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Closed Summer course (10-21 July 2023): Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) at Johns Hopkins University4020Mija Ververs20 Apr 2023
Closed Positive Deviance Hearth eWorkshop - available in English or French3220Carmen Tse7 Mar 2023
Closed Introducing Global Training Toolkit on Simplified Approaches for the Detection and Treatment of Child Wasting. Webinar Series4930Pilar Charle-Cuéllar21 Feb 2023
Discussion Interested in Winter course (9-20 January 2023) Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) at Johns Hopkins University?9951Mija Ververs1 Nov 2022
Closed Interested in Summer course (11-22 July 2022) Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) at Johns Hopkins University?1,3320Mija Ververs15 Apr 2022
Closed Nutrition in Humanitarian Assistance LIVE ONLINE training2,0360Barbara Nese18 Mar 2022
Closed Positive Deviance Hearth eWorkshop - available in English or French2,0000Carmen Tse10 Mar 2022
Discussion Lactating, breast feeding and Infant feeding in Emergencies2,9404Alaa Ahmad Yassine14 Feb 2022
Discussion Positive Deviance Hearth Virtual Training for Facilitators (English) - January to March 20224,59210Loria Kulathungam7 Dec 2021
Discussion Request for Harmonized Training Modules (HTP) Version two (French version at best or English version if possible)4,4015Emmanuel21 Oct 2021
Question Action against Hunger. Acute malnutrition treatment for community health workers, training of trainers. Adapted to combined protocol and COVID19. - COVID-194,9070Pilar Charle-Cuéllar7 Jul 2021
Closed Positive Deviance Hearth Virtual Training for Facilitators4,0400Loria Kulathungam21 Jun 2021
Discussion University of Westminster Online Nutrition in Emergencies course June 20214,9041Tamsin10 Jun 2021
Closed Virtual training on coaching skills for improved supportive supervision of CMAM programs.5,28635Martha. N (CMAM Advisor GNC-TA)3 Jun 2021
Question Summer course (12-30 July 2021) Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) at Johns Hopkins University (virtual)4,4050Mija Ververs21 Apr 2021
Question Nutrition in Humanitarian Assistance LIVE ONLINE training -Last places available4,2290Barbara Nese14 Apr 2021
Question Nutrition in Emergencies 20214,4980Carla El-Mallah15 Mar 2021
Discussion New MSF e-learning for nutrition5,0974Kirrily de Polnay16 Feb 2021
Discussion Nutrition in Humanitarian Assistance LIVE ONLINE training5,0423Barbara Nese13 Jan 2021
Discussion Acute malnutrition treatment training of trainers during the COVID19 - COVID-195,4545Pilar Charle-Cuéllar29 Sep 2020
Closed Nutrition in Humanitarian Assistance - training5,2610Humanitarian Capacity Team16 Jan 2020
Discussion free online training request 6,1173Anonymous 3382528 Aug 2019
Question We still have places for our 3 weeks summer course 2019 at Johns Hopkins: Health in Emergencies in Large Populations6,1860mija ververs11 Jun 2019
Question Nutrition in Emergencies short course June 24-28th London - deadline to apply for partial scholarships May 31st5,9010Regina Keith30 May 2019
Closed Short course on adolescent health in low and middle income countries5,6260Tamsin9 May 2019
Discussion Nutrition in Humanitarian Assistance5,7451Barbara Nese8 Mar 2019
Discussion NIE Training Course- American University of Beirut 20195,9502Anonymous 215317 Feb 2019
Discussion Training on monitoring and evaluation7,0644Neha1 Aug 2018
Closed TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) in Kinshasa6,9341Farah Asfahani25 Jul 2018
Question Permaculture for Development Workers course, September 2018, UK6,1650Tamsin17 Jul 2018
Closed IYCF in Emergencies Training in Juba, South Sudan - Save the Children7,1720Minh Tram Le12 Jun 2018
Discussion Nutrition in Emergencies course at AUB, Lebanon7,2866Anonymous 2153121 May 2018
Discussion Emergency IYCF Training for West and Central Africa - Save the Children6,7781Charlotte d'Elloy15 May 2018
