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Infant and young child feeding interventions

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Discussion Guidance Note: IYCF-E in the first three days after a nuclear power plant accident 2372Jodine Chase, IFE Core Group Facilitator9 Sep 2022
Discussion Choice of milk for an infant2242Kévin Debonheur SARAMANDJI-LOKO 27 Aug 2022
Discussion MAMI and IYCF-E materials for health workers in FRENCH for francophone Africa3242Mija3 Aug 2022
Discussion how long do you boil water for 1. infant formula use 2. sterilisation of bottles5109Mija27 Jul 2022
Question Looking for people involved in programming or policy for infants and young children in emergencies in high income countries3920Karleen Gribble27 Jul 2022
Discussion Baby Friendly Community Initiative 2991Anonymous 282425 Jul 2022
Discussion Monitoring or quality checklist tools on OG-IFE or IYCF technical guidelines. 3593Daniel Takea 22 Jul 2022
Question Announcement: New IYCF- E Research Repository2600Jodine Chase, IFE Core Group Facilitator20 Jul 2022
Discussion HOW to respond to requests for BMS from caregivers who are ineligible for BMS Support 4714Isabelle Modigell 10 Jul 2022
Discussion Cash and IYCF Messaging3412Brooke Bauer (GNC Technical Alliance)1 Jul 2022
Discussion What is good counselling for Complementary Feeding? 4607Alison Donnelly30 Jun 2022
Discussion what informs the OG-IFE stipulation that BMS should not be donated?6445Vicky Sibson9 Jun 2022
Discussion IYCF-E assesment 5051Safa Omer6 Jun 2022
Discussion Increased consumption of highly processed food in emergencies5652Alison Donnelly30 May 2022
Discussion Religious leader engagement with MIYCN6439Brooke Bauer (GNC Technical Alliance)17 May 2022
Discussion Robust Advocacy on IYCF globally. 4311Daniel Takea 12 May 2022
Discussion Request for training modules for IYCF-E counsellors on techniques for conducting individual counseling sessions and communication techniques8071EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE3 May 2022
Discussion Calculating Relactation Success Rate 87813Isabelle Modigell 29 Apr 2022
Discussion IYCF Knowledge and Attitude5752Sajia Mehjabeen26 Apr 2022
Discussion Mothers Milk Tool...launch invitation 8603Alessandro18 Apr 2022
Discussion Novavax and lactation - COVID-199193Anonymous 4094612 Apr 2022
Discussion Introduction of fresh milk to infants2,04216Anonymous_A_W_4015 Mar 2022
Question Request to share lessons learned on IYCF-E from previous emergencies in Ukraine1,8140Jodine Chase1 Mar 2022
Discussion Use of traditional GALACTAGOGUES in breastfeeding support during emergencies - yes or no?1,9543Isabelle Modigell 27 Feb 2022
Question New Complementary Feeding Workbook Now Available3,0210John Nicholson13 Jan 2022
Discussion Examples of relabelling infant formula as part of BMS Programme3,3272Alice Burrell21 Dec 2021
Discussion Need information on upcoming training on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies? Programs from organizations in the French-speaking region first and / or English-speaking second. - COVID-194,0921EMMANUEL KALUFENYE NGENGELE22 Nov 2021
Discussion Summary of the dangers of feeding animal milk to infants3,8085Alison Donnelly8 Nov 2021
Discussion Examples of cash/voucher programming for BMS3,7637Alice Burrell25 Oct 2021
Discussion Multi Sectoral Efforts to Address Malnutrition3,4252Muhammad Jaffar Ali MSNC PnD Punjab Pakistan18 Oct 2021
Discussion Which countries have the best Code Violation monitoring systems?3,3952Alison Donnelly11 Oct 2021
Question Assessment of impact of Fathers' support group on IYCF & child care3,3110Dr. James Oloyede5 Oct 2021
Discussion Examples of Sustainability of the Peer Care group model (especially mother care groups)3,5151Methi Satyanarayana14 Sep 2021
