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Including nutrition assessment, food security assessment, livelihoods assessment, integrated nutrition assessment. You can find assessment related resources in the ENN resource library.

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Discussion Height-for-age assessment - min and max1856Diana10 Mar 2018
Discussion Estimating weight from height and MUAC (critically injured children)1672Mark Myatt28 Feb 2018
Question Performance of simplified MUAC classification devices with an improved design MUAC insertion tape 2190Mark Myatt22 Feb 2018
Discussion feeding practices indicators for over 2 years old children2622Nick21 Feb 2018
Question Study Protocol2070Anonymous 254828 Dec 2017
Discussion Enquête CAP 3742Everlyn Matiri5 Dec 2017
Discussion Malnutrition / ration de risque d'être mal nourri 3963Haitham shukfa2 Dec 2017
Question Contributions demandées: Plan de suivi et d'apprentissage de la stratégie multisectorielle de nutrition de l'USAID2240Anonymous 1852830 Nov 2017
Discussion Détermination de la taille de l'échantillon3232Anonymous 254827 Nov 2017
Discussion Prévalence de la malnutrition aigue selon 3 critères (Z-score Poids-Taille et / ou PB et / ou œdème)4806Damien Pereyra16 Nov 2017
Discussion Tableau de l'OMS pour les enfants de moins de cinq ans 4252Anonymous 239116 Nov 2017
Discussion Évaluation des points de référence de circonférence du cou pour la dénutrition.2461Akash Mallick10 Nov 2017
Discussion Ajustement de l'hémoglobine 3103Theo Dusingizimana7 Nov 2017
Closed LINK NCA Analysts (researchers) 3490Anonymous 95589 Oct 2017
Discussion Programmation de calculatrice Poids / Hauteur 3791Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed7 Oct 2017
Discussion Modèle pour la production de systèmes de mesures de longueur en bois5825Indi Trehan5 Oct 2017
Discussion Évaluation de la malnutrition aiguë chez les adolescents 4072Anonymous 5023 Oct 2017
Discussion Amélioration de la classification IPC (Integrated Phase Classification) par l'utilisation de logiciels et d'outils analytiques de données modernes4361Anonymous 1506427 Sep 2017
Question Possibilités accrues pour le soutien de Tech RRT aux organisations individuelles3650Andi Kendle25 Sep 2017
Discussion Base de données / logiciel3363Anonymous 157824 Sep 2017
Discussion Logiciel d'analyse de données qualitatives (Freeware)5576Tomas Zaba23 Sep 2017
Discussion Calcul des proportions de couverture5262Anonymous 1462821 Sep 2017
Discussion Évaluation d'un outil valide 5132Anonymous 25483 Sep 2017
Discussion Sample size determination6193Theo Dusingizimana17 Aug 2017
Discussion "Reduction of GAM rate by 5%" you have the baseline SMART but don't have the End-line SMART, how to proceed?6362Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed3 Aug 2017
Discussion Anthropometric data of children 6-24 from Africa using Stata8296Hyun Ju Lee2 Aug 2017
Discussion Logistic Regression with SPSS6555Diallo zakaria24 Jul 2017
Question SMART Survey 2103 de Djibouti4200Anonymous 364918 Jul 2017
Discussion Cost of a SMART survey 8914Marie McGrath16 Jun 2017
Discussion Database of all SMART surveys7556Mija Ververs13 Jun 2017
Discussion ENA software9545Diallo zakaria5 Jun 2017
Discussion Calculate acute malnutrition using SPSS7392Aschalew Kassahun8 May 2017
Question Diagnosing Severe Acute Malnutrition using MUAC in under 6 months6300Martha28 Apr 2017
Question Guidance on reporting of MUAC screening data5910Megan26 Apr 2017
Discussion Procurement of MUAC tapes9184Hatty Barthorp12 Apr 2017
Discussion How to convert the Harvard standards to NCHS/WHO7741Bill Kinsey10 Apr 2017
Discussion Nutrition in emergency7322Anonymous 344530 Mar 2017
Discussion Compare results of a LQAS and the results of a IBBS6775wognin3 Mar 2017
Discussion Nutrition Stabilization Center efficiency and referral system6011Anonymous 233923 Feb 2017
