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Dear EN-net forum colleagues, International Medical Corps is currently developing a guidance to advice on the Use of the Care Group model in emergency settings. A Care Group is a group of 10-15 volunteer, community-based health educators who regularly meet together with NGO project staff for training and supervision. Each of these volunteers then go out at least monthly to do health promotion with a small cohort of mothers of young children. They are different from typical mothers groups in that each volunteer is responsible for regularly visiting 10-15 of her neighbors, sharing what she has learned and facilitating behavior change at the household level. The model was created by World Relief in 1995 and pioneered and championed by Food for the Hungry and World Relief since then. Many organisations are now using the model to improve child health at community level. All information about the model could be found here : [url=http://www.]here[/url] The consultant is planning to visit one of IMC's program of Care group in emergency in January next year but we are looking for a second organisation which would be willing as well to be involved with the guidance and could be visited by our consultant early February. We are also developing an online survey on the same topic and would like to have as many participants as possible answering our questions on their use of the model in emergency. If you are interested, please send me a mail at: Best Wishes, Alexandra
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