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I am seeking to analyze data collected among adolescent girls 13-19 in Zimbabwe for undernutrition. I plan to follow WHO guidelines and do the following: - for acute undernutrition/thinness (BMI-for-age <5th centile of NHANES 1 reference population) - for chronic undernutrition/stunting (height-for-age <3rd centile of NHANES 1 reference population) - adjust based on median age of reaching menarche (using average difference between survey and reference population) I have a few questions regarding this analysis: 1. Are these still the correct guidelines for adolescent anthropometry? [url][/url] 2. Should I use the NHANES 1 population as the reference population even though I am looking at nutritional status in Zimbabwean girls 13-19? 3. Does anyone have SPSS code for this? (all I can find is SAS but I no longer have access to SAS) 4. For pregnant adolescent girls, we did not use MUAC as there is no established MUAC cutoff for adolescents. Instead, can I adjust anthropometry data for month of pregnancy? Would appreciate advice! ***Information on adolescent anthropometry is limited - many thanks for any advice!***
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