Discussion Cost benefit methodologies and examples - Recommendations for TSF, BSFP, and Emergency Recuperation Ration1,0356Anonymous 367716 Feb 2017
Discussion Default rates in Dadaab Refugee9576Alexander26 Jan 2017
Discussion Estimating CMAM caseload - New article4,9581Mark Myatt26 Jan 2017
Discussion Higher Prevalence of Under-nutrition in Boys than Girls?1,0292Ahmad Nawid2 Jan 2017
Question What does it mean?8230Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed19 Dec 2016
Discussion Need Diet/ Menu Analysis Web-Based Program Recommendations8621Anonymous 37536 Dec 2016
Discussion Urban refugees (Nairobi) nutritional status?8911Erin Boyd2 Dec 2016
Discussion MUAC pregnant and lactating women, reference for public health concern1,0702Elisa Pozzi25 Nov 2016
Question PROBIT estimator for GAM prevalence9650Mark Myatt18 Nov 2016
Question What can be used as a standard for a Nutritional Need assesment of Children living with HIV8350Seunfunmi 12 Nov 2016
Question Document showing prevalence of Near SAM cases8570Martin Parreno6 Nov 2016
Discussion Publication of Nutrition and Mortality Survey 1,1354Anonymous 37571 Nov 2016
Discussion Age Ratio Check in SMART1,41210Anonymous 399124 Oct 2016
Discussion MUAC Z-score for estimating GAM9291Anonymous 399115 Oct 2016
Discussion Calculation of MUAC Z Scores (Age)1,8218Anonymous 399113 Oct 2016
Discussion SMART survey1,0891Anonymous 31084 Oct 2016
Discussion Portable length/height measuring board 1,8449Anonymous 32117 Sep 2016
Question Estimating 'actual' population figure in a mobile pastoralist community9630Anonymous 68030 Aug 2016
Discussion Sampling1,3095Anonymous 384926 Aug 2016
Discussion What is the cut off point for child bearing age women to decide acute malnutrition based on MUAC? 1,2923Anonymous 131024 Aug 2016
Discussion Maternal MUAC identification of at risk women1,1552sanjeev pratap rao17 Aug 2016
Discussion Weight and MUAC and height1,3032Mark Myatt17 Aug 2016
Question Should I be using MUAC as a regular Growth Screening for institutionalized children? 9390Anonymous 375325 Jul 2016
Discussion Request for raw data on older children, adolescent and adult MUAC .9811Valid International22 Jul 2016
Discussion Threshold for interventions using MUAC1,7354Anonymous 5028 Jul 2016
Question MUAC assessment with limited access and time1,1940Leah Richardson4 Jun 2016
Discussion Significance test for stunting results1,4604Anonymous 39431 May 2016
Question Trigger levels for Overweight/obese1,1390Merlyn Tapuwa Chapfunga25 May 2016
Discussion acute malnutrition in double burden contexts1,4177SUSANA RAFFALLI7 May 2016
Discussion Anthropometric survey target group: 0-59 months vs. 6-59 months and implications2,3283Miriam Chang3 May 2016
Discussion Rapid MUAC Screening for Nutrition Assessment Purposes1,8304Leah Richardson21 Apr 2016
Discussion KAP Guidance1,3774Leah Richardson21 Apr 2016
Discussion community based nutrition surveillance system1,4092Yibo Wood13 Apr 2016
Discussion Household Dietary Diversity Score - 24 hours recall questions administering 1,1982Nick13 Apr 2016
Discussion MUAC cut offs for 6 - 10 years2,3288Anselimo Makokha11 Apr 2016
Discussion When analysing birthweight data, should we exclude premature babies?1,2801Anonymous 30708 Apr 2016
Discussion Integrated Database 1,5125Navid7 Apr 2016
Question Criteria followed in determining minimum SPHERE standards1,2080Diane Baik23 Mar 2016
Discussion Survey for lactating women1,3383Anonymous 326722 Mar 2016
Discussion Dietary Diversity Assessment1,3812Anonymous 326114 Mar 2016
Discussion Clarification on women dietary diversity score food groups - use of Zatar 1,8747Anonymous 33849 Mar 2016
Discussion Small Area Estimation1,2074Anonymous 2499 Mar 2016
Discussion Deciding on sampling design: cluster sampling or stratified random sampling1,87510Jordana Leitão3 Mar 2016
Discussion Using Thresholds in analyzing health facility based data 1,2761Anonymous 140516 Feb 2016
Discussion Nutrition prevalence measurement1,4755AS4 Feb 2016
