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Post a reply: MUAC and WHZ as indicators of SAM - ENN produced report available

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A report on a recent consultation on the role of MUAC and WHZ as indicators of SAM is now [url=]now available[/url]. The consultation was instigated by Save the Children UK (SCUK) and facilitated by the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN). ACF and UNHCR provided technical inputs and together with SCUK, funded the consultation. The aim of the consultation was to identify common challenges, wider experiences and additional evidence regarding MUAC and WHZ use in the context of CMAM interventions, and to reach a shared understanding of the operational issues, existing and upcoming evidence and implications for programming. It involved a four-month consultation process, which involved 19 academic specialists and 10 operational organisations, and concluded with a meeting in London 2012 from which emerged the report referenced above.
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