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Coverage assessment

This is a forum for discussion of methods used in the assessment of programme coverage of the OTP and SFP components of CTC / CMAM. This forum will also serve as a platform for discussing the use of these methods in assessing coverage of other programmes.

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Sticky Resources for coverage assessment6,45910Tamsin Walters6 Dec 2011
Discussion Use of single coverage estimator with expanded OTP protocol5177Hugh Lort-Phillips10 Nov 2019
Discussion Real and theoretical coverage of a nutrition program3293Abdul10 Oct 2019
Discussion Single Coverage for MAM programmes5274Ben Allen5 Jul 2019
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Discussion Can we classify the program coverage of SLEAC assessment based on SAM children though it is less than sample size?7332Anonymous 131018 Nov 2018
Question Routine monitoring data analysis during SQUEAC survey 6520Anonymous 532414 Nov 2018
Discussion SQUEAC/coverage survey stage I routine monitoring data analysis9701Anonymous 53245 Oct 2018
Discussion Request for support CMN1,0182COOPI1 Aug 2018
Discussion use of LQAS for collection of qualitative data to identify infant feeding behaviors and state coverage 1,7281Ezeldin Idris 8 Jul 2018
Discussion Estimating coverage in an exhaustive screening exercise1,9953Anonymous 73022 Feb 2018
Discussion Coverage assessment training2,2101Tomás Zaba8 Jan 2018
Discussion Recovering cases in coverage calculation3,0378Anonymous 73019 Apr 2017
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Discussion Wide Area Survey where Denominator is more 2563,0091Anonymous 235217 Dec 2016
Discussion urban sample draw for SLEAC3,0461Ali Ousmane8 Dec 2016
Discussion Selction of time line (months) of routine prorgam data for SQUEAC3,2643Asfandyar7 Dec 2016
Question Short piece on FACT surveys form BioAnalyt3,0610Mark Myatt21 Oct 2016
Question Coverage of sales-based IYCN programs (Ghana)2,9200Mark Myatt21 Oct 2016
Question Coverage of large-scale staple food fortification3,1380Mark Myatt21 Oct 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update2,9650Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Discussion 2nd SQUEAC Planning3,5034Anonymous 389519 Sep 2016
Discussion COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT TOOL3,7863Stanley Macharia14 Jul 2016
Discussion LQAS for health facility surveys to measure program and data quality3,8361Anonymous 341914 Jan 2016
Discussion un weighting of Barriers and Boosters3,4121Bumba Erinest22 Nov 2015
Discussion Bayes Calculator3,6572Felicity Munene28 Oct 2015
Discussion Looking to contact Simon Kiarie Karanja3,9232Mark Myatt22 Sep 2015
Discussion Is there a way to present coverage when we do not have required number of SAM as sampled??3,7321MAChowdhury18 Aug 2015
Discussion SQUEAC after (health) disaster3,4862Suzanne31 Jul 2015
Discussion GETTING AN ALPHA AND BETA VALUE3,3491Stanley Macharia22 Jun 2015
Discussion SQUEAC Second Stage Hypothesis3,5143Anonymous 222728 Apr 2015
Discussion ENQUETE SLEAC3,9681Anonymous 288530 Mar 2015
Discussion how many of the target facilities to assess for judging quality of CMAM service3,9661Anonymous 68018 Feb 2015
Discussion Geeting the alpha and beta values4,0565Stanley Macharia19 Nov 2014
Discussion HYPOTHESIS DEVELOPMENT IN URBAN SETTLEMENT4,2201Anonymous 270728 Oct 2014
Discussion What is the meaning of Z-test and P value in SQUEAC estimate calculator?4,3561Anonymous 13106 Oct 2014
Discussion SQUEAC Slide Show3,6032Mark Myatt9 Sep 2014
Discussion How to assess coverage and challenges to coverage in home fortification program3,8562Roman4 Aug 2014
Discussion result of Goronyo squeac coverage3,7661Muhammad Hassan Goronyo 1 Jul 2014
Question Participatory Review of Coverage Methodologies3,8010Jose Luis Alvarez Moran25 Jun 2014
Discussion Causal Analysis in SQUEAC4,2424Adamu Abubakar Yerima 23 May 2014
Discussion Qualitative stage 1(SQUEAC) for both OTP and SFP4,3745Mutegi K26 Mar 2014
