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Post a reply: Nutritional rehabilitation of MAM infants under 6 months admitted with an illness

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The 2013 updated WHO guidelines recommends that infants under 6 months with severe acute malnutrition but no oedema, expressed breast milk should be given, and, where this is not possible, commercial (generic) infant formula or F-75 or diluted F-100 may be given, either alone or as the supplementary feed together with breast milk.

In the hospital I work in, we see a lot more infants under 6 months with moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) admitted with an illness. Most will have sub-optimal feeding and a history of poor weight gain. This means that for the first few days these infants need to supplement expressed breast milk with additional feeds. Guidelines do not mention management of MAM in hospital admission. Which supplementary feed would be optimal for feeding admitted MAM infants under 6 months?

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