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Post a reply: Do you know where CHWs are conducting SAM treatment at a community level? Do you have any relevant resources that you can share?

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Lynette Friedman and Cathy Wolfheim are currently compiling a report on the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) by lay community-based providers in development contexts. Knowing that there is very little published research on this topic, we are reaching out to identify any country or program contexts that may have information to share related to SAM treatment at the community level.

This review was commissioned by the CMAM Forum, together with its broader Coalition, and aims to examine the factors that facilitate integrating SAM treatment into a CHW and/or iCCM model and identify criteria for countries considering implementing SAM treatment at the community level.

If you have any experience, program documents, or research reports to share, please forward them to or

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