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I would like to hear your experience with the duration of capture-recapture study to assess the sensitivity of active case-finding for coverage survey. I have found only one paper which mentions the duration of capture-recapture study: Implications of a Coverage Survey in Ethiopia by Simon Kiarie Karanja on Field Exchange n.31 ([url][/url]). In that case a one day study was carried out. This is my case. Based on this paper: [url][/url] I have found that we need a sample of 15 SAM children to perform the capture-recapture study. We will collect the sample using house-to-house and active case-finding methods. Therefore 1500 children should be measured in the case of the house-to-house method, supposing a 1% prevalence of SAM in the area. While using the active case-finding method the teams need to measure far less, say 200 children, to find the 15 with severe malnutrition. Let's suppose that a team can take weight and height of up to 50 children per day using one of the two methods. And let's suppose that we have 5 teams. It will take almost one day for the active case-finding (200/50/5=0,8), and 6 days for the house-to-house screening (1500/50/5=6). Am I wrong in my logic/calculation or is 7 days a normal duration for a capture-recapture study like this one? What is your experience in this regard? Thank you in advance.
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