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Prevention and treatment of moderate acute malnutrition

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Discussion Iron folic acid supplementation in MAM children in SFP2332Anonymous 325247 Jun 2019
Discussion RUSF and RUTF - malnourished PLW3935Anonymous 2440824 May 2019
Discussion studies regarding relationship between the age of the mother and child acute undernutrition incidence4581Ana María García16 May 2019
Discussion malnutrition surveillance system + food stamps2281Anonymous 3198515 Apr 2019
Discussion MAM vs. appetite test correlation 3031Anonymous 53246 Mar 2019
Question What the signs of damaged RUTF/RUSF/other food commodities3190Tammam Ali24 Jan 2019
Discussion CMAM Report and CMAM reporting 6953Victoria Sibson24 Oct 2018
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Discussion materials / books for field monitors7493Caroline André27 Sep 2018
Discussion Cash for nutrition and Nutrition & health service utilization9303Edgar 30 Aug 2018
Question Cochrane Special Collections on Acute Malnutrition published 5810Celeste Naude8 Aug 2018
Discussion Cochrane Special Collection of systematic reviews: SAM & MAM1,2074Celeste Naude24 Apr 2018
Discussion Concerns regarding guidance on MAM included in WHO overweight/obesity guideline1,4793Marie McGrath27 Feb 2018
Question Calculating expected number of MAM Children with medical Complication 1,3880Sinksar 23 Jan 2018
Question Take a Survey to Contribute to the New CMAM Training Guide1,5010Alice Nkoroi22 Jan 2018
Question 5 star enriched porridge1,8650Anonymous 1029116 Jan 2018
Question Request for contributions of grey literature on wasting prevention1,5100Tamsin Walters14 Jan 2018
Discussion Administering Folic Acid for MAM children with Anemia1,7732Anonymous 42197 Jan 2018
Discussion Request for Community Nutrition programming Documentation/toolkits1,9411KALUFENYE NGENGELE Emmanuel23 Nov 2017
Discussion Cooking demonstrations2,0702Anonymous 1029122 Nov 2017
Question Suppléments nutritionnels prêts à l'emploi (RUSF) pour personnes handicapées ?? 1,7490Anonymous 1736615 Nov 2017
Question Consommation de RUSF pour les femmes enceintes et allaitantes1,5710aisha mohamed24 Oct 2017
Question Possibilités accrues pour le soutien Tech RRT à des organisations individuelles pour les programmes CMAM1,9180Andi Kendle25 Sep 2017
Discussion MAM PLW ENROLLMENT 2,71312Anonymous 724714 Aug 2017
Discussion Plumpy'Doz age limit2,2621Marwa Alsubaih20 Jul 2017
Discussion MAM Management2,2861Sosena 17 May 2017
Discussion Preparation of WFPs Corn-Soy products2,4331Isabel Potani11 Apr 2017
Discussion Acceptable length of stay in TSFP2,5191desta zeweldi29 Mar 2017
Discussion quality of plumpy nut when the consistency of sachet got firmed? 2,3933Nini Tun 17 Mar 2017
Discussion Management of children suffering from Moderate acute malnutrition during the supplies pipeline break3,0973Anonymous 6359 Dec 2016
Question Contribute to Sphere handbook update2,6380Marie McGrath30 Sep 2016
Discussion second generation TSFP3,3644Anonymous 393014 Sep 2016
Discussion SFP: return of exited beneficiaries2,6572Anonymous 390731 Aug 2016
Question Protein content in diluted skimmed milk 2,4390Anonymous 388118 Aug 2016
Discussion Can Plumpy Sup be used for blanket supplementary feeding program (BSFP) in the scarcity of Plumpy Doz?3,7808Anonymous 131015 Aug 2016
Question nutrition supplements after surgery2,7360A Beckingham3 Jun 2016
Discussion Innovative ideas to contribute in Malnutrition reduction3,2525AS20 May 2016