Question FSMS test1,0590Anonymous 311729 Jan 2016
Discussion Result comparison of two SMART surveys1,4212Anonymous 344528 Jan 2016
Discussion GAM <10% and SAM >2%1,3692Karim Bougma23 Jan 2016
Discussion Alternative Nutrition Diagnostics/Assessments1,5521Meghan O'Hearn14 Jan 2016
Discussion Small for Gestational Age1,4913Nick14 Jan 2016
Discussion Stratified randomization2,0815Nick26 Dec 2015
Discussion Baseline and Endline KAP survey villages_Matching1,9622Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed20 Dec 2015
Discussion Acute malnutrition caseload in emergency preparedness1,2391Tomas Zaba16 Dec 2015
Question Assessing malnutrition in school-age indigenous (pygmy) children in Republic of Congo1,2060Margit Bach10 Dec 2015
Discussion HiNi quality assessment1,2212Isaac Wachira9 Dec 2015
Discussion PLW and children under measurements in survey2,0833Anonymous 32671 Dec 2015
Question How to assess stunting rate per year??1,3010Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed22 Nov 2015
Discussion IYCF Assessment1,6184Anonymous 278513 Nov 2015
Discussion What nutrition indicators should be use for evaluating the SDG2 nutrition goal? What are the data gaps that need to be filled?1,4131Suneetha Kadiyala11 Nov 2015
Discussion A final note2,11727Mark Myatt2 Nov 2015
Discussion SMART HHs Sampling2,19810Sameh Al-Awlaqi23 Oct 2015
Discussion interpreting weight for height standard deviation from ENA plausibility check1,5752Anonymous 174019 Oct 2015
Discussion SMART Flagging Criteria (Technical)2,54220Mark Myatt14 Oct 2015
Discussion IYCF Index1,3762Anonymous 32108 Oct 2015
Discussion Before and an after holiday effect-on nutritional indices 1,4987Asmelash 7 Oct 2015
Discussion Key questions regarding MUAC only programming - towards a research agenda2,1032Mark Myatt5 Oct 2015
Discussion Surveillance System to be established during El Niño 1,5659Frederich Christian Tan18 Sep 2015
Closed WFH versus MUAC3,67921Anonymous 814 Sep 2015
Discussion Discrepancise between ENA version April 2015 and July 20151,3511Anonymous 8129 Aug 2015
Discussion scale model for adults1,5215Sara Belleni24 Aug 2015
Discussion IMCI service percentage1,5226Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed22 Aug 2015
Discussion does EN software work for more than 5 years1,4062Anonymous 312619 Aug 2015
Discussion Essential Nutrition Actions Practices questions in KAP survey2,5736Nick16 Aug 2015
Discussion Systematic random sampling from a list for rapid MUAC Assessment of U5s 1,5553Anonymous 306613 Aug 2015
Discussion Is it possible to use LQAS methodology to assess the prevalence of stunting in non-emergency settings?2,68610Amanda Agar22 Jul 2015
Discussion Adolescent anthropometry analysis questions2,2766Amelia Reese Masterson15 Jul 2015
Discussion Urgent: Weight for Height Z-scores: Unisex Z-score table used in West African countries vs. calculated Z score values 3,35811Miriam Chang10 Jul 2015
Discussion Emergency standards for SAM/MAM when using MUAC1,8372Leah Richardson6 Jul 2015
Discussion Calculating a sample size to detect associations between maternal nutrition, HH food security status and dietary diversity.1,8904Briony6 Jul 2015
Discussion Calculation of Mortality Rates1,7022Leah Richardson1 Jul 2015
Discussion Nutritional indicator baseline/evaluation1,3641Kris25 Jun 2015
Discussion REASON FOR GREAT REDUCTION OF STUNTING WITHIN A YEAR1,84010Stanley Macharia15 Jun 2015
Discussion Dietary macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient intake estimation in children1,6496Tibebu Moges10 Jun 2015
Discussion Nutrition Assessments in 8-19 years1,6292james majaha1 Jun 2015
Discussion Using Weight For Height (WFH) for CMAM coverage survey. 1,5023Anonymous 42630 May 2015
Discussion DESIGN EFFECT FOR MULTIPLE SMART SURVEY2,51618Stanley Macharia29 May 2015
Discussion SE Asian Growth Standards2,47515Aisling29 May 2015
Discussion Assessment of Adult Malnutrition in "Long-legged" populations2,2709Anonymous 50227 May 2015
