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The Coverage Monitoring Network (CMN) will be launching an enhanced technical review to inform possible improvement and suggest future development activities for the most commonly used coverage methodologies in the nutrition sector; SQUEAC, SLEAC and S3M. Users of the methods would be invited to pose methodological questions, comments and suggestions to an independent body, Epicentre, over a period of 30 days commencing 2 weeks from today (04/07/2014). All comments would then be answered by the independent body after a period of 60 days. If an overwhelming amount of questions and comments are submitted, the independent body will be able to group questions thematically and respond to these accordingly. Any lessons learned or suggestions will be documented and actioned by the CMN. It is important to note that the independent review is responsible for responding to methodological questions, and not questions about how to practically implement or interpret findings in specific cases. This forum has been doing the latter with great success. This review is only concerned with questions relating to the methodology itself and we welcome you to participate. Epicentre will be opening the official call, where details of submission will be stated, which will be shared through the usual channels. Thanks a lot for reading and hope you find this review useful
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