Closed Ten partial scholarships available for this year's Nutrition in Emergencies short course at the University of Westminster June 25th - 29th 20187,2780Regina Keith26 Apr 2018
Question Symposium on the Double Burden of Malnutrition - Extended abstract submission deadline6,7630Theodora Mouratidou20 Apr 2018
Closed Symposium on the Double Burden of Malnutrition 6,8850Theodora Mouratidou21 Feb 2018
Question Permaculture and International Development Free Taster Workshop7,5060Tamsin5 Feb 2018
Question Activités de Renforcement de la Capacité RTT pour 20186,8910Iris Bollemeijer11 Dec 2017
Closed Activités de Renforcement des Capacités RRT pour 2018 7,2530Iris Bollemeijer8 Dec 2017
Discussion Pour toute personne intéressée par un cours de 2 ou 3 semaines sur la Santé dans les situations d'urgence à l'institut Johns Hopkins 8,1576Mija Ververs7 Nov 2017
Discussion Formation régionale de responsables d'enquêtes SMART, Kenya 20178,1262Kennedy Musumba2 Oct 2017
Question Formation sur l'alimentation des nourissons et des jeunes enfants en situation d'urgence (IYCF-E) pour la région de l'Afrique de l'Est et de l'Afrique australe8,0500Sarah (Butler) O'Flynn11 Sep 2017
Closed certificate short courses/trainings on nutrition in emergency12,19716clara8 Aug 2017
Discussion New free online course on Humanitarian Public Health from Johns Hopkins University 10,6377Mija Ververs29 Jun 2017
Question Smart and ENA, EPI/ENA or EPI info software training8,0330Anderson Ngina20 Jun 2017
Closed Nutrition in Emergencies - short course at the University of Westminster (London)8,7630Tamsin10 May 2017
Discussion REGIONAL SMART TRAINING, UGANDA, JULY 20178,8541Kennedy Musumba20 Apr 2017
Closed IYCF-E Training for the Middle East Region8,1340Sarah (Butler) O'Flynn8 Mar 2017
Discussion SMART training workshop8,0483Anonymous 42775 Mar 2017
Closed Bioforce Nutrition Training - in french / Nutrition training in French - Bioforce (Bamako)8,3890Nathalie Avril16 Feb 2017
Question Two weeks course Health in Emergencies in Large Populations 2017 - open for application8,6950Mija-tesse VERVERS28 Oct 2016
Discussion New FAO e-learning module on Improving Nutrition through Agriculture and Food Systems!11,4457Domitille Kauffmann19 Oct 2016
Discussion Advanced Training/Courses in Qualitative Methods for Evaluations8,6161Leah Richardson28 Sep 2016
Question SMART TRAINING IN TORONTO, CANADA, DEC 20168,3250Kennedy Musumba27 Sep 2016
Discussion Nutrition Education in Francophone Africa-ENAF Training Course8,0851Jean Claude19 Sep 2016
Discussion Short facilitated elearning courses in Reducing Anaemia and Reducing Childhood Stunting8,8181Carmen Tse12 Sep 2016
Discussion Upcoming Conference on Nutrition and NCD's in Kenya: The essential link9,1771Purity Langat19 Aug 2016
Discussion Demand8,1481Boureima Djibo Moussa11 Aug 2016
Closed 6th Regional Training Course On Nutrition In Emergencies (NIE-6), BKK, Thailand9,5840Dr. Yvonette Serrano Duque16 Jun 2016
Closed SMART Manager and Master Training 2016!9,8705Kennedy Musumba3 May 2016
Closed World Vision's Reducing Anaemia (Online Course) - Register by May 13th!9,2900Carmen Tse2 May 2016
Closed Third Annual WHO/Cochrane/Cornell University Summer Institute for Systematic Reviews in Nutrition for Global Policy Making 2016 8,8740Tamsin6 Apr 2016
Discussion Upcoming trainings for post-doc & industries?9,3961Anonymous 360930 Mar 2016
Discussion NiE Pilot Course IMC and Emory University9,1223Anonymous 46215 Mar 2016
Question Assessing Public Health in Emergency Situations8,6880Tefera9 Feb 2016
Closed East and Southern Africa SMART Survey Manager Training 20169,2620Kennedy Musumba22 Dec 2015
Question Formation / Training8,3800DIALLO4 Dec 2015
Question Making agriculture work for food and nutrition security, Ethiopia (fellowhips)9,3420Aafke Nijhuis4 Dec 2015
Discussion e-Learning Courses on Reducing Childhood Stunting and Reducing Anaemia9,5266Loria Kulathungam13 Nov 2015
Discussion TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) in Bangkok10,1455Sarah (Butler) O'Flynn18 Sep 2015