Question Request for success story: examples of preventing / effectively managing BMS donations in emergencies3,8980Isabelle Modigell 1 Sep 2021
Question Request for Feedback: Complementary Feeding in Emergencies Programming Resources3,6210Alison Donnelly27 Aug 2021
Discussion IYCF-E in for families in COVID-19 quarantine - COVID-193,5441Karleen Gribble25 Aug 2021
Discussion Examples of inappropriate / harmful complementary food donations 3,4791Isabelle Modigell 24 Aug 2021
Question Save the Date - Thursday 9 September 2021 - Breastfeeding: Where Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems Begin (webinar and dialogue)3,8380Alessandro Iellamo13 Aug 2021
Discussion Application of the Code with Vulnerable Families in Developed Countries3,9244Sara Luis Hannan12 Aug 2021
Discussion Developing Mobile offline App to communicate health and Nutrition messages3,89511Ezeldin Idris 2 Aug 2021
Discussion Food security in infants aged 0-6months3,9283Anonymous 394420 Jul 2021
Question Which enterprise in africa to purchase "CMV premix" for malnourished infant's flour fortification3,6270Anonymous 3968629 Jun 2021
Discussion Calculating amount of ingredients needed to formulate a complementary food product4,65032Theo Dusingizimana29 Jun 2021
Discussion Call to submit topics/interventions for IFE Core Group 2021 IYCF-E webinars!4,3044Jodine Chase26 May 2021
Discussion Assessment of impact of Fathers' support group4,1625Dr. James Oloyede20 May 2021
Discussion IYCF in COVID-19: Videos for frontline health and nutrition workers - COVID-194,2801Alessandro Iellamo14 May 2021
Question Launch of new global interactive and innovative IYCF-E Tools - COVID-193,9130Alessandro Iellamo13 May 2021
Question 40th anniversary of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes3,6030Alessandro Iellamo5 May 2021
Discussion NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles – 21 April 2021 - COVID-193,8621Mija21 Apr 2021
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles – 7 April 2021 - COVID-194,2720Mija7 Apr 2021
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles –  24 March 2021 - COVID-193,9410mija ververs24 Mar 2021
Discussion Diet quality indicators for children above 2 yrs of age4,2732Anonymous 386415 Mar 2021
Question Short survey on priority IYCF-E topics and modalities 3,7380Linda Shaker Berbari15 Mar 2021
Discussion Mother's diet and infant's stool frequency3,9012André BITA13 Mar 2021
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant feeding, Breastmilk and COVID-19 - scientific updates - COVID-193,7890Mija10 Mar 2021
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles –  24 February 2021 - COVID-194,3540Mija24 Feb 2021
Discussion Afghanistan: Breastfeeding support expertise?4,0665Isabelle Modigell 3 Feb 2021
Question Code Implementation and protection of Breastfeeding...the experience in australia 3,9490Alessandro Iellamo1 Feb 2021
Discussion Breastfeeding group support4,1035Anna Bexten31 Jan 2021
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles –  30 December 2020 - COVID-195,0240mija ververs30 Dec 2020
Question Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles –  18 December 2020 - COVID-194,4270mija ververs18 Dec 2020
Question Breastfeeding3,9590Lucy Dominak17 Dec 2020
Question Please help me find African COVID-19 maternal and newborn care guidance - COVID-194,1360Karleen Gribble7 Dec 2020
Question NEW Updates on Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, Breast Milk and COVID-19 – excerpts from scientific journal articles –  4 December 2020 - COVID-195,0060mija ververs4 Dec 2020
Question IYCF-E Individual capacity assessment tool 4,2960Alessandro Iellamo1 Dec 2020
Discussion Please help me find African COVID-19 maternal and newborn care guidance - COVID-194,1652Karleen Gribble30 Nov 2020