Discussion MUAC cut off points for school aged children2,1524fe25 May 2015
Discussion growth monitoring1,6464massimo serventi24 May 2015
Discussion Probable reasons for a significantly higher rates of acute malnutrition in boys than girls2,49811MAChowdhury13 May 2015
Discussion GAM vs Mortality rate1,4841Anonymous 49011 May 2015
Discussion Estimation of New Pregnant Mother for cash transfer programme1,2971Nick11 May 2015
Discussion Epi Info equivalent for Mac 3,6532Briony11 May 2015
Discussion Weighted Analysis1,3962Mutegi 8 May 2015
Discussion % of Stunting prevelence or Mean WHZ score1,6243Nick5 May 2015
Discussion Is stunted children less prone to be wasted than normal children during emergency context?1,8757Frederich Christian Tan5 May 2015
Discussion Can you import by tablet collected data to be analysed in ENA?2,3628Petr Schmied22 Apr 2015
Discussion Nutrition Causal Analysis: usefulness and application1,7665Anonymous 7309 Apr 2015
Discussion Anthropometric assessments in pregnant adolescents1,3941Merlyn Tapuwa Chapfunga7 Apr 2015
Discussion Representative sample1,6682Anonymous 4901 Apr 2015
Discussion weight - quality of surveys1,5672Severine19 Mar 2015
Discussion NCA Methodology1,9747Anonymous 23523 Mar 2015
Discussion Ratio of severe:moderate wasting and ratio of severe:moderate stunting1,6262Ranjith28 Feb 2015
Question Do you use scales in your work ? Please take part in our survey1,5440Alison Fleet5 Feb 2015
Discussion Calculation of under 2 years MAM children.1,7991Anonymous 12345 2 Feb 2015
Discussion Field investigation of acute malnutrition cases in a village1,6022Lilia TUrcan1 Feb 2015
Discussion sample size diagnostic questionnaite-urgent help1,5311Anonymous 252529 Jan 2015
Discussion Combining of multiple an independent surveys through weighting1,8022Anonymous 8121 Dec 2014
Discussion Seasonality - IDDS1,5931Anonymous 272019 Nov 2014
Discussion Nutrition Sentinel Survey1,5631Bernice Worlali Kunutsor12 Nov 2014
Discussion Trends in malnutrition 1,4731Anonymous 27205 Nov 2014
Discussion How to assess the nutritional status of pregnant woman?2,1683Frederich Christian Tan24 Oct 2014
Discussion Mass screening in a district1,6685Anonymous 68415 Oct 2014
Discussion Nutrition Assessment for Refugiees & Host mixed population1,6417Anonymous 26888 Oct 2014
Discussion Integrated SMART and KPC Survey2,1553Elh.Hallarou Mahaman7 Oct 2014
Discussion Guidelines on deciding WHEN to conduct different types of Nutrition Assessment in Emergencies2,1128Frederich Christian Tan2 Oct 2014
Discussion indicator for measuring wasting and stunting in Adults2,2383Atif 22 Sep 2014
Discussion Estimating prevalence using health records1,6722Sylvie15 Sep 2014
Discussion Error message in ENA SMART software1,4772Beulah Jayakumar25 Aug 2014
Discussion Using nutrition surveys data for secondary analysis?1,89810Anonymous 85219 Aug 2014
Discussion clear definition of Small Scale SMART Survey2,85518Anonymous 8119 Aug 2014
Discussion SMART advocacy.SMART vs other methods2,0079Anonymous 7307 Aug 2014
Discussion Request advice: equipment to assess nutritional status 0-5 yrs in field study PNG1,8132Janny Goris28 Jul 2014
Discussion ENA for SMART on MacBook Pro operating System2,5516Barbara Nalubanga17 Jul 2014
Discussion Total population estimation1,7932Anonymous 25712 Jul 2014
Discussion Optifoods software2,2952Martin Njoroge23 Jun 2014
Discussion 24-hours dietary recall1,6122Martha.N21 Jun 2014
Discussion IYCF and Nutritional Assessment Survey during Ramadan2,62312Frederich Christian Tan20 Jun 2014
Discussion what to do with adolescent men taller than 1.75 m in WfH?1,5581Mija Ververs10 Jun 2014
Discussion Echantillonnage LQAS3,2016Mohamed MAIGA7 Jun 2014
Discussion Minimum Number of Clusters in a SMART Survey3,8427Anonymous 235231 May 2014
Discussion Correlation Analysis for Cross Sectional Survey1,6625Samuel Kirichu23 May 2014
Discussion Urgent Help!! Please!! Sampling and study design!!!2,4416Anonymous 252522 May 2014
