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Post a reply: Acute malnutrition caseload in emergency preparedness

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I'm Tomás, nutritionists working as volunteers in an organisation in Mozambique (my country).
I was looking for a response to my doubts, when I saw your contact, as someone who hopefully can help providing response.

My question is:
"During an emergency preparedness to address children what would be useful to estimate the number of children's can suffer from Severe acute malnutrition, knowing that there was an MUAC screening in the last 1 month, which has population with high rates of GAM"?

The action plan is for the next 6 months.
Is it correct to use the formula below?
N: is the number of population 6-59 months
P: the prevalence of SAM or MAM;
C:coverage rate time period
K: correction factor (1.6).

Is that applicable to use the prevalence from MUAC screening in the formula?
Knowing that the estimation is for the next 6 months, is that correct to divide the results of the operation by 2, so that we can get the number for 6 months?

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