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Post a reply: Contributions demandées: Plan de suivi et d'apprentissage de la stratégie multisectorielle de nutrition de l'USAID

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Dear colleagues,

In 2014, USAID's Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy was created to reaffirm the agency's commitment to global nutrition and its role as a major international partner in the fight against malnutrition. The Strategy's multi-sectoral approach addresses both direct and underlying causes of malnutrition, and its focus on linking humanitarian assistance with development programming helps build resilience to shocks in vulnerable communities. To track the progress of the Strategy, a Monitoring & Learning Plan was developed. The Plan provides an approach and tools for conducting periodic assessments to monitor progress of the Strategy in achieving outcomes and to monitor implementation of the Strategy's guidance, principles, and approaches related to nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive programming.

USAID is seeking external feedback on the Plan to ensure it meets its goals of adequately assessing the Strategy's impact. Please review the Monitoring & Learning Plan here and provide input in this form by Friday, December 15. You can also share this information with relevant colleagues for their feedback. If you have any questions, please email

Thank you.

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