Question COVID-19 and Breastfeeding, Infant feeding and Breastmilk - scientific updates - COVID-195,3580Mija20 Nov 2020
Question Learning and Sharing experiences from South Sudan, Yemen and the refugee criss in Greece - COVID-194,3580Alessandro Iellamo18 Nov 2020
Question Save the Children and the Tech RRT launch two (2) new tools to improve IYCF-E Programming - COVID-194,5380Alessandro Iellamo12 Nov 2020
Question Factors Affecting Utilisation of Insecticide Treated Net among Household with Children Less than Five Years in Hodan District, Mogadishu, Somalia4,6470Mohamed Hassan Mohamed12 Nov 2020
Question Survey to identify beliefs and myths in infant feeding and COVID-19: please complete and/or share - COVID-194,1560Kiersten Anne Israel-Ballard11 Nov 2020
Question COVID-19 and Breastfeeding, Infant feeding and Breastmilk - scientific updates - COVID-194,1250Mija10 Nov 2020
Discussion To include children consuming RUTF in IYCF indicator results or not?4,3223Philip McKinney2 Nov 2020
Question Valuing and resourcing mother-to-mother support and breastfeeding counselling across countries – making visible the leadership, innovation and contributions of women and breastfeeding NGOs4,8280Alessandro Iellamo27 Oct 2020
Question IYCF Learning and Sharing Cafés - COVID-194,2700Alessandro Iellamo7 Oct 2020
Question IYCF programming adaptations in the context of COVID 19 experiences from the field - COVID-194,5870Alessandro Iellamo24 Jul 2020
Question IYCF programming adaptations in the context of COVID 19 experiences from the field - COVID-194,5120Alessandro Iellamo21 Jul 2020
Question Invitation to the IGAD Webinar on: Ending the Inappropriate Promotion of all Foods for Infants and Young Children- August 4th 2020, 3pm Nairobi Time5,7130Alessandro Iellamo16 Jul 2020
Discussion Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes During Time of Covid-19 in Asia: Concerns and Policy Implications - COVID-194,8831Yuyi Deng10 Jul 2020
Question The updated WHO Code Report is out4,6230Alessandro Iellamo27 May 2020
Discussion Remote counselling during COVID-19 - COVID-194,9093Isabelle Modigell 24 May 2020
Question Word Breastfeeding Week 2020 and environmental disasters and pandemic5,2590Alessandro Iellamo22 May 2020
Discussion SAVE THE DATE: 28 May 2020, 3 PM (CEST) - Online Launch of the 2020 Status Report on the Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes - COVID-195,1091Alessandro Iellamo20 May 2020
Discussion World Breastfeeding Week 2020 Action Folder 4,7491Alessandro Iellamo18 May 2020
Discussion Looking for Breastfeeding Counselling in Humanitarian Settings Case Studies4,7583Isabelle Modigell 17 May 2020
Discussion WEBINAR Invitation: Protecting women’s reproductive rights in policy and resourcing decisions – the need for ‘data and dollars’, Monday 18 May, 2020 6-8pm Sydney time5,0614Alessandro Iellamo13 May 2020
Question New IYCF-E Capacity Mapping Tool is now out!4,7850Alessandro Iellamo6 May 2020
Discussion WEBINAR Invitation: Progressing Australia’s policies and plans for mothers and babies in disasters and pandemics: experiences from high- and middle-income countries May 4,2020 6 pm Brisbane time - COVID-195,0211Alessandro Iellamo24 Apr 2020
Discussion Webinar Invitation: Breastfeeding policy in 2020 and beyond – Emergency and pandemic preparedness and response planning in Australia - COVID-195,1201Alessandro Iellamo14 Apr 2020
Question Social Media Messaging for Responders4,3420Isabelle Modigell 13 Apr 2020
Question Call for submission of Case Studies for series of Webinars on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies - Operational Guidance 4,6170Linda Shaker Berbari1 Apr 2020
Discussion threshold value of IYCF indicators5,2205Kemgueu Tiemo Willie 10 Mar 2020