Discussion Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program(BSFP) Does it need anthropometric measurements?12,32017Tammam Ali17 Mar 2016
Discussion Preparation of Soup for treatment of SAM & MAM at emergency sites3,4613Anteneh Berhane6 Jan 2016
Discussion products price3,0143fatemeh14 Nov 2015
Discussion Is it correct to say one beneficiary in BSFP, if absent for 3 or more weeks visit, to say defaulter ? as we labeled in OTP/ TSFP ?3,2282Zelalem Tilahun20 Oct 2015
Discussion Management of MAM in HIV adults3,2634Ahmed20 Oct 2015
Question Can goat milk be processed to be used as a therapeautic subsitute for those children in the onset of moderately malnutrition in our low income communities?2,8800Bertha Munthali11 Oct 2015
Discussion MAM incidence over hungry season in Chad2,7921Anonymous 32024 Oct 2015
Discussion Only MUAC for admission and discharge?7,34850Anonymous 31015 Sep 2015
Discussion Health facilities assessment on quality delivery of High Impact Nutrition Interventions3,3243Anonymous 30492 Jul 2015
Discussion RUSF ration for adults3,4592Anonymous 73023 Jun 2015
Discussion Calculation of MAM children from 6-23 months age group 3,7241Muhammad Khan 3 May 2015
Question Use of RUSF for PLWs with Hepatitis A3,0140Anonymous 51229 Mar 2015
Discussion Use of "acute" for children >5 and adults3,5201Tina Lloren20 Mar 2015
Discussion Is MAM treatment still relevant ?6,24510Anonymous 282219 Feb 2015
Discussion Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition - dicharge criteria and minimum lenght of stay 3,0391Anonymous 28149 Feb 2015
Discussion Using PD Hearth in place of SFP3,8484Anonymous 28126 Feb 2015
Discussion Protocols for Treatment of MAM - admission and discharge criteria and experiences using RUTF3,9492Anonymous 28126 Feb 2015
Discussion Calculating Pregnant and Lactating Women To Target in Supplementary Feeding Program5,4413Anonymous 42222 Dec 2014
Discussion Guidance for CMAM expanded admissions criteria5,8555Tamsin Walters30 Sep 2014
Discussion Emergency response3,3751Atif 28 Sep 2014
Discussion Standard for MUAC gain (mm / day) of children in management of acute malnutrition programs4,1059Anonymous 22431 Sep 2014
Discussion SFP beneficiaries3,0522Atif 31 Aug 2014
Discussion What should be the nutritional support to adult patients with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in treatment centres in West Africa?10,33123Mija ververs 30 Aug 2014
Discussion Beneficiary calculation for multiple years3,3143Sanne Bakker19 Aug 2014
Discussion Management of Medical Complications of Moderately Acute Malnourished Children 4,2485Anonymous 69814 May 2014
Discussion Acute malnutrition latest guidlines3,7724Anonymous 250620 Apr 2014
Discussion Management of MAM in India3,7122Jeanette Bailey17 Mar 2014
Discussion Prevention of MAM through Ag/Food Security, Social Protection/ECD and WASH3,7977Anonymous 119111 Feb 2014
Discussion Using Road to Health Charts, is a percentile cut-off commonly used to indicate growth problems3,8345Hatty Barthorp31 Jan 2014
Discussion Defaulter in moderate acute malnutrition5,0389Anonymous 23915 Nov 2013
Discussion manufacturing supplementray food through extrusion process3,5831Anonymous 218023 Oct 2013
Discussion HKI & MAM Study3,4503Chantal Autotte Bouchard3 Oct 2013
Discussion MUAC out...4,14711Chantal Autotte Bouchard1 Oct 2013
Discussion Guidelines for Implementation of SFP4,0574Sofia Sana22 Aug 2013
Discussion Impact of individual packaging on food sharing practices?3,7432Sophie Whitney15 Aug 2013
Question Definition of balanced protein energy supplementation3,3230Briony14 Aug 2013
