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Post a reply: Cost benefit methodologies and examples - Recommendations for TSF, BSFP, and Emergency Recuperation Ration

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Food and nutrition insecurity in the Sahel is a complex dynamic of chronic issues and acute needs.

We are undertaking a cost-benefit analysis of comprehensive programming in Mali. While traditional methods of costing can be applied, identifying and quantifying 'benefit', particularly given limited data, presently and over time, poses a challenge.

The team is seeking thoughts from the nutrition community on examples and suggestions of cost and benefit for TSF, BSFP, and Emergency Recuperation Ration.

Specifically, we are looking to identify methodologies for cost-benefit analysis specific and sensitive to CMAM, but also how to use the data for decisionmaking in programming (scale up and integration of programming).

A big challenge is taking this 'benefit' and connecting it to impact, as in connecting it to incidence and mortality. Has this been done before and are their sound methodologies from other countries/emergencies?

Thanks very much.

Any and all thoughts are welcome!

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