPE - IS IT NEEDED? - 10-15 minute survey to have your say8,2550Hannah Pesu8 Jul 2015
Discussion Health facilities assessment on quality delivery of High Impact Nutrition Interventions9,0503ISAAC WACHIRA2 Jul 2015
Question Hot Weather Reduces the Child Appetite...Do you agree???8,5120Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed1 Jul 2015
Question Examples of meaningful use of empty PlumpyNut sachets?8,5770Mija26 Jun 2015
Discussion iCCM and acute malnutrition10,0124Kris25 Jun 2015
Discussion RUSF ration for adults9,2682Blessing Mureverwi23 Jun 2015
Discussion Reliability of MUAC in monitoring and Percentage of SAM cases developing complications.9,1344Suhail23 Jun 2015
Discussion Exit criteria and length of stay9,9737Suhail17 Jun 2015
Discussion Lactose Intolerance8,7692Layal22 May 2015
Discussion Urgent question for treatment of AM in besieged areas of Syria with NO access to RUTF9,5575Óscar Serrano Oria20 May 2015
Discussion Nutritional recommendations children > 5 yrs, adolescent, adults, elderly..8,5792Sunniva N.20 May 2015
Discussion Calculation of MAM children from 6-23 months age group 9,3961Muhammad Khan 3 May 2015
Discussion F-75 and f-1008,7792Anonymous 285228 Apr 2015
Discussion Exit strategy for CMAM OTP and SFP Program.11,5503Syed Raza Shah18 Apr 2015
Discussion vaccination contre la rougeole chez l'enfant severement malnutri avec complications medicales associees8,4651Mahamadou Adamou1 Apr 2015
Question Use of RUSF for PLWs with Hepatitis A7,9860Anonymous 51229 Mar 2015
Discussion Use of "acute" for children >5 and adults8,9771Tina Lloren20 Mar 2015
Discussion Nutrition and rapid response8,1111Anonymous 286717 Mar 2015
Question Safe ranges for nutritients in F75 and F1008,1380Anonymous 28523 Mar 2015
Discussion Kwashiorkor...?9,2222steve munyi26 Feb 2015
Discussion Peanut allergy10,9431André Briend24 Feb 2015
Discussion MUAC = Mother Understand And Can do it11,71515Mark Myatt23 Feb 2015
Discussion Is MAM treatment still relevant ?13,83510Anonymous 282219 Feb 2015
Discussion RUTF and coeliac disease9,2273Iris Bollemeijer13 Feb 2015
Closed Call for Proposals: Relationship between recovery and/or cure rates and relapse, default rates and/or repeated episodes in the treatment of acute malnutrition in humanitarian emergencies9,0110Erin Boyd10 Feb 2015
Discussion Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition - dicharge criteria and minimum lenght of stay 8,4301Anonymous 28149 Feb 2015
Discussion Using PD Hearth in place of SFP10,0124Anonymous 28126 Feb 2015
Discussion Protocols for Treatment of MAM - admission and discharge criteria and experiences using RUTF9,6002Anonymous 28126 Feb 2015
Discussion Treatment of severe acute malnutrition10,2132Issack Yakub15 Jan 2015
Discussion RUTF soon to expire9,7864mona maman6 Jan 2015
Discussion Calculating Pregnant and Lactating Women To Target in Supplementary Feeding Program12,3653Anonymous 42222 Dec 2014
Discussion Diarrhoea in children taking F-100 and F-10010,0826steve munyi28 Nov 2014
Discussion quellle est la place de psycho social dans la prise en charge de la malnutrition aigue sévére?8,5852Diallo22 Nov 2014
Discussion Management of SAM cases8,5723Mumuni Abdul-Fataw11 Nov 2014
Discussion Can F75 and F100 be given in the community through a 24-hour health facility or as day care ITP facility?8,5551Anonymous 24085 Nov 2014
Discussion MUAC measurements9,3632Martha.N24 Oct 2014
Discussion Death rate in SC8,8212Anonymous 233920 Oct 2014
Discussion Guidance for CMAM expanded admissions criteria12,8365Anonymous 2430 Sep 2014
Discussion Emergency response8,5851Atif 28 Sep 2014
Discussion Triggers for deciding on CMAM programming10,4859Anonymous 2426 Sep 2014
Question Dosage and duration of amoxicillin - do revised WHO guidelines apply to SAM?9,0540Casie Tesfai22 Sep 2014
Question F100 and F75 in case of Renal failure 7,7440Mhamoud Bozo17 Sep 2014
Closed What is the most appropriate nutritional support that can be provided for patients with ebola virus disease to promote recovery?9,0212Anonymous 245 Sep 2014
Discussion Standard for MUAC gain (mm / day) of children in management of acute malnutrition programs10,0429Anonymous 22431 Sep 2014
Discussion SFP beneficiaries8,6492Atif 31 Aug 2014
Discussion Weight Gaining9,4601Moses Cowan31 Aug 2014