Discussion CMN training/assessment3,5671Ranjith3 Mar 2014
Question Check list or guidance note (summarize) for before starting & during conduction of SQUEAC (Preparation of SQUEAC)3,6120SAJID SHAFEEQ7 Feb 2014
Discussion Minimum Union Councils (UC) for SQUEAC due to any reasons3,5731SAJID SHAFEEQ7 Feb 2014
Discussion SQUEAC, when CMAM program ends4,4858SAJID SHAFEEQ31 Jan 2014
Discussion NCA3,9902Dr. Kamal Raj9 Jan 2014
Discussion SLEAC and SQUEAC5,2721Anonymous 23525 Dec 2013
Discussion SQUEAC - Weighted boosters and barriers4,9205Anonymous 8125 Nov 2013
Discussion Why Credibility Interval (CI) is slightly changing while estimating Posterior Coverage by using SQUEAC coverage estimate calculator (Version 3.01)4,0994Anonymous 131030 Oct 2013
Discussion Low OTP Coverage4,3234Anonymous 235228 Oct 2013
Discussion SQUEAC Coverage survey5,98320Anonymous 22648 Oct 2013
Discussion Discrepancy between BayesSQUEAC calculator and Manual calculation4,0963Anonymous 8130 Sep 2013
Discussion SQUEAC Stage4,7683Anonymous 8127 Sep 2013
Discussion Sample size estimation for follow up CSAS survey3,9531Anonymous 6805 Sep 2013
Discussion How to minimize the problem of getting less SAM children than minimum sample size due to big variation in village population figure?3,8211Anonymous 13103 Jul 2013
Discussion Should results for small and wide area surveys be combined?4,2054Anonymous 42221 May 2013
Discussion Effect of qualitative data on estimation of CMAM program coverage4,3932Anonymous 157018 Apr 2013
Discussion Experience using SQUEAC surveys to assess BSFP/TSFP coverage4,5443Nicki Connell15 Apr 2013
Discussion Coverage prevalence survey for blanket SFP for chronic malnutrition4,8336Anonymous 223218 Mar 2013
Discussion MUAC ANALYSE4,5075FRANCK ALE14 Mar 2013
Discussion late admission investigated by plotting MUAC4,1041FRANCK ALE15 Feb 2013
Discussion Determine carers willingness to walk to access services4,2183FRANCK ALE14 Feb 2013
Discussion IMPACT EVALUATION5,15513FRANCK ALE18 Jan 2013
Discussion When to conduct Wide Area survey4,5013Anonymous 42215 Jan 2013
Discussion Any CMAM program with a coverage higher than 90% in a camp setting?4,8804Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera26 Nov 2012
Question FANTA publishes SQUEAC / SLEAC technical reference3,9140Mark Myatt1 Nov 2012
Discussion SQUEAC, SLEAC & S3M 5,2074Zoheb28 Oct 2012
Discussion SQUEAC and Nomads4,6303Freddy H.26 Oct 2012
Discussion S3M5,9956Merry12 Oct 2012
Discussion Using stage 2 data into the likelihood4,6546Jose Luis Alvarez Moran25 Sep 2012
Discussion Recovering case4,62911Freddy H.18 Sep 2012
Discussion Using a SQUEAC for BSFP coverage assessment?5,0573Leah Richardson31 Aug 2012
Discussion Official Launch - Coverage Monitoring Network (CMN) Project4,0421Saul Guerrero3 Aug 2012
Discussion Cost of a SQEAC?4,1011Leah Richardson25 Jul 2012
Discussion Estimating Coverage4,5204Anonymous 152723 Jul 2012
Discussion squeac coverage survey results 4,8574Anonymous 4153 Jul 2012
Discussion Minimum SAM levels for coverage assessment?4,1111Gwyneth Cotes23 Apr 2012
Discussion Some questions on SQUEAC Stage-I. (CMAM in a pastoralist community.)4,3211Anonymous 8125 Feb 2012
Discussion Calibration SAM prevalence4,1821ACF Health and Nutrition Head of Department20 Feb 2012
Discussion IMAM coverage surveys4,2212Anonymous 64419 Feb 2012
Discussion Geographical area for coverage survey5,44013Jose Luis Alvarez Moran14 Feb 2012
Discussion Intervale of confidence4,6483Chantal Autotte Bouchard13 Feb 2012
Discussion Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods, Oxford, 27-30 March 20124,6165Ernest Guevarra22 Dec 2011
Discussion Bayes Calculator 4,2521Freddy H.14 Dec 2011
Discussion Coverage estimate calculation - Final stage - Help again5,05414Géraldine LE CUZIAT14 Dec 2011
Discussion Stage 3 - Sample size issue - Help6,41915Géraldine LE CUZIAT12 Dec 2011
Question Draft handbook for SQUEAC and SLEAC3,9490Mark Myatt6 Dec 2011
Discussion Accessing coverage of OTPs4,2244Florence5 Dec 2011
Discussion Impact of CMAM5,48923Zoheb5 Dec 2011