Discussion Inpatients with moderate malnutrition and medical complications5,3627Anonymous 9411 Aug 2013
Discussion Integrity of minerals and vitamins in grilled/fried CSB + and ++3,6972Sophie Whitney19 Jul 2013
Discussion Compare between NIPP and IBSFP4,1482Hamid Hussien14 Jun 2013
Discussion Nutritious food list 4,0567Imran Ali11 Jun 2013
Discussion Zinc quantities in RUSF 3,1391Anonymous 77022 May 2013
Discussion Admission and discharge criteria for children with MAM5,7634Sophiya Uprety14 May 2013
Discussion Sharing of nutritional products at family and community levels: looking for data3,3972Anonymous 52528 Feb 2013
Discussion Treatment of diarrhea in SAM and MAM4,8472Anonymous 75828 Jan 2013
Discussion Target Projection for Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP)3,7131Junaid Chohan 19 Jan 2013
Discussion Calculating estimated TSFP food commodities needed 6,40111Anonymous 8114 Jan 2013
Question Recipe for making fortified biscuits with powdered milk/BMS3,2240Anonymous 21728 Jan 2013
Discussion Management of MAM in PLWs3,9532Anonymous 215618 Dec 2012
Discussion Mana Pack3,3561Seng Aung Sein Myint10 Dec 2012
Discussion Energy need for a moderately malnourished children3,8131Md. Sameul Nawaz7 Dec 2012
Discussion Assistance with design of a supplementary food for pregnant women in Bangladesh4,0502Tamsin Walters27 Sep 2012
Question How to monitor and evaluate Fresh Food Supply for MAM chidlren?3,3760Nick12 Sep 2012
Discussion Protocols for Growth faltering3,6621Suranjeen8 Aug 2012
Discussion Low birth weight (LBW) infants amongst Peulh/Fulani populations3,4962Mija ververs 15 Jun 2012
Discussion Research on treament of moderate acute malnutrition in Philippines3,9143fe15 Jun 2012
Discussion Technical expertise on a new nutritional product3,6992Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera12 Jun 2012
Discussion Impact of acute undernutrition on stunting4,1772Anonymous 14647 Jun 2012
Discussion MUAC as in/out (admission/discharge) criteria for children with MAM3,6231nikki blackwell29 Apr 2012
Question How and when is it appropriate to use nutritional products for the prevention and treatment of MAM? 3,7740Tamsin Walters21 Feb 2012
Discussion Defaulting of benefiaries3,9772Martin Kumbe16 Feb 2012
Discussion Borderline MUAC and Z-score measurements5,5699Martin Kumbe16 Feb 2012
Discussion Ready to Use Supplementary Food4,2882Anonymous 6517 Jan 2012
Discussion MUAC increasing trends3,8704Md. Sameul Nawaz3 Jan 2012
Discussion RUSF and Supercereals4,8451Asa Lelei14 Dec 2011
Discussion How to report the uncured registered cases at the end of the program?9,0538Anonymous 106310 Dec 2011
Discussion Moringa leaf powder as a supplement for moderately malnourished infants and young children3,5773Helen8 Dec 2011
Discussion Management of moderate acute malnutrition3,7161Anonymous 1847 Dec 2011
Discussion Target weight setting for MAM HIV positive in OTC4,3276Florence22 Oct 2011
Discussion Use of Plumpy Doz in the treatment of MAM3,2731Anonymous 7517 Sep 2011
Discussion nutritional value and impact of moringa - the 'miracle tree'5,74416Victoria Sibson2 Sep 2011
Question BP5 or NRG?3,7170Victoria Sibson1 Sep 2011
Discussion Anyone heard of Xango?5,2303Eric S. Anderson14 Aug 2011
Question Prevention and treatment of severe/moderate malnutrition during pregnancy3,5540Anonymous 72310 Aug 2011
Discussion Prevention and Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition 6,0647Anonymous 69819 Jul 2011
Question Home treatment of MAM3,6050Tamsin Walters8 Jul 2011
