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Post a reply: clean water using Sodis system

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We have been working in Pakistan and Africa teaching alternative power and clean water, supplying schools, missions and hospitals with RO solar powered water systems. As my company undertakes this type of social project, we  don't understand why more humanitarian organisations don't teach and use Sodis cleaning, as our units cost less than £3.00 and can be taken away and reused. Also why aren't they teaching making disinfectant from simple salt?

Sodis entails using solar power in a water bladder: as long as the heat and sun is there, the bacterial germs are killed. This doesn't remove the heavy metals but it's a good basis. The great thing about these bladders is that they can be reused and are small enough to carry in a pocket or blouse and simply need to be hung up for at least 6 hours in the sun.


Alan Cheshire

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