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Hi, We are developing one programme one nutrition sensitive social protection programme on maternity cash transfer with intensive behaviour change communication. Below were the some points for project information and I have some question around the outcome indicators on our research programme. Activities: maternity cash transfer (3 mth gestation to child 2 year of age) + BCC Enrollment criteria for cash transfer: only pregnant mother (within 3 mth gestation to 9 mth gestation) Graduation criteria: when their child reach 2 yrs age project period: 3 years Estimate beneficiaries: approximately 5000 mother and child pair (per arm) will be enrolled in 3 yrs project period Regarding research, we have tow arms to test our hypothesis - there was a different between the impact of Cash + BCC and BCC only on stunting rate? Arm 1: 191 villages - received cash transfer and BCC Arm 2: 191 villages from different township but has same pop characteristic as arm 1 - only received BCC But, we have limited budget to cover the robust M&E. So, in that case, what will be the best case of research methodology to apply and what will be the best outcome indicators to test the difference in both arms (stunting prevalence or mean WHZ score) or how about the power on detection of difference outcome indicators. Thanks.
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