Discussion relationship between a summary of infants and young child feeding practices and child anthropometric outcomes5,1292Theo Dusingizimana22 Feb 2020
Discussion Protecting, promoting, supporting breastfeeding - when/where did this phrase first appear?5,0786Vicky Sibson18 Feb 2020
Discussion Photographs of Mother Baby Areas / Baby Friendly Spaces / IYCF Corners for publication5,7671Isabelle Modigell30 Nov 2019
Discussion Latest guidance for IYCF questionnaire in surveys7,0607Blessing Mureverwi26 Nov 2019
Discussion Maternal malnutrition and breastfeeding 8,32411Anonymous 3605716 Nov 2019
Discussion Water allocation for lactating women5,3603Karleen Gribble16 Nov 2019
Discussion Model care group 4,8331Mohammed Mudarrifu10 Oct 2019
Discussion Mapping of Resources on MBAs, Baby Friendly Spaces and IYCF Corners 5,4512Isabelle Modigell6 Sep 2019
Question Any one can share Documents on Comparative Costing Study (Cost effective analysis) of Wet Feeding interventions to compare with IYCF interventions? 4,5500Bulus Sani Shabanda2 Sep 2019
Question URGENT need for images on Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) needed5,1130mija ververs14 Jun 2019
Question Call for input to 'Making nutrition an integral part of Universal Health Coverage' Tokyo 20205,1950Anonymous 2410 May 2019
Discussion Training package for Community nutrition workers on CMAM and MIYCN south Sudan5,2312Lalaho X-topher25 Apr 2019
Discussion IYCF practices5,9063youlissouf6 Feb 2019
Discussion Boiled or not? Bottled water for preparation of infant formula8,42515mija ververs5 Feb 2019
Discussion Does the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes applies for Ready to Use commercially produced complementary foods ?6,2135Anonymous 3112317 Jan 2019
Discussion Looking for IYCF Interventions for refugees in high-income(!) settings for master thesis6,0996Isabel3 Jan 2019
Question Bottle Exchange 5,2790Isabelle Modigell 23 Dec 2018
Discussion feeding6,2443hesbon rasiene19 Sep 2018
Discussion Complementary food with Iodized salt. To promote or not.6,6246Marella Jones18 Sep 2018
Question malnutrition under 25,2700Anonymous 392529 Aug 2018
Discussion Estimating 24-hour breastmilk volume 6,2393Anonymous 1340620 Jun 2018
Question Research project5,6730Jean 8 Jun 2018
Discussion Outcome monitoring7,0524Abdulrizak Jelle21 Mar 2018
Question Measuring Behavioural Change 6,2720Hisham Khogali20 Mar 2018
Question Nutrition Resources for children with disability in the context of Peru and Guatemala6,7500Grace Maclean22 Jan 2018
Discussion Communal Food Prep Areas & Protected Eating and Playing Spaces7,5421Isabelle Modigell 22 Jan 2018
Discussion Wet Nursing Guidance - Emergency Contexts7,7123Nicki Connell19 Jan 2018
Question Est-ce que les séances de cuisine fonctionnent vraiment ? 6,9410Regine Kopplow31 Oct 2017
Question Possibilités accrues de support Tech RTT pour les organisations individuelles pour le soutien des nourissons et des jeunes enfants en situation d'urgence (IYCF/IYCF-E)7,8130Andi Kendle25 Sep 2017
Question Loi BMS 2013 du Bangladesh - Clarification demandée 7,9100Isabelle Modigell 31 Aug 2017
Discussion CNN article missing IYCFE lens8,7438Jodine Chase12 Aug 2017
Discussion Ebola virus disease outbreak in DRC7,8371Marie McGrath17 May 2017
Question State Wise Disparities in Early Breastfeeding in India7,5890ARVIND SINGH21 Apr 2017
Question Counselling and support of breastfeeding in emergencies - have YOUR say7,4360Marie McGrath21 Apr 2017
Question Time Available for Caring in Emergencies7,5550Ric Hamic21 Apr 2017
Discussion IYCF-E Lessons Learned from the HoA 20118,8712Christine Fernandes17 Apr 2017
Discussion I am planning to do a research on the impact of mass media on exclusive breastfeeding rates in Nigeria. What should be the duration of the Intervention before we can expect any change in EBF? 8,2973Chris 12 Apr 2017