Discussion Training opportunities 8,7501Anonymous 150223 Jul 2015
Discussion SMART Training in India8,3432Anonymous 288026 Jun 2015
Discussion Call for Applications - Tufts University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Delivery Science for International Nutrition9,7092Erin Boyd10 Jun 2015
Discussion International Training in CMAM coming up in 20169,8869Anonymous 18219 May 2015
Question upcoming trainings8,2840Muhumuza Felex17 May 2015
Question Humanitarian Leadership Academy opens with hubs in London, Kenya and Bangladesh9,8710Tamsin25 Mar 2015
Discussion Masters Course in Nutrition 11,86912Rakesh18 Feb 2015
Discussion NIE Regional Training Courses in Lebanon and Thailand10,0842Andy Seal30 Jan 2015
Discussion Nutrition in Conflicts and Emergencies9,0434John Baptist Ninsiima24 Jan 2015
Closed Humanitarian Health & Nutrition Diploma10,2770Eddie Ralston3 Dec 2014
Discussion SMART TRAINING11,24221Humphrey Mosomi24 Oct 2014
Discussion Training for Nutrition for Public Health Professionals8,6141khanali_2228 Aug 2014
Discussion TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) in Turkey11,4699Nicki Connell14 Aug 2014
Question Upcoming one-week training in nutrition University of Geneva CERAH, May 12-169,4340Anonymous 24968 Apr 2014
Discussion Nutrition short course relevant for health workers/researchers working in developing countries13,40316Martha31 Mar 2014
Question International Course on Rights-based approach to food and nutrition security: fellowships available10,2950Aafke Nijhuis19 Mar 2014
Question International course on agriculture nutrition linkages: fellowships available9,6060Aafke Nijhuis19 Mar 2014
Question International Course on Linking emergency aid to food and nutrition security: fellowships available!9,9460Aafke Nijhuis19 Mar 2014
Question ADPC Announce Dates for the 2014 NIE Course in Thailand8,8420Andy Seal18 Feb 2014
Question AUB Announces Dates for the 2014 NIE Course in Lebanon9,1730Andy Seal18 Feb 2014
Closed New International Course on Agriculture Nutrition Linkages9,4160Fannie de Boer17 Jul 2013
Closed Nutrition in Emergencies training in London, 1 - 5 July9,8090Veronica Tuffrey14 Jun 2013
Closed PhD course: severe acute malnutrition in children - challenges and eigmas9,6440Maren Rytter13 Jun 2013
Closed Upcoming IBFAN Africa Advanced IYCF Policy and Practice Course10,1280Phumzile Hlatshwayo12 Jun 2013
Closed ADPC Annouce Dates for the 2013 NIE Short Course9,1040Andy Seal30 Apr 2013
Closed NIE Course in Uganda Cancelled8,8480Andy Seal30 Apr 2013
Discussion New NIE Course Date Announced by Makerere University10,5457Andy Seal28 Jan 2013
Discussion Training for medical, nutrition, public health and tropical medicine: The Medair Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC)9,8863Medair HR Recruitment Assistant16 Jan 2013
Discussion SMART Training9,7882Junaid Chohan 2 Jan 2013
Closed Upcoming SMART training in Kenya9,6810Tamsin29 Nov 2012
Discussion suggestion 10,1511mehran khan21 Sep 2012
Discussion Looking for Health/Nut staff to participate in TOPS DBC workshop in Bangladesh9,3213Michelle Shapiro5 Sep 2012
Question Courses around business management and health economics?9,3760Leah Richardson23 Aug 2012
Closed Health Emergencies in Large Populations Course HELP 9,0120Tamsin9 Jul 2012
Question Information on upcoming trainings or events requested for new ENN publication, Nutrition Exchange10,1650Tamsin20 Jun 2012
Closed Regional Training Course in Nutrition in Emergencies: Thailand9,5790Andy Seal20 Jun 2012
Question Regional Training Course in Nutrition in Emergencies: Lebanon 9,6340Andrew Seal7 Mar 2012
Question trainings in india8,7850Kiran Deshpande Shukla19 Feb 2012
Discussion Regional SMART training in Cambodia 10,6788Yara Sfeir10 Jan 2012
Question Registration for Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods is now open9,6430Ernest Guevarra1 Jan 2012
Discussion Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods, Oxford, 27-30 March 201210,3052Ernest Guevarra22 Dec 2011