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Post a reply: 1. Existe-t-il des étendues de population couvertes estimées pour la fourniture d'équipements anthropométriques (par ex. la longueur / hauteur en bois) ou le nombre de personnel médical disponible pouvant être utilisés pour guider la programmation à diffé

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I am working on a project in Zambia which is trying to test the most feasible contact times of mothers with children below 24 months and health workers between routine monthly length/height measurement and following the EPI immunization schedule which would result in at most 24 contacts and 9 contacts respectively. As such there is a need to supply anthropometric equipment. However, guidance on the the quantity of equipment per given population is unclear to me.

If I am planning to initiate length/height measurements in a new area where staff have to be trained to correctly take length/height measurement in WHO's 3 days growth assessment course, just how do I determine the number of health workers or community volunteers to train for a given population of children below two years or below five years in this new area?

I would welcome advice or sharing of experience from others working in Zambia or in similar contexts. 

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