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Is there anyone here from UNICEF UK? I have concerns about the wording in this otherwise excellent social media campaign launched from their Facebook page.

Campaign is here:

The caption on the fourth photo says: "Regena holds her newborn child, baby Gatkouth. Regena started to breastfeed as soon as the midwife handed her Gatkouth, which is crucial for babies in the first moments of life. But Regena is one of the lucky mothers. Many women in South Sudan cannot breastfeed, or even feed themselves, because of a lack of food resulting from years of conflict."

I have messaged the page and suggested that they edit the photo caption and change the last sentence to something like: "Many women in South Sudan are not supported to breastfeed which is life-saving in the midst of this food insecure situation."

Jodine Chase
writing in my capacity today as admin for Friends of the WHO Code Facebook Group, where this is being discussed

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