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Post a reply: What is the proper micronutrient composition for supplementation to promote catch up growth in stunted children?

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According to DHS 2005 of Ethiopia, prevalence of stunting and wasting are 51% and 12%, respectively, showing that both malnutrition should not be neglected. So we are planning to provide 1 RNI of multiple-micronutrients to several thousand children younger than 5 years, with the aim of prevention of infectious diseases and acute malnutrition, and promoting catch up growth. Then, I am skeptical of supplementing to stunted children with micronutrients met for daily nutrient needs for normal children. I think different micronutrient formula for stunted children need to apply to field program, meeting their need of daily nutrient and catch up growth. And I wonder if DHA or other fatty acid, known to be necessary for linear growth, can be included with daily micronutrient supplementation for one year. On the other hand, in our program, wasted children will be given CSB or Plumpy nut, according to their extent of wasting status. However, I wonder, although CSB or Plumpy nut may be effective for weight gain, to what extent, is CSB containing substantial anti-micronutrients or Plumpy nut effective on improvement of micronutrient deficient status which was often times diagnosed in a great number of wasted children.
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