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COVID-19 and nutrition programming

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Question Is it important to check vitamin K deficiency? 450Umbreen28 May 2020
Discussion Shortened training during emergencies -experiences521Wasting TWG28 May 2020
Question Please share your experiences - remote training590Wasting TWG27 May 2020
Discussion Family MUAC 852Sher Singh Dahit26 May 2020
Question Do you speak COVID-19? The importance of language for effective communication across the response2020Paul6 May 2020
Discussion IFPRI estimates, more than 200 million people are malnourished in Pakistan. The largest number of Pakistanis are vulnerable to severe COVID-19 infection. Is there any emergency plan for this?4471Umbreen2 May 2020
Discussion Multi lingual brief presentations on COVID and breastfeeding2551Anne Merewood30 Apr 2020
Question Programme adaptations in response to COVID-192890Tamsin Walters28 Apr 2020
Discussion Any specific guidance about prevention of milk powder distribution in the Covid-19 food package?4491Rukhsana Haider24 Apr 2020
Discussion Resources for COVID-19 and nutrition programming 3371Tamsin Walters24 Apr 2020
Question Concern interim guidance on adapting CMAM to COVID-192890Kate Golden22 Apr 2020
Question COVID-19 treatment referral pathways & CMAM2250Kate Golden22 Apr 2020
Discussion COVID Webinars coming soon in 4 languages: COVID-19 + IYCF, COVID-19 + wasting and COVID-19 + nutrition information in English, French, Spanish and Arabic2521Ben Allen22 Apr 2020
Discussion family MUAC3082Anonymous 4025422 Apr 2020
Discussion Behaviour Change Communication Images/Tools2213Ciara22 Apr 2020
Discussion Adapting GMP programming to COVID-19 situations2362Diane Baik21 Apr 2020
Discussion Impact on acute malnutrition when reducing health services during an outbreak2781Nuria Salse20 Apr 2020
Discussion Planning for supply chain disruption to RUTF, RUSF and CSB++2981Tash Lelijveld 14 Apr 2020
Discussion Adaption of Mother to Mother Support Groups and Cooking demos during COVID3484Brooke Bauer14 Apr 2020
Question Is it possible for developing countries to conduct the observational research on COVID-19 positive patients with mild to moderate infection, who are living in the isolation centers?2300Umbreen13 Apr 2020
Discussion Cross cutting Issue related to the Malnourished children vs COVID-193031Dr Mohamed11 Apr 2020
Question COVID-19 and Infant Feeding Survey (International, English language)3020Aunchalee Palmquist8 Apr 2020
Discussion Digital solutions for community worker training and for community sensitisation via phone3194Marlene H.8 Apr 2020
Discussion What are the weakest links in the supply/demand chain for nutrition in disasters and what are the policy responses?2491Tamsin Walters8 Apr 2020
Discussion Food consumption links to COVID-193241Tamsin Walters8 Apr 2020
Question Thursday 9th April - Webinar: Child wasting programming in response and preparation to the COVID-19 pandemic: experiences from the field 2920Ben Allen6 Apr 2020
Question major nutrients composition in recovered COVID-19 Patients2420Naapong Kuuberme Edward2 Apr 2020
Question New guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 infections in camp and camp-like settings2850Nada Abdelmagid2 Apr 2020
Discussion UNICEF MUAC Supply Chains3152Hatty Barthorp2 Apr 2020
Discussion Disinfecting MUAC Tape in nutrition surveillance clinic.4672Nader 2 Apr 2020
Discussion Mobile-based SAM/MAM screening4284Kenda Cunningham2 Apr 2020
Discussion Community-based management and use of MUAC for infants <6months3342Alice Burrell1 Apr 2020
Question Early breastfeeding initiation and non separation in Covid 19 context: a review of the guidance2680alessandro1 Apr 2020
Question Vid 19, Pregnancy, Child Birth and Breastfeeding a weekly literature review3310alessandro31 Mar 2020
Discussion Community health workers in the treatment of malnutrition situation COVID-195463Antonio Vargas29 Mar 2020
Discussion COVID-19 and Human Milk Banking3072Urmila Deshmukh29 Mar 2020
Discussion Nutrition management in COVID patients 7866Samuel29 Mar 2020
Discussion Guidance on COVID-19 and breastfeeding and infant care 3641Karleen Gribble29 Mar 2020
Discussion Preventive Medicine3251Dr.Rabab28 Mar 2020
Discussion Alkaline or acidic diet.3341Joyce ene ocheola oki27 Mar 2020
Question Webinar on 6th April - Protecting, promoting and supporting IYCF during the COVID-19 pandemic: reflections and recommendations3960Ben Allen27 Mar 2020
Discussion Risk of COVID-19 infection in undernourished patients (children)3941Mary Kimani27 Mar 2020
Discussion Questions on COVID-19 and pregnancy in relation to IYCF?4661Mary Kimani27 Mar 2020
Discussion IYCF-E and Covid 19: questions from the field1,0985alessandro23 Mar 2020
Discussion MAM treatment in Covid-19 pendemic 7592Anonymous 3924023 Mar 2020
Discussion Information Management4466Anonymous 3924023 Mar 2020
Discussion Need to understand the meaning of "balanced diet" to face the pandemic COVID-19 situation.5112Umbreen21 Mar 2020
Discussion COVID-19 and Safety of Breast Milk and/or Breastfeeding -Please send all your questions1,43417Mija Ververs20 Mar 2020
Discussion CMAM mitigation strategies in light of COVID-1989410Casie Tesfai18 Mar 2020