Discussion PREDOMINANT BREASTFEEDING15,3223martin 7 Apr 2017
Discussion UNICEF UK campaign8,0732Jodine Chase5 Apr 2017
Discussion Why breastfeeding mothers request and use donated infant formula in refugee camps?8,5149Charlotte Verstraete5 Apr 2017
Discussion Infant feeding in Dunkirk Refugee camp8,31011Maddie McMahon1 Apr 2017
Discussion Why are formula preparation instructions different in the UK and Africa?10,5404Leigh Elston28 Mar 2017
Discussion IYCF, CMAM introduction for programmers in Food Assistance8,9881Anonymous 367722 Mar 2017
Discussion Disturbing online magazine article on breastfeeding8,5832Frederich Christian Tan16 Mar 2017
Discussion Rules for implementation of IYCF support groups9,9105Anonymous 249 Mar 2017
Discussion Studies looking at household food security and child dietary diversity8,1873Ranjith1 Mar 2017
Discussion IYCF-E KAP for Syria - Priority Topics8,3034Isabelle Modigell24 Jan 2017
Discussion A Summary of Assessment Findings and Recommendations: The Situation of Refugee and Migrant Women, Greece 20169,00510Jodine Chase17 Jan 2017
Question Calculating MAD - Minimum acceptable diet9,1160COOPI30 Nov 2016
Discussion IYCF POLICY7,9331Anonymous 392531 Oct 2016
Discussion IYCF-E Guidance8,8244Emma Kotsias25 Oct 2016
Discussion Who is delivering IYCF-E on the ground (ie baby tents etc) in Haiti9,1346Jodine Chase12 Oct 2016
Discussion IYCF-E corner setup and design 10,2751Hussein Mahamoud30 Sep 2016
Question Complementary feeding in emergencies8,5070Marie McGrath26 Sep 2016
Question BBC coverage of infant feeding in the Yemen7,9480Patti Rundall22 Sep 2016
Question Administrative data on Birth Weight7,3060Mehrab Bakhtiar21 Sep 2016
Discussion Maternal nutrition 9,1812Chris 9 Sep 2016
Discussion Cost estimate for IYCF program/intervention8,0641Linda18 Aug 2016
Discussion IYCF Evidence10,1276Helen Connolly15 Aug 2016
Question WHO updates on HIV and infant feeding guideline now available8,7000Marie McGrath1 Aug 2016
Discussion IYCF Counselling... Is it for post-natal care women only? 10,74727Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed17 Jul 2016
Discussion Responsive feeding9,0084Eyram2 Jul 2016
Question How can business support children in emergencies7,9580Marie McGrath2 Jul 2016
Discussion Policies and guidance on HIV and infant feeding in emergencies10,1841Marie McGrath20 Jun 2016
Discussion Lactose Intolerance9,5208Sarmin Hossain20 Jun 2016
Discussion HIV and infant feeding in emergencies10,5182Marie McGrath8 Jun 2016
Discussion Feedback on interim guidance on IYCF in transit in Europe10,5743Marie McGrath18 May 2016
Discussion IYCF-E Global Technical Support Cell service now available8,6491Marie McGrath13 May 2016
Discussion Infant Feeding in Emergencies Guidance10,2865Anonymous 364918 Apr 2016
Discussion Smart phones and IYCF-E 8,8241Sally Etheridge4 Apr 2016
Discussion WHO Zika and breastfeeding interim guidance9,3304Marie McGrath25 Feb 2016
Discussion Ukraine -- Recent Information on IYCF-E for Ukraine IDPs -- Non-breastfed children 9,0862Gary R. Gleason19 Jan 2016
Question Callenges in collecting weight charts for nutrition surveillance8,0850COOPI29 Dec 2015
Discussion Complementary Feeding Resources8,9272Anonymous 326118 Dec 2015
Discussion Breastfeeding Tent Picture14,57114Anita20 Nov 2015
Discussion breastfeeding at night 8,2161mona maman17 Nov 2015
Discussion Pre-lactal feeding10,2515Anonymous 326711 Nov 2015
Discussion Key Informants IYCF questions 8,3781aisha mohamed9 Nov 2015
Discussion Cause-effect 8,7457Halima S Hillow10 Oct 2015
Question Morenga-the miracle tree8,4250Anonymous 252328 Sep 2015
Discussion Sources of Ready to Use Infant Formula8,5056Megan Gayford26 Sep 2015
Discussion Protein type for children U2 and Pregnant and Lactating women- Specific guidance?9,3546Charulatha Banerjee21 Sep 2015
