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Post a reply: Screening and Treatment protocols in Anaemia amongst adolescent girls

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At Jharkhand, India over 70-90% of Adolescent girls are anaemic. The State provides a once-a-week IFA supplement at schools to prevent anaemia amongst adolescents girls. Last week the state conducted a large screening campaign amongst school going adolescents on voluntary basis. The results showed that over 2% of girls are severely anaemic (<7 gm/dl) and around 70% are moderately anaemic (7-11 gm/dl). These figures are approximation since data is being collated and analysed. The blood was tested by local Health Centre Nurses called Auxillary Nurse-Midwives using the Sahli's technique. All girls were administered a prophylactic dose of anti-helminthics (albendazole) during the screening. Our immediate concern is the treatment protocol. While the girls with Haemoglobin levels with normal levels will continue to get the Once a week Prophylactic IFA dose, what should be done with those with Mild, Moderate, and severe anaemia. The immediate protocol is the severe are referred to the Primary Health Centre where a physician does a clinical examination and reconfirms the anaemic status and then treats the patients (no standard algorithm provided).
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