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From Peter Antony: Dear Friends I would like to get your opinion about coming up with a guidance on deciding a CMAM programming in the communities. As you know that there is no clear guideline on how to decide the CMAM programme the field. Therefore i am planning to give this to help the field and programme staff to decide based on the GAM rate and aggravating factors. Particularly, whenever come on the border level there would be a confusion to decide the programming. therefore i would like to take the SAM and and oedema rates to decide the severity of the nutrition situation. Please find the table below and advise me on this.. Thank very much in advance Antony Situation: GAM > 14%, or GAM 10-14% with aggravating factors Severity Status: Serious Action recommended: Blanket feeding and/or CMAM (prevention and treatment) Situation: GAM 10-14%, or 8-10% with aggravating factors or SAM > 3% and/or > 1% of kwashiorkor (oedema) Severity Status: Critical Action recommended: Alert Targeted feeding CMAM (prevention and treatment) Situation: 8-10% with aggravating factors SAM < 3% and/or < 1% of kwashiorkor (oedema) Severity Status: Cautious Action recommended: Alert Targeted feeding. No need to have CMAM but recommended prevention activities (IYCF) Situation: GAM < 9% without any aggravating factors Severity Status: Acceptable Action recommended: Alert nutrition education. No need to have CMAM recommended prevention mostly focus on IYCF
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