Discussion Infant and child feeding index (ICFI) for 0-59 months aged children9,4073Roman9 Sep 2015
Discussion Infant feeding and the European refugee crisis14,75919Patti Rundall, Baby Milk Action IBFAN UK4 Sep 2015
Discussion One Meat/Fish/Poultry/Egg indicator?8,7674Deepa12 Aug 2015
Discussion syrian refugees - complementary feeding recipes8,7241Anonymous 307014 Jul 2015
Discussion Relactation retention data9,3553Martha8 Jul 2015
Discussion Workplace lactation support8,7946Aisling2 Jul 2015
Discussion Area graphs for feeding practices8,5463Alice Burrell24 Jun 2015
Discussion Care Group Model8,9328Halima S Hillow25 May 2015
Question New Breastfeeding video series released9,0000Casie Tesfai20 May 2015
Discussion How long does it take to reverse the effects of stunting in children under 24 months?12,1807Hatty Barthorp30 Apr 2015
Discussion Mitigation measures and monitoring indicators in Kitchen gardens8,2732Bushra Rashid24 Oct 2014
Discussion Save the Children's IYCF-E Toolkit Version 215,2264Nicki Connell19 Sep 2014
Discussion Barriers to Complementary Feeding10,1644Charulatha Banerjee10 Sep 2014
Discussion IYCF support group Vis-à-vis MtMsG10,5357Anonymous 818 Sep 2014
Discussion Infant feeding and Ebola Outbreak28,81380Marie McGrath12 Aug 2014
Discussion Behaviour Change: duration/points of contact needed?8,8871Aisling Daly25 Jul 2014
Discussion monitoring nutrition program for stunting indicators10,1012Hamid Hussien26 Jun 2014
Discussion Impact assessment tool8,7224Neha Arora8 Apr 2014
Discussion What to do with expired infant formula?11,5401Anonymous 9427 Jan 2014
Discussion Safe alternatives to breast milk in rural sub-Saharan Africa that are not formula milk?12,6265Genevieve Hutchinson10 Dec 2013
Discussion Should you recommend wet nursing in HIV prevalent areas where replacement feeding is not safe but there is no HIV testing available?11,8978Marie McGrath4 Dec 2013
Discussion Suppliers for Ready to Use Infant Formula9,0861Charlotte d'Elloy19 Nov 2013
Discussion Monitoring tools8,8842Anonymous 218024 Sep 2013
Discussion KAP questionnaire12,3767Alison Donnelly8 Sep 2013
Discussion Impact of mother to mother support group programming on reduction in acute malnutrition10,7164Sarah Oteri2 Jul 2013
Discussion Choice of infant formula9,9134Ellen Boldon18 Jun 2013
Discussion Food groups to assess diet diversity20,89316Nicki Connell4 Jun 2013
Discussion Pilot of PD in Internally Displaced persons camps9,3422Anonymous 22812 Jun 2013
Question research on relationship between meal consumption and nutrition status8,7010Nicholus Tint Zaw28 Feb 2013
Discussion Bioavailability of micronutrients in breast milk13,3693Milly24 Jan 2013
Discussion Develop a recipe for cooking demonstrations sessions10,5166Junaid Chohan 28 Dec 2012
Question MAMI 2 Project Survey9,7890Anonymous 2416 Nov 2012
Discussion Exclusive Breastfeeding of triplets9,8592Anonymous 64411 Nov 2012
Discussion Breast Feeding Corner8,7161Anonymous 160821 Sep 2012
Question programming strategy 8,7530Nicholus Tint Zaw7 Sep 2012
Discussion Cholera and nutrition9,2954Stien Gijsel5 Sep 2012
Discussion Minimum "requirements" for breastfeeding areas in IDP camps8,9931Paul30 Aug 2012
Discussion Natural birth or Cesarean9,9826Shakeel Patrus27 Aug 2012
Discussion monitoring and evaluating the integration of IYCF into CMAM10,7894Victoria Sibson11 Aug 2012
Discussion IYCF inteventions impact on Stunting11,0487Melaku Begashaw26 Jun 2012
Question Treatment for Chronic Malnutrition8,5340Anonymous 135412 Jun 2012
Discussion How long should a baby be exclusively breastfed? 14,91021Melanie Bruns22 May 2012
Question Infant Feeding and HIV WHO Guidelines 20108,9880Thulani Maphosa10 May 2012
Discussion Is there any literature on best practices for promoting breastfeeding during CMAM10,69816Anonymous 1183 Mar 2012
