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SMART (Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions) is increasingly used by various organizations as the standard survey method for nutrition and mortality surveys. In order to provide key-staff members with the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the methodology, the SMART Team delivers regional and national SMART Methodology trainings.

A regional inter-agency Survey Manager Training will be organized by the SMART Team at Action Against Hunger Canada from July 18th – 26th 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda. The conference facility location will be communicated later. This training is intended for staff or persons involved in nutrition and mortality surveys in their agencies. Persons who will benefit most from this training are:

- Persons from organisations / institutions directly responsible for the planning, supervision and/or data analysis of nutritional surveys
- Persons from organisations / institutions with experience in conducting nutritional surveys, but who need to improve their capacity using the SMART Methodology
- Persons with a basic understanding of malnutrition and statistical principles

All potential participants are requested to fill in the application form accessible here or on the SMART Website.

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