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Management of acute malnutrition in infants less than 6 months

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Question Are you finding high levels of GAM among children under 6 months in your country?550Óscar Serrano Oria17 Sep 2018
Discussion Est-ce que vous utilisez l'outil C-MAMI version 1 (2015) ? 1,1933Nicki Connell9 Sep 2017
Discussion Developmental delay and malnutrition1,2942Didier A Dequatre6 Jul 2017
Question MAMI Research. Barriers to the identification of malnutrition in infants less than 6 months1,1800Laura Moore4 May 2017
Question Nice article describing relactation and supplemental suckling as treatment for AMI1,1110Karleen Gribble25 Feb 2017
Discussion Discharge criteria from inpatient care infants <6 months1,3971Katie Beck28 Nov 2016
Discussion screening criteria for Low birth weight children in malnutrition2,0036Naapong Kuuberme Edward25 Sep 2016
Discussion ReSoMaL (Rehydration Solution for Malnutrition) for children under 6 months with severe acute malnutrition3,3656Boukary SORGHO22 Aug 2016
Discussion Nutritional rehabilitation of MAM infants under 6 months admitted with an illness1,8441Martha2 Aug 2016
Discussion Calculating and making SDTM from F100 for a premature 2,5947Odongpiny Charles27 Jul 2016
Question Re: MAMI (Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants <6 months) review / “Story of Change”1,7390Louise Allen22 Jul 2016
Discussion Perceptions of SAM treatment amongst infants under 6 months 2,2268Marie McGrath26 May 2016
Question Assessment of infants under 6 months in survey1,7270Marie McGrath5 May 2016
Discussion Health and Nutrition Key Messages for special cases2,1533Anonymous 32719 Feb 2016
Discussion Which quantity of infant formula for SAM <6m?2,6803Nathalie Avril23 Jul 2015
Discussion Edema is infants <6 months and PLW3,3755Tina Lloren20 Mar 2015
Discussion Review of national guidelines 2,4241Tamsin Walters4 Mar 2015
Discussion treatment of SAM in 2 month old3,2836Suzanne Fuhrman22 May 2014
Discussion birth weight and infant growth2,3631kodom collins joseph8 May 2014
Discussion Recording low birth weight and considering it in SAM diagnosis of infants under 6 months2,9746Tamsin Walters9 Apr 2014
Discussion Resources for management of acute malnutrition in infants less than 6 months2,9191Tamsin Walters3 Apr 2014