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Post a reply: Monitoring with MUAC on admission

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We're considering monitoring MUAC on admission but are having some issues in how to interpret it.

1) What would be the MUAC cut-off of early vs. late admissions? We've considered looking at setting it at a critical cut-off (e.g. 9.0 cm), but if this is always zero or close to zero, it hides other low MUACs and might mean that we really do nothing at all.

2) I get that the graph is useful, but how can you interpret this as an indicator? For example, if you said something like proportion of children with MUAC on admission less than 10.7 cm, what would it mean if this were 20% or 30%? There is no threshold and we're having difficulty interpreting this. Likewise for mean/median MUAC on admission, which as one agency shared with me is prone to digit preference, is there a threshold to interpret this?


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