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Post a reply: When sampled cluster doen't have enough HH demanded by sample size because of urgent and sudden population movement

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Experienced from my current SMART survey, we faced one issues as HH from one sample cluster doesn't have enough HH to met the sample size demanded for each cluster. The target population is IDP and we have use the update population data and HH list of March 2014 for survey planning and one IDP camps which also selected as sampled cluster have faced sudden population movement as to move this camps and merge with other IDP camps. It was happen during survey team training time and what we got information from camp leader was that all HH was moved to new camps. In reality when we administer survey for that cluster the actual HH living in that clusters had changed as decrease, only 20 HH. (What our survey sample size for one cluster demanded 21 HH) So, in this situation which will be the best option to follow in respecting SMART methodology. For me, I'd administered survey all 20 HH from this cluster.
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