Discussion How to Interpret Index of Dispersion (ID) in ENA SMART Output?2,4863Abbas Kedir Jelde20 May 2014
Discussion Epi Info command syntax error3,3015Suzanne Fuhrman13 May 2014
Discussion Discrepancies of malnutrition prevalence among boys and girls1,8052Anonymous 25156 May 2014
Discussion Coverage survey using Blocked Weighted Bootstrap4,48714Roman24 Apr 2014
Discussion When the survey SD value is out of aceptable range, especially < 0.8, how the prevalence estimation should proceed? 1,9301nicky8 Apr 2014
Discussion When sampled cluster doen't have enough HH demanded by sample size because of urgent and sudden population movement2,3958nicky31 Mar 2014
Discussion Calculating variance and DEFF for stratified sampling2,2214Anonymous 73028 Mar 2014
Discussion developing a methodology for a highly security compromised area. need guidence1,8181Dr Mohammad Najeeb26 Feb 2014
Discussion MUAC tapes7,27111Jan Komrska13 Feb 2014
Discussion Survey Sample for Pastoral Communities1,6001Abbas Kedir Jelde11 Feb 2014
Discussion SMART on-site selection of village1,6401Frederich Christian Tan11 Feb 2014
Discussion conversion of sample size to household3,75522Anonymous 819 Feb 2014
Discussion SMART urban sampling2,3025Maja Kuhar5 Feb 2014
Discussion Establishment of Nutrition Surveillance System1,9524Frederich Christian Tan31 Jan 2014
Discussion Is mortality survey a must to be conducted along with SMART?2,1733Anonymous 813 Dec 2013
Discussion Individual data entry in mortality data set of ENA for HH size > 202,33010Anonymous 241129 Nov 2013
Discussion Vulnerability Assessmnet: Indepth analysis of nutrition versus socio-economic indicators1,8202Anonymous 235419 Nov 2013
Discussion Setting up of Nutrition serveillance3,3089Anonymous 8116 Nov 2013
Discussion KAP surveys3,6981Anonymous 5576 Nov 2013
Discussion sampleXS and things that I should know!1,5351Anonymous 55711 Oct 2013
Discussion malnutrition rate4,62524Anonymous 218024 Sep 2013
Discussion Appropriate effect size in estimating sample size1,9661Anonymous 235619 Sep 2013
Discussion Smart Survey Methodology versus 30 by 30 cluster sampling -comparison of results3,4271Anonymous 235413 Sep 2013
Question Assessing Relationships between Food security and population growth1,6680Elh.Hallarou Mahaman9 Sep 2013
Discussion time to complementary feeding initation sample size issue1,8322Anonymous 172720 Jul 2013
Discussion SFP coverage for pregnant and lactating women2,4394Anonymous 42212 Jul 2013
Discussion SMART surveys and interpretation of quality4,66722Josek25 Jun 2013
Discussion Household dietary diversity score also among pastoralist communities?2,2833Melanie Bruns18 Jun 2013
Discussion looking for adult stadiometers - urgently!1,7871Victoria Sibson15 Jun 2013
Discussion Food groups to assess diet diversity2,8763Nicki Connell11 Jun 2013
Discussion analysis 1,8661Anonymous 172730 May 2013
Discussion Household adjustment unit1,6382Bienfait22 May 2013
Discussion LQAS types3,3887Anonymous 8122 May 2013
Discussion Impact assessment on project addressing specific elements of the community 2,0744Anonymous 8114 May 2013
Discussion SMART Question1,9753Gezahegn S.8 May 2013
Discussion Cluster or SRS1,9562Tamsin Walters7 May 2013
Discussion Oedema2,4232Njeri Waigwa17 Apr 2013
Discussion Defining new variables and assign value using EPIinfo version 3.5.43,6767Anonymous 818 Mar 2013
Discussion Allocation of sample by proportion2,8044Anonymous 8125 Feb 2013
Discussion Rate of weight gain in Infants and Under 51,9022Charulatha Banerjee23 Feb 2013
Discussion Stunting screening and disability1,9491Antony14 Feb 2013
Discussion Length of recall period during SMART survey2,3642Rogers Wanyama11 Feb 2013
Discussion Nutrition assessment in small pieces livelihood zones3,1738Anonymous 811 Feb 2013
Discussion MAM versus SAM ratio, indicator of improvement?2,2273Elisa Dominguez28 Jan 2013
Discussion Maximum % of FLAG in SMART surveys1,8242Anaïs28 Jan 2013
