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User guide

Use of en-net is subject to the Terms and Conditions.


en-net is a free and open online community platform run by Emergency Nutrition Network. It was initially established for practitioners in remote locations to have access to prompt technical advice for operational challenges and to help early career professionals find the answers they need as soon as possible. It has now evolved into a global conversation space for informal peer discussions on every topic from new and emerging problems to challenging or atypical situations and innovative technical responses.

There are currently 16 thematic areas that are: 

If your query does not fit easily under just one of the specific technical areas, please submit the question under ‘Cross-cutting issues’.

If your question does not fall under any of the technical areas, please submit it under ‘Other thematic area’. Additional theme areas are regularly added to the forum.

In order to include practitioners who are unable to frequently access the internet, discussions are summarised and reported in the print edition of ENN's flagship publication, Field Exchange.


How to post a query

You must register as an en-net user in order to post a question. This is a quick online registration. You can choose to receive email alerts whenever questions and answers are posted for each thematic area. You do not need to be a registered user to view postings on en-net.

There is an option to register as an anonymous user. We encourage you to only use this option as a last resort. If you use this option, please include as much information as possible regarding the context in which you work and your areas of expertise.

Questions posted are received by the Forum Moderator. Where the answer to a question is available in guidance materials or in a previous en-net question and answer exchange, the user will be directed to the appropriate resource/en-net exchange. This question will not be posted online.

All en-net users can respond to a question.

A question that is deemed by the Forum Moderator to be particularly challenging is escalated for input from the designated Technical Moderator for that thematic area.

ENN welcome feedback from users on their en-net experience and its application to practice. We will undertake periodic evaluation.

Principles of participation

Users are requested to respect the views of others and to participate in discussions in the spirit of an informal exchange of ideas and experience.

The forum is open to all and as such ENN takes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or appropriateness of responses by users.