Discussion What should be the nutritional support to adult patients with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in treatment centres in West Africa?17,83023Mija30 Aug 2014
Question How to treat SAM patients with CHD or renal diseases?8,5560Anonymous 2426 Aug 2014
Discussion Beneficiary calculation for multiple years8,7153Sanne Bakker19 Aug 2014
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Discussion SAM defaulter returing with MUAC >=11.5cms9,7663Anonymous 59812 Aug 2014
Discussion Body composition to measure malnutrition9,3056Iratxe Ciriza9 Aug 2014
Question vit A and folic acid for SAM treatment in adults who are on PlumpyNut?8,1730Mija25 Jul 2014
Discussion What to do when ReSoMal and CMV not available?22,75712Anonymous 9421 Jul 2014
Question UES OF MNT (Medical Nutrition therapy) for Treatment of SAM any evidence 7,8390Anonymous 21518 Jul 2014
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Discussion Administration of zinc tablets to severely malnourished children8,5841Kristyn26 Jun 2014
Discussion severely malnourished case unable to tolerate plumpu nut10,5467Marie Stephan21 Jun 2014
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Discussion Management of MAM in India9,3162Jeanette Bailey17 Mar 2014
Discussion Substitute Plumpy'sup for Plumpy'nut in stock out11,0423Anonymous 9413 Mar 2014
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Discussion Treatment of dirrhea with OSR in internal center (Hospital)8,6363Amadou Maman Sani10 Mar 2014
Question socio-economic status and recovery time in ITCs8,3270Martha.N6 Mar 2014
Discussion Inclusion of children with cngenital diseases in the management of acute malnutrition9,8519Marie Stephan18 Feb 2014
Discussion Prevention of MAM through Ag/Food Security, Social Protection/ECD and WASH9,5587Noreen M Mucha11 Feb 2014
Discussion Using Road to Health Charts, is a percentile cut-off commonly used to indicate growth problems9,2525Hatty Barthorp31 Jan 2014
Question Infection Control - Training Nurses in a Special Nutrition Unit8,1250Charulatha Banerjee31 Jan 2014
Discussion Use of half strength infant formula instead of F75 Formula16,8466Gail Cummins17 Jan 2014
Question An INGO directly working with the district MoH as its implementing partner to run CMAM program for whole of the district8,0760Dr. Kamal Raj3 Jan 2014
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Discussion Do you think your child is malnourished?14,4838Lio16 Dec 2013
Closed Causes of diarrhea in stabilization center 8,4200Anonymous 6359 Dec 2013
Question RUTF in lactose intolerant children8,2690Anonymous 240827 Nov 2013
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Discussion Calculating caseloads-cmam=SAM/or MAM- need for clarification-part of the formula24,98517Cornelia Wakhanu10 Oct 2013
Discussion HKI & MAM Study8,7323Chantal Autotte Bouchard3 Oct 2013
Discussion Target weight based minimum weight during treatment at OTP sites 12,4975Muhammad Khan 2 Oct 2013
Discussion MUAC out...10,29111Chantal Autotte Bouchard1 Oct 2013
Discussion adding skim milk powder to local food mix in community settlings8,7961Anonymous 218026 Sep 2013
Question roasting of peanuts and melting point of RUTF9,1570Anonymous 59824 Sep 2013
Discussion How to estimate SAM in a very insecured area.8,8251Issack Yakub10 Sep 2013
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Discussion Deworming in a SAM child below 1 year of age12,2331Charulatha Banerjee16 Jul 2013
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Discussion Zinc quantities in RUSF 8,3851Anonymous 77022 May 2013
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Discussion figures for planning purposes8,4651Anonymous 22684 May 2013
Discussion Chlorinated water for SAM/MAM children with rehydratation9,3762Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera23 Apr 2013
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Discussion How to manage a Marasmic Child14,1139Zakayo26 Mar 2013
Discussion Is it possible to add skimmed milk powder to Hyderabad Mix? 9,8531Dr. Ishaprasaf Bhagwat 25 Mar 2013
Discussion Output Monitoring System for Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM)11,6249Roger Mathisen20 Mar 2013
Discussion Criteria for Non-response to treatment in OTP and SFP.8,7521Bheru Lal 14 Mar 2013
Discussion Sharing of nutritional products at family and community levels: looking for data8,4752Anonymous 52528 Feb 2013