Question Analysis of GAM : SAM ratios3,5150Rogers Wanyama22 Jun 2011
Discussion MUAC only for MAM admissions?8,57412Regine Kopplow20 Jun 2011
Discussion SFP ration in absence of oil3,9631Tamsin Walters17 Jun 2011
Question Nutrition Rehabilitation of Moderately Malnourished Children at Peadiatric Ward3,2530Anonymous 3146 Jun 2011
Question Treatment of MAM for pregant and lactating women3,6840Anonymous 1182 Jun 2011
Question Guidance required for thesis topic3,7810Tamsin Walters25 May 2011
Discussion Guidance on RUSF dosages for MAM Children3,9332Anonymous 6288 May 2011
Discussion translation into French of LNS3,7311Mija ververs 1 May 2011
Discussion Your opinion sought on draft guidance to regulate marketing of Ready to Use Supplemental Foods6,86213Marie McGrath19 Apr 2011
Discussion SFP planning: estimating total caseload3,9792Anonymous 5775 Apr 2011
Discussion News on the Minimum Reporting Package?3,9061Elisa Dominguez30 Mar 2011
Discussion What is the best product for pregnant or lactating women in Africa/Asia that consume an 'average' diet in food-insecure areas?4,5091Mija ververs 28 Mar 2011
Discussion Effectiveness of WSB and oil to treat malnourished PLW3,8674Alison Donnelly11 Feb 2011
Discussion food/nutrient supplements and obstructed labour3,9671Mija ververs 10 Feb 2011
Discussion Are plumpy doz and supplementary plumpy good enough?3,8892Anonymous 4323 Dec 2010
Discussion BP-5 for TSFP3,6661Anonymous 8130 Nov 2010
Discussion Plumpy nut Vis-à-vis Supplementary plumpy8,95510Anonymous 8123 Oct 2010
Discussion Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programs11,3664Anonymous 1842 Sep 2010
Discussion SFPs - what is wrong with them and can we fix it?5,1728Anonymous 43212 Aug 2010
Discussion Management of MAM and Mortality5,81920Anonymous 43211 Aug 2010
Discussion Minimum Reporting Package4,7641Anonymous 6523 Jul 2010
Discussion Is Plumpy Doz safe to give to SAM children?6,5248Anonymous 4119 Jun 2010
Discussion Malnutrition Outlook4,1242Anonymous 2258 Jun 2010
Discussion Estimating caseload for Targeted Suplementary Fedding programme (TSFP)5,6775Anonymous 8125 Apr 2010
Discussion Any agreed on protocols for use of Plumpy Doz for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition?4,7966Wendy Dyment15 Mar 2010
Discussion Planning of CMAM services 9,59927Rogers Wanyama26 Oct 2009
Discussion Use of plumpy doz for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition4,5223Laura Donkin16 Sep 2009
Discussion Cholera and Nutrition 5,4532Anonymous 2325 Aug 2009
Discussion Integrating CMAM and IYCF6,7395Ali Maclaine16 Jul 2009
Closed Plumpy doz for chronic malnutrition prevention11,29511Maria M Lletjos24 Jun 2009
Discussion Nutrition Needs for HIV positive Children with TB4,2174Anonymous 18224 Jun 2009
Discussion Ratio of under fives / pregnant and lactating women in SFP4,5664Carol23 Jun 2009
Discussion Positive Deviance/Hearth approach in addressing under 5 malnutrition in a refugee camp5,4363Rogers Wanyama9 May 2009
Question SFP discharge criteria 3,8080Rogers Wanyama17 Apr 2009
Discussion Implementation of blanket SFP for 6-24 months alongside existing targeted SFP for 6-59 months5,1528Anonymous 13320 Mar 2009
Closed Is there a protocol/algorithm developed for the management of children who fail to respond to treatment in Supplementary feeding programme.4,8872Rogers Wanyama19 Mar 2009
Discussion SFP discharge criteria3,9701Anne-Dominique Israel25 Feb 2009
Discussion Treatment of HIV positive children with moderate acute malnutrition4,3814Tanya Khara Latimore23 Feb 2009