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Post a reply: Why prevalence using MUAC is not useful as trigger level for humaniterian response?

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My question is specific to pastoral population. Rearches documents indicated that the prevalence of acute malnutrition using both WFH and MUAC gives similar estmate for agrarian population whereas for pastoral population both estimates differently where WFH overestamate. in nutrition surveys, It is common to see GAM prevalence of WFH more than 20% with MUAC below 10%. if this is so, can we use prevalence using MUAC to define the magnitude of the problem for pastoral population? if so, is there agreed category (treshold) for the level of the problem? The other qustion, is there any research done to look at the outcomes of low WFH Vis-à-vis low MUAC? outcomes i mean is morbidity and mortality.
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