Discussion RUTF taste and acceptability: children's perspective 13,0905Anonymous 145521 Feb 2013
Discussion Recommended total population that an OTP should service8,5112Hatty Barthorp12 Feb 2013
Discussion monitoring MUAC change - use for decision making in follow-up visits10,0936Anonymous 75828 Jan 2013
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Discussion Calculating estimated TSFP food commodities needed 12,83411Anonymous 8114 Jan 2013
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Question Recipe for making fortified biscuits with powdered milk/BMS8,1280Anonymous 21728 Jan 2013
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Discussion Treatment of SAM in older people through outpatient12,0749Pascale Fritsch15 Oct 2012
Discussion how common are W/H z-scores <-49,1574Anonymous 15018 Oct 2012
Discussion Assistance with design of a supplementary food for pregnant women in Bangladesh9,6262Anonymous 2427 Sep 2012
Discussion Discharge Criteria in OTP: 15% GoW vs. W/H>-1.5SD10,7688Anonymous 135427 Sep 2012
Discussion Monitoring of a child with severe acute malnutrition with bilateral oedema8,6722Anonymous 157026 Sep 2012
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Question How to monitor and evaluate Fresh Food Supply for MAM chidlren?8,3930Nicholus Tint Zaw12 Sep 2012
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Question Causes of Kwashiorkhor ?8,4920Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2 Aug 2012
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Question New WHO guidelines for severe acute malnutrition managment8,8550Anonymous 13509 Apr 2012
Question Centre-Based Care for Children with SAM: Challenges8,4570Anonymous 12782 Apr 2012
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Discussion A COMPLICATED CASE OF KWASHIORKAR+ NEPHRITIS9,3279Kiran Deshpande Shukla2 Mar 2012
Question How and when is it appropriate to use nutritional products for the prevention and treatment of MAM? 8,9690Anonymous 2421 Feb 2012
Discussion Defaulting of benefiaries9,7322Martin Kumbe16 Feb 2012
Discussion Borderline MUAC and Z-score measurements11,9949Martin Kumbe16 Feb 2012
Discussion Selection of CMAM implementing facilities in a development context8,0471Anonymous 121414 Feb 2012
Question Is there scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of protection rations?8,4710Anonymous 1188 Feb 2012
Question follow up nutritional support post RTUTF8,4560Kathleen Lamaute20 Jan 2012
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Question Still SAM w/h after 8 weeks of treatment ???8,3860Kiran Deshpande Shukla7 Jan 2012
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Discussion How to report the uncured registered cases at the end of the program?15,0438Anonymous 106310 Dec 2011
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Discussion What is the average LOS of a child submitted into OTP programme?10,3844Anonymous 6512 Dec 2011
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Discussion nutritional value and impact of moringa - the 'miracle tree'12,90816Victoria Sibson2 Sep 2011
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Question BP5 or NRG?8,8170Victoria Sibson1 Sep 2011
Discussion Dilution of F100 to be used as F7512,2151Anonymous 39423 Aug 2011
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Discussion Catch Up Growth in SAM - what process?9,6192Cécile Salpéteur18 Aug 2011
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Discussion Weight gain in SC, is it a performance indicators?10,62810Jean NADEMBEGA21 Jul 2011
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Question Analysis of GAM : SAM ratios8,4850Rogers Wanyama22 Jun 2011
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Discussion Tanahshi Botleneck Analysis applied to Integrated Managemement of Severe Acute Malnutrition 9,2591Biram Ndiaye2 Jun 2011
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Discussion Discharge criteria for OTP in areas with both therapeutic and supplementary feeding11,2423Paul12 May 2011
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Discussion SFP planning: estimating total caseload9,2422Anonymous 5775 Apr 2011
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Discussion News on the Minimum Reporting Package?9,0771Elisa Dominguez30 Mar 2011