Discussion MUAC and overnutrition in adults3,0372Anonymous 18224 Jan 2013
Discussion MUAC cut off to identify overweight pregnant women2,6053Anonymous 172227 Nov 2012
Discussion Existing excell spreadsheets for cross tabulation of nutrition data?2,2991Anonymous 172221 Nov 2012
Discussion Sample size for rapid nutritional assessment of U5 using MUAC4,18614Mohammad Monsurul Hoq19 Nov 2012
Discussion extreme anthro values1,7961Anonymous 25016 Nov 2012
Discussion standared questionarie for determinants of IYCF practices2,4502Anonymous 172715 Nov 2012
Discussion How to determine sample size & the type of soft ware appropriate for my study analysis.2,8402Anonymous 172715 Nov 2012
Discussion Adequate maternal weight gain2,1515Anonymous 172211 Nov 2012
Discussion slum survey1,9384caroline25 Oct 2012
Discussion Planning survey - village level data Turkana Kenya2,6429Severine Frison23 Oct 2012
Discussion BMI for age or WfH?2,4391Mija Ververs17 Oct 2012
Discussion When to consider population movement within recall period for mortality survey using SAMRT methodology2,2064Anonymous 15702 Oct 2012
Discussion Completing number of children needed for anthropometric and number of HH needed for mortality survey when implementing SMART survey2,5083Anonymous 15702 Oct 2012
Question What should be the ideal methedology for assessing impact of BCC at practice level for caregivers and non caregivers?1,7070Iqbal Hossain20 Sep 2012
Discussion sample size estimation2,6026Pushpa Acharya20 Sep 2012
Discussion Malnutrition & Disability, indicator and age2,3668Severine Frison17 Sep 2012
Discussion WHO Wasting prevalance2,2941Mohamed M Hassan Gani17 Sep 2012
Discussion hwo to define malnutrition at risk children using WHO WFH z score3,1718Nick12 Sep 2012
Discussion Anthropometric monitoring software during pregnancy2,4403Anonymous 144523 Aug 2012
Discussion How different are the nutritional requirements of disabled children?1,9211Milly17 Aug 2012
Discussion LQAS -2,3971Anonymous 8115 Aug 2012
Discussion Can stratified random sampling be an option in IYCF study in arid area?2,3674Dorcas14 Aug 2012
Question Calculating IYCF indicators using EPI INFO1,9570Ranjith10 Aug 2012
Discussion Stratified cluster survey with 5 stratum Vs. 5 independant surveys2,9394Ranjith8 Aug 2012
Discussion Comparing 2 surveys3,4747Ranjith1 Aug 2012
Discussion New SMART website launched1,9661Tamsin Walters1 Aug 2012
Discussion Analysis of Nutritional Status2,2642Paul25 Jul 2012
Discussion How to estimate MAM and SAM Beneficiary for 7 month nutrition project2,0531Anonymous 131025 Jul 2012
Discussion SAM threshold.2,0911Anonymous 49022 Jul 2012
Discussion Gold standard for assessment of wasting among children 6-59 months2,9356Florence25 Jun 2012
Discussion What is the difference between sampling error and standard error?14,0221Ranjith22 Jun 2012
Discussion Can design effect be less than 1 in cluster surveys?4,8623Ranjith20 Jun 2012
Discussion Comparison of MUAC and W/H Prevalence?3,56512Anonymous 31018 Jun 2012
Discussion interpreting SAM, GAM & MUAC 2,6682Anonymous 14606 Jun 2012
Discussion Relationship between Mortality and Acute Malnutrition2,9629Sophia Yimer5 Jun 2012
Discussion Confidence Intervals for Complex Sampling4,1395Ranjith17 May 2012
Discussion Causality Analysis3,56315Anonymous 24916 May 2012
Discussion Estimating population size of under 2s5,01222Alex Mokori16 May 2012
Discussion What is the reason the index of dispersion and its test vary in the ENA 'Results Antropometry' page and in the plausibility test2,1643Melaku Begashaw15 May 2012
Discussion Using MUAC or WFH in survey: who do you catch?2,8394Mija Ververs2 May 2012
Discussion Misdiagnosis acute malnutrition Peulh/Fulani children2,96420Mija Ververs1 May 2012
Discussion MUAC and oedema4,02518Susana Moreno Romero24 Apr 2012
Discussion prevalence of malnutrition in pregnant and lactating mothers1,9141Kiran Deshpande Shukla22 Apr 2012
