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Post a reply: Use of RUTF outside of a CMAM program

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We are are quickly approaching the BUBD in which we will not be able to distribute all of the RUTF through our CMAM program to treat SAM cases. We are considering an alternative of distributing one sachet of Plumpy Nut to severely underweight (<-3 SD) children (6 -23 months old) for five weeks. These children have already been identified through the monthly GMP sessions. While some of these cases are likely MAM, we don't have the MUAC measurement for these already identified children. Does anyone have information or experience on using RUTF outside standard SAM guidelines? Specifically, 1. Are there any studies where it could be harmful to provide Plumpy Nut to this population? And 2. Is there any evidence where this could help improve their condition when used in this manner? 3. Thoughts on recommended dosage and time line? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cindy
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