Discussion What is the best product for pregnant or lactating women in Africa/Asia that consume an 'average' diet in food-insecure areas?9,9611Mija28 Mar 2011
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Discussion Implementation of 2006 WHO child growth standards9,9642Rogers Wanyama2 Dec 2010
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Question Amount of ReSoMal to be given per loose stool8,3680Anonymous 39030 Nov 2010
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Discussion Cost per DALY averted for CMAM programs10,3506Mark Myatt27 Sep 2010
Discussion Cost of CMAM and TFC per child9,1231Anonymous 36020 Sep 2010
Discussion What's the spontaneous recovery rate for SAM?10,65111Victoria Sibson18 Sep 2010
Discussion Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programs18,1924Anonymous 1842 Sep 2010
Discussion What to do when tx for SAM is impossible but MAM possible?8,5742Brent Scharschmidt2 Sep 2010
Discussion SFPs - what is wrong with them and can we fix it?11,1398Anonymous 43212 Aug 2010
Discussion Management of MAM and Mortality12,34520Anonymous 43211 Aug 2010
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Discussion MUAC only programming10,7515Tarig Abdulgadir1 Jul 2010
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Discussion Local production for alternative RUTF in Burundi15,09712John Villiers8 Jun 2010
Discussion Malnutrition Outlook9,3582Anonymous 2258 Jun 2010
Question In inpatient management of Severe Acute Malnutrition, when do you discharge a child as NON-RECOVERED? 8,2300Anonymous 1057 Jun 2010
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Discussion Discharge criteria for SAM infants <6m who are not breastfed?10,5007Ali Maclaine27 Mar 2010
Discussion MUAC sufficient to monitor weight gain during OTP follow up visit?10,2593Regine Kopplow16 Mar 2010
Discussion Any agreed on protocols for use of Plumpy Doz for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition?10,5976Wendy Dyment15 Mar 2010
Question Sodium and iron levels in F758,9600Anonymous 36210 Mar 2010
Discussion CMAM admission by MUAC gender biased?11,81112Regine Kopplow10 Mar 2010
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Discussion Multiple treatment failure in TFP - what to do?9,4993Brent Scharschmidt10 Sep 2009
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Question Is volume-based preparation of HEM possible?8,5210Brent Scharschmidt16 Aug 2009
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Discussion Why is nutritional oedema (kwashiorkor) localized in specific area?11,0227Anonymous 8116 Jul 2009
Discussion treatment of heart failure in SAM;treatment of dehydration/shock in oedematous malnutrition;target weight;sympathetic activity in hypoglycemia & shock10,8822Dr. satish raghuwanshi15 Jul 2009
Discussion Treatment of malnourished adults and the elderly11,3862Fiona Watson7 Jul 2009
Discussion Therapeutic feeding for infant younger than 6 month with HIV positive care giver10,9875Tarig Abdulgadir6 Jul 2009
Closed Plumpy doz for chronic malnutrition prevention18,75211Maria M Lletjos24 Jun 2009
Discussion Nutrition Needs for HIV positive Children with TB9,5454Anonymous 18224 Jun 2009
Discussion Ratio of under fives / pregnant and lactating women in SFP9,6784Carol23 Jun 2009
Closed Vitamin A related mortality study in patients with eodema10,0212Tarig Abdulgadir22 Jun 2009
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Discussion Positive Deviance/Hearth approach in addressing under 5 malnutrition in a refugee camp11,2623Rogers Wanyama9 May 2009
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Question SFP discharge criteria 8,8900Rogers Wanyama17 Apr 2009
Discussion Implementation of blanket SFP for 6-24 months alongside existing targeted SFP for 6-59 months10,9038Anonymous 13320 Mar 2009
Closed Is there a protocol/algorithm developed for the management of children who fail to respond to treatment in Supplementary feeding programme.10,0232Rogers Wanyama19 Mar 2009
Closed Calculating cost of CMAM10,7172Anonymous 817 Mar 2009
Closed Treatment of Preg/Lact women with F100/RUTF?12,0102Hatty Barthorp2 Mar 2009
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Discussion Treatment of HIV positive children with moderate acute malnutrition9,7284Tanya Khara Latimore23 Feb 2009
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