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Post a reply: Nutrition Commitments and Accountability

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As a means of increasing accountability, there is increasing discussion in the nutrition arena, and wider world of sustainable development, about the need for "registries" or "repositories" of commitment. For example see:

An online public repository of commitments on nutrition could serve the following main functions:

* to make publicly available SMART policy, financial and technical commitments (ideally country specific) by a wide range of stakeholders
* enable specialists and the interested public to track progress in the delivery on commitments and the achievement of national nutrition targets

In the context of ICN2 follow up and the Decade of Action, the repository could provide one place where all nutrition related commitments by all stakeholders are deposited, made publicly available and trackable. For example, If commitments are made in any future Nutrition for Growth event or process they could be included in the repository.

I would be interested in the opinions of SUN Movement participants and others on this issue, in particular:

* What added value might such a repository bring to nutrition accountability?
* What would be the most important content and how should it be structured?
* Who would provide the information and how should it be collated?
* Who should administer any such repository?

thanks and best wishes


Chris Leather
Independent Consultant

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