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Post a reply: Estimation of New Pregnant Mother for cash transfer programme

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is there any statically safe calculation way to get the # of new pregnant mother by month and # pregnant women on any one day in this population. What I currently using is the following way and I do want to make sure my calculation is statically safe or not. To get the # of pregnant women on any one day in this population (T2 - T3: 6 month gestation), I used the guideline from this link [url][/url] (provided by Mark Myatt). For the # of New Pregnant Mother (T2 - T3: 6 months gestation) in a month; use the below calculation. Total Population*Crude birth rate est./12 months But, I am not very confidence on second one. So, if there any other calculator for to estimate the monthly new pregnant mothers, apart from above calculator.
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