Discussion WASH 9,0361Anonymous 49015 Dec 2011
Discussion Calculation of Minimum Diet Diversity for children above 23 months11,9482Anonymous 42221 Oct 2011
Discussion Appropriate use of intercepted BMS in emergencies9,4614Astrid14 Oct 2011
Discussion Nutrition in Regugee situations9,1361Anonymous 26619 Sep 2011
Discussion market foods for under 5s10,2282Merry Fitzpatrick4 Aug 2011
Question Case Studies/Reports on Complementary Feeding Interventions for HTP8,7850Astrid25 May 2011
Discussion Hepatitis virus and breastfeeding9,7332Nicholus Tint Zaw13 May 2011
Discussion Kitchen Gardens - do they work?12,03510Alison Donnelly15 Apr 2011
Discussion Use of modified animal milk versus infant formula - sustainability?10,1301Anonymous 55711 Apr 2011
Discussion Relactating Exercise12,5876Nicholus Tint Zaw2 Apr 2011
Discussion Exclusive breastfeeding and use of traditional colic medicines13,1118Victoria Sibson25 Mar 2011
Closed Breastfeeding problems and food supplements. Any association?12,3879Casie Tesfai16 Feb 2011
Discussion smooth porridge for infants10,8913julius karanja29 Dec 2010
Discussion Nestle Boycott - is it working?13,8526Anonymous 8124 Dec 2010
Discussion Sample size calculation on IYCF indicators in small scale survey14,43311Anonymous 51222 Dec 2010
Discussion Ready to Use Infant Formula11,3475Rogers Wanyama10 Dec 2010
Question Folic acid supplementation8,3880Anonymous 41030 Nov 2010
Discussion IYCF training guide for community workers or any volunteers13,3011Anonymous 814 Nov 2010
Question Benefit cost analysis and cost effectiveness studies of feeding programmes8,5330Anonymous 4677 Oct 2010
Discussion Food groupings in assessments9,0601Ranjith23 Sep 2010
Discussion Donations / subsidised supplies of milk to school feeding during emergencies 11,1993Ali Maclaine22 Sep 2010
Discussion Stunting resulting from psychosocial deprivation vs nutritional deprivation11,3698Karleen Gribble18 Sep 2010
Discussion Correlation between Maternal Nutrition and breastmilk volume12,2283Sibida George Bun- Wai (PhD)2 Sep 2010
Question breastfeeding 8,3610Anonymous 19520 Aug 2010
Discussion breastfeeding 15,69713Anonymous 19518 Aug 2010
Discussion Positive Deviant Hearth Model9,8362Sibida George Bun- Wai (PhD)29 Apr 2010
Question Challenges of implementing policy guidance in different emergency contexts9,3680Marie McGrath26 Apr 2010
Discussion Breastfeeding and its benefits13,6873Anonymous 2267 Jan 2010
Discussion IEC/BCC materials14,5936Anonymous 8121 Dec 2009
Discussion Calorie amounts9,9932Anonymous 9423 Aug 2009
Discussion Disaster Preparedness and Consent for Cross Nursing9,6022Rosemary Hoffmann 10 Aug 2009
Discussion Publications on Flash heating of breastmilk11,0371Anonymous 2264 Aug 2009
Discussion Is community based nutrition rehab process a better way to prevent malnutrition in sustainable manner9,1912susmita choudhury31 Jul 2009
Discussion Feeding of children after diarrheal epidemic10,9238Purna Chandra Wasti16 Jul 2009
Question Monitoring IYCF interventions / programmes9,5260Ali Maclaine24 Jun 2009
Question IYCF assessments and classification of results9,4700Ali Maclaine24 Jun 2009
Discussion IYCF Trainings11,4534Anonymous 10424 Jun 2009
Question Iron fortification definition for IYCF definitions?10,9980Ali Maclaine13 May 2009
Closed Sample size for IYCF assessment - new question in Assessment Area9,2580Anonymous 245 May 2009
Discussion Converting F100 to F75 or making F75 from commercial milk powder30,1455Erin28 Mar 2009
Closed Assessing 'FASS' criteria in order to appropriately target BMS10,8156Victoria Sibson17 Mar 2009
Closed Feeding children older than 6 months with severe cleft palat9,9852Anonymous 1069 Mar 2009
Discussion Prevalence of moderate malnutrition in infants11,81711Jeremy Shoham14 Feb 2009