Discussion Inclusion of hotels in the household selection1,9522Anonymous 135419 Apr 2012
Discussion Modified EPI vs Segmentation in Urban Settings3,04212Anonymous 135412 Apr 2012
Discussion Timing of SMART survey2,1281Martin Kumbe3 Apr 2012
Discussion GAM in Nutrition Screening and Survey?2,7947Anonymous 85228 Mar 2012
Discussion SMART flags vs WHO flags in SMART surveys3,4488Jose Luis Alvarez Moran28 Mar 2012
Discussion Supportive supervision2,2096Njeri Waigwa16 Feb 2012
Discussion measuring sitting height2,8904Pascale Delchevalerie7 Feb 2012
Discussion W/h in rickets2,3855Kiran Deshpande Shukla7 Feb 2012
Discussion Upcoming SMART Training2,0622Issack Hussein3 Feb 2012
Discussion MUAC/h1,9891Kiran Deshpande Shukla24 Jan 2012
Discussion Growth patterns among different livelihood/ethnic groups among the under 5 years.1,9561Anonymous 114917 Jan 2012
Discussion Sitting - Standing Height Ratio3,1111Chris Gruenewald16 Jan 2012
Discussion relationship between percentile and z-score2,6431Kiran Deshpande Shukla10 Jan 2012
Discussion MUAC for older children 1,9131Kiran Deshpande Shukla10 Jan 2012
Discussion Nutritional status and vulnerability of older adults/older people (aged 50 +)3,74610Mary Manandhar1 Jan 2012
Closed Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods, Oxford, 27-30 March 20121,7910Ernest Guevarra22 Dec 2011
Discussion SQUEAC/SMART2,8185Dr. Ankur Singh 14 Nov 2011
Discussion Mortality in an Emergency Context2,4363Anonymous 14710 Oct 2011
Discussion Is it valid to use similar cut-off points for prevalence of wasting using z scores for different countries and contexts?4,12316Melaku Begashaw10 Oct 2011
Discussion resources on CSAS2,6356Merry12 Sep 2011
Discussion standardized questionnaire.2,8484Anonymous 4907 Sep 2011
Discussion SAM Threshold for Emergency Response3,9612Rogers Wanyama3 Aug 2011
Discussion Monitoring Nutritional Status Trends in response to changes in Food Insecurity.2,5597Rogers Wanyama26 Jun 2011
Discussion Any robust experiences using LQAS for assessing and monitoring nutrition programs using Valadez's common health survey method?2,9885Wendy Dyment23 Jun 2011
Discussion CSAS survey for TSFP only2,8087Anonymous 68022 Jun 2011
Discussion Sample size for random survey in Ethiopia2,0111Toby Gould 16 Jun 2011
Discussion What is the correct population percentage proportion to use when consider 0-5 years in developing countries?6,0595Anonymous 6517 Jun 2011
Discussion WHO Growth Standards3,6644Ranjith3 Jun 2011
Discussion classification and interpretation of MUAC among old children and adolescent 2,9351Anaïs24 May 2011
Discussion Random sampling without a proper map3,5845Jenny Dörnemann19 May 2011
Discussion Standardization excercise / Test 2,9316Asmelash 17 May 2011
Discussion Advice on how much SQUEAC and LQAS coverage surveys cost and how long they take6,07510Anonymous 11811 May 2011
Discussion Using length/height to estimate Age of 6-59 month old children in high Stunting level countries5,0497Anonymous 4115 May 2011
Discussion Who did the research on weight and hydration?2,1701Martha4 May 2011
Discussion What is the lowest WAZ score that would be "compatible with human life2,8214Anonymous 11829 Apr 2011
Discussion body shape in children under 24 months old2,6733Merry24 Apr 2011
Discussion Nutrition survey analysis- Associations3,53013Dr. Farah Ibrahim7 Apr 2011
Question Comparative study using Randomized trials (Breastfeeding)1,7200Anonymous 1955 Apr 2011
Question Meeting on Nutrition Assessment, Counseling, and Support in HIV Services: Strategies, Tools, and Progress, September 14-17, 2010, Jinja, Uganda, Meeting Report2,0060Dorothy Mora4 Apr 2011
Discussion Before and after survey results2,5022Ranjith3 Apr 2011
Discussion Growth monitoring Vs stunting/wasting3,3251Ranjith29 Mar 2011
Discussion what do the mothers think? 6-12 months after an emergency nutrition program1,7471nikki blackwell7 Mar 2011
Discussion Case-control study or something different?4,43517Jeff Matenda3 Mar 2011
