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Post a reply: Calculating a sample size to detect associations between maternal nutrition, HH food security status and dietary diversity.

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Good morning. Hoping you may be able to help us.... We wish to calculate the association between maternal undernutrition (defined as MUAC <23cm), HH food security status (using HFIAS 4 point scale from food secure to severely insecure) and dietary diversity (using WDDS). We are hoping to explore whether pregnant women from severely food insecure households, or that have low dietary diversity, are more likely to be undernourished. We also wish to explore whether food insecure households are more likely to have low dietary diversity. My statistical skills are not strong, and hoping you may be able to show us how to calculate the required sample size. Information we have includes: 1. Population size: 303,000 total population; 49.4 percent of total are women. We are estimating that around 3 percent of women are pregnant at any one time. 2. We hope to include approx 8-12 villages, which have a population of around 1,100 each. 3. Approx 34 percent of pregnant women are undernourished. 4. HH food insecurity (low, medium and severe) approx 60 percent. And womens dietary diversity scores are approx 5 food groups (range 1-9). Because we know that dietary diversity scores fluctuate with seasonal availability of food, we also hope to collect data over a one year period. Can you clarify the best study design? (its longitudinal, though we have no control group). All thoughts are appreciated! thank you!
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