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Post a reply: New free online course on Humanitarian Public Health from Johns Hopkins University

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New free online course on Humanitarian Public Health from Johns Hopkins

Center for Humanitarian Health at Johns Hopkins University launches a new online course designed to learn how public health concepts and skills can be applied to disasters. The Public Health in Humanitarian Crises course provides understanding of public health issues that affect populations troubled by disasters — both natural and from conflicts.

The course content incorporates theoretical knowledge and many practical examples from past and recent disasters. It consists of 10 modules totaling approximately 9-10 hours of content with an additional 2-3 hours of self-work (quizzes and writing and evaluating a short peer-review assignment), as well as lively discussions forums. The uniqueness of this course encompasses many practical 'real-life' examples and is taught by instructors and guest lecturers who together have over 200 years of experience in the field.

The course is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested to learn more about public health in humanitarian crises. Also for a seasoned humanitarian worker, there are subjects in this course that will probably be new. Lastly, anyone who teaches on the subject is also welcome to use the videos as training material. Materials can be accessed any time and in any order.

There is no charge to take the course if one does not opt for a certificate. However, a certificate can be issued upon satisfactory completion and payment of $49.
Useful links related to the course at the Johns Hopkins website:
• CHH site homepage:
• Course modules page:

Or directly through Coursera:

Warm regards, Mija Ververs

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