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Post a reply: Need a first practical step to start fighting against the malnutrition in Pakistan

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I am from Pakistan. I have studied Nutrition. I know my future generation is in a great danger due to malnutrition. The causes of malnutrition are very serious like poverty, unhygienic living conditions and lack of education etc.

Malnutrition issue is becoming severe day by day; we can't deal with these problems immediately. We have to take a first step on an immediate basis which doesn't require too many resources.
 We all know that the main goal of a poor person is to earn bread (food). We have to teach him/her to make a right choice of food according to his/her resources and availability of food, because the wrong choice of food is contributing a lot to the malnutrition as well as wasting money.

I request to all organizations related to food and humanity, no matter whether they are private or government, please start the campaign or program under this banner "RIGHT SELECTION OF FOOD" on a large scale, it is very important for the prevention of the malnutrition issue.

For example, we can create awareness by guiding them to replace
Banaspatti ghee (artificial saturated fat) with cooking oil.
Refined white atta (refined wheat flour) with brown atta (whole wheat flour)
Refined white sugar with brown sugar or gur (jaggery)
Refined white rice with brown rice.
I am just giving the examples of basic food items, because these are the main food item of an average poor Pakistani.


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