Discussion Evidence of cut-off MUAC of 115-124 mm for MAM detection2,6042Elisa Dominguez3 Mar 2011
Discussion MUAC use during pregnancy and lactation2,0491Anonymous 10626 Feb 2011
Discussion Anthropometry and pregnant and Lactating women (esp.MUAC)7,8136Mija Ververs11 Feb 2011
Discussion Sample size for KAP survey13,8305Ranjith3 Feb 2011
Discussion Prospective or retrospective MUAC study2,7937Jeff Matenda27 Jan 2011
Discussion Result with in 95% CI >100?2,2512Anonymous 53425 Jan 2011
Discussion Calculating beneficiary numbers of SAM/MAM using prevalence 3,6603Anonymous 16919 Jan 2011
Discussion Interpretation of rapid MUAC asessment4,81110Tamsin Walters5 Jan 2011
Discussion Weight factor?2,1362Assaye 21 Dec 2010
Discussion Highest SAM rate4,16715Anonymous 30315 Dec 2010
Discussion Sphere 2010 2,2021Anonymous 4221 Nov 2010
Discussion Negative Confidence Interval28,8563Anonymous 3101 Nov 2010
Discussion Malnutrition among children 6-24months 2,3191Anonymous 42218 Oct 2010
Discussion Quick and (not) dirty2,8415Anonymous 43224 Sep 2010
Discussion Age groups when reporting nutrition survey results4,9627Ranjith23 Sep 2010
Discussion Assessing levels of maternal malnutrition3,9763Victoria Sibson18 Sep 2010
Discussion HAZ SD? Steps in using weight factor analysis in ENA?2,3511Anonymous 37715 Sep 2010
Discussion Plausable MUAC range for BMI calculation of Women in Reproductive Age Group [15 - 49]4,7552Anonymous 37729 Aug 2010
Discussion Nutrition Causal Analysis - inputs for the development of a methodology3,9176Hannah Mattinen25 Aug 2010
Discussion How often to measure MUAC for nutrition screening of Under 5 year children in the community?4,1695Anonymous 41119 Aug 2010
Discussion Sampling - IYCF indicators and small numbers per age group..2,6371Anonymous 39419 Aug 2010
Discussion Body shape 2,3155Severine6 Aug 2010
Discussion Plausible/extreme values for MUAC3,3246Severine15 Jul 2010
Discussion Sample size for IYCF assessment based on Step-by-step guide4,1659Anonymous 8126 Jun 2010
Discussion Need for standard nutrition surveys in emergency interventions1,9541Anonymous 2698 Jun 2010
Discussion Chronic malnutrition rate interpretation3,2022Anonymous 10620 May 2010
Discussion Discrepancy between EpiInfo 2000/ENA and ENA for SMART4,53016Anonymous 816 May 2010
Discussion Refernces to measure maternal and pregnancy BMI against?4,78211Anonymous 3944 May 2010
Discussion Why prevalence using MUAC is not useful as trigger level for humaniterian response?4,1766Anonymous 8113 Apr 2010
Discussion Nutrition assessment for Urban population2,5526Anonymous 816 Apr 2010
Discussion Poor digit preference for weight with digital scales2,1131Leisel Talley5 Apr 2010
Discussion MUAC and Mortality relationship3,48713Assaye 2 Apr 2010
Discussion When will SMART / ENA support MUAC?4,07913Mark Myatt15 Mar 2010
Discussion How to Maintain the Quality of CSAS Method2,4562Anonymous 31015 Jan 2010
Discussion Precision of equipment to assess infants in surveys2,9814Marie McGrath21 Dec 2009
Closed Steps to measure MUAC24,67547Anonymous 8117 Dec 2009
Discussion MUAC Cutoffs for Adults10,0264Anonymous 3107 Dec 2009
Discussion WHO EPI two stage cluster survey method Vis-à-vis DHS or MICS approach4,8427Anonymous 8129 Nov 2009
Discussion Capture-recapture study duration2,6394Anonymous 30319 Nov 2009
Discussion Is capture-recapture method for CSAS coverage survey ethical?2,9626Anonymous 30318 Nov 2009
Discussion Alternative survey methods - Any experiences?2,3961Mark Myatt17 Nov 2009
Discussion BMI2,5262Abdallah Adam Eissa5 Oct 2009
Discussion Looking for data on body-shape (Sri-Lanka / Myanmar)2,5124Mark Myatt25 Sep 2009
Discussion Age-adjusted MUACs for children 5-18 years3,0346Anonymous 25021 Aug 2009
Discussion SMART Vis-à-vis EPI info 6 on definition of Flags 3,2692Anonymous 8128 May 2009
Discussion MUAC in SMART / ENA3,1561Mark Myatt26 May 2009
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