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Post a reply: Notes from Myanmar - an ENN and NI joint visit

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REACH has been actively supporting nutrition governance processes in Myanmar since 2015. Indeed, the nutrition stock-taking exercises have proved to be an excellent entry point for sensitizing country actors about the importance of applying a multi-sectoral approach to nutrition. Comprehensive analytical tools, developed by REACH, are being used to complete the stock-taking exercises. With that said, these exercises are government-led with support from REACH, including the partner UN agencies. They have provided a timely and practical opportunity for actors from different sectors to rally around nutrition under the new government, and to learn about their respective contributions. While the initial efforts largely focused on nutrition advocacy, the findings are increasingly feeding into nutrition planning and other facets of nutrition governance. The REACH engagement is helping to catalyze and support the UN Network for SUN in-country, and to bring the various SUN Networks together, with similar work being carried out in 12 other countries.

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