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Post a reply: Who are our "Champions"? how do you recognize them, how are we engaging with them?

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Dear all,
This is to open up a topic that I find extremely important to foster our learning, to enhance mutual support, to be more effective, efficient, motivated, connected to each other, to strength our willingness to innovate our way of work...: I would love to know what you think about it.

I am involved in coordinating a learning program within the SUN Civil Society Network to support cross learning among alliances ("Learning Route program", ).
As you can imagine "Champions" and "Best Practices" are 2 important ingredients of "our" learning recipe.

In my thinking and within the learning route approach (delineated by ) "Champions are people with valuable knowledge, usually practical, that stand within their organization or community for their ways of doing things, their knowledge and innovative leadership on development initiatives that positively impact their own context".

Hence: Champions = Agents of Change

With our program we would like to enhance the capacities of our Champions to become "trainers" of who might want to enhance her/his expertise on that field.

My question for you:
1 - How do you recognize a Champion?
2 - What characteristics do you think a champion should have?
3 - Did you feel we are using enough this inestimable resource we have in-house? Can you share some examples?
4 - How could we do more/better?

Your inputs and ideas will be precious to feed a long term strategy that wants to establish sustainable mechanisms to foster mutual support, empowerment of individuals, organizations and networks.

Looking forward to your thoughts!
Please join the Learning Route Facebook group if you want to influence and know what is going on within the learning program!
If in any moment you want to discuss about this topic, please get in contact:

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