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Can someone (especially: epidemiologist) check my though on Stratified Randomization for one study? Thanks in advance.
Our team is going to implement a one nutrition sensitive conditional (soft) cash transfer program and have idea to include one learning pieces on how our intervention effect on “Incidence of Stunting in beneficiaries’ children”. Idea is to provide cash transfer since 3 months gestation of pregnancy to child up to 2 years – cover most part of the early 1,000 days.
This study will compose with 3 arms: 1 – Only Cash, 2 – Cash + BCC and 3 – Control. In term of sample size, we estimate 2,300 (with additional 1,500 observation) under 2 children to detect the 5% reduction of stunting prevalence (estimated).
So, for stratification of three arms in our area, we are thinking to apply the following factors (including causal factors of malnutrition based on the Unicef conceptual framework) for randomization;
1. Population size of villages (rural community),
2. Public Health condition (health services, disease prevalence – ARI and Diarrhea),
3. Food Availability and Accessibility (distance to market and Food Group Availability per season) and
4. Water Source and Environmental Sanitation condition.
Does it enough to consider in randomization or missing any points which can effect on our outcome (stunting)? So, please feel free to provide your comments on suggestion on that and have any resource or similar study on this, please do share for better planning on our study.
Thanks again on your kind contribution.

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