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Post a reply: How many kilos of fruit and veg does one person need per month to make a significant impact on their nutritional status?

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Hi - this is the scenario- a refugee camp in the desert where 25% of the population have chronic malnutrition. Dry rations are distributed to everyone. there is very little fruit and veg. A project is being proposed which will transport in (costing about 700k EUR for 3 months) enough fruit and veg for 125,000 people over the summer months to give 1kg per person per month. Im not a nutritionist but I just did a very crude calculation of weighing 5 pieces of fruit (the recommended daily amount in the UK) to see how much i would need a month. That came to at least 6 kg (including skins!). So from a nutritional point of view and with an aim to improve nutritional status is 1kg realistically going to make ANY difference? Are we not better off giving micronutrient powder to the most vulnerable? is there any research on this? ANY advice welcome. Thanks

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