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Question Nutrition counselling interventions to improve nutritional status, diet quality and pattern in disable children and adolescents; A clinical trail in selected centers of Pakistan1820Muhammad Shahzad 6 Jan 2023
Discussion Acute malnutrition in Rural Communities of SSA4,1061Hannah Gibson14 Apr 2021
Question therapeutic causes and socio-demographic factors associated with relapse and delays in CMAM4,7960Justin Mafuko22 Feb 2020
Discussion Questionnaire4,9801Evelyn Breuer17 Nov 2019
Discussion Male influence on household nutrition status6,2791Mugasha Edgar 30 Nov 2018
Question Request for links and articles or host laboratory5,7910Anonymous 310830 Jul 2018
Discussion Research in WASH and Nutrition7,2447Winnie Alando9 Apr 2018
Discussion Questions pour études de recherche dans le cadre de programmes PCMA et ANJE 7,3202AS14 Nov 2017
Discussion Recherche au niveau du district7,6922Annabel31 Oct 2017
Question Information and documentation on the issue of Family Planning and Nutrition, the possible links.7,8520Papin MIANTOM6 Jul 2017
Discussion IYCF- Syrian refugees in Lebanon8,2673Layal13 Jun 2017
Discussion Documentation on management of nutritional inputs 8,5441BESSI Ernest MAHAMAT5 Mar 2017
Question Dear experts in nutrition, I am about to take a subject thesis for my PhD in nutrition choices and I have focused on the topic of Impact of overweight on Economic Development of Mali.7,7350Abdul22 Jan 2017
Discussion Which is the most appropriate journal to publish my thesis work?7,8651Alexander11 Jan 2017
Question MATERNAL AND CHILD NUTRITION7,6500Maryam Abdulsalam27 Oct 2016
Discussion Looking for survey participants: “ Understanding the contextual factors enabling evidence-based decision making in disasters: Organisational contexts and other disaster related contexts”.8,6151Bonnix Kayabu24 Oct 2016
Discussion Folic acid deficiency in mothers and incidence of NTDs in emergency8,3002André BITA28 Sep 2016
Discussion Nutrition and NCDs8,7112RABECCA BANDA MWEWA 12 Sep 2016
Discussion Effects of sub optimal complementary feeding practices on anaemia of children 6 - 24 months old8,5961FAISAL A. NURU-AHMED23 Mar 2016