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Post a reply: Use of "acute" for children >5 and adults

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When referring to malnutrition among children >5 years old and adults, as measured by weight-for-height, BMI-for-age, BMI, MUAC, or nutritional edema, should the term "acute " be used, e.g. "moderate acute malnutrition" or simply "moderate malnutrition"? This question has come up as we develop guidelines and training materials. From our discussion so far, some have said that we are safe to use "acute" when measured by WHZ; that wasting identified by WHZ, MUAC, and nutritional edema are acute conditions, but the acuteness of metabolic changes happens over weeks, sometimes months; that "acute" is avoided in adults because there are too many other primary causes that lead to acute malnutrition as the secondary cause. We have also heard from field-based staff that they would rather have fewer, consistent, harmonized terms to avoid